Chapter 2

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I park at a dark spot in the hotel's parking lot and I sag against the seat. Emotions are swirling through me and I force myself to focus. And do I focus. The scene replays in my head. Kate and Mark doing the nasty in my house. How did I not notice all the tale tell signs? She had been acting distracted these last few weeks and I chose to blame it on the wedding fever. I was too busy overworking to realize that she was cheating on me. My fiancée has been cheating on me. A bitter bubble of laughter escapes my throat. It's ironical that she accused me of cheating on her every time the nuisance tabloids wrote their stupid speculations about me. I sigh and close my eyes. She f*****g cheated on me. Three sharp raps on the car window make me open my eyes and I roll it down when I see Bran standing there, his nose flattened against the tinted window. "Hey, are you okay?" He asks carefully and I roll my eyes. "Don't go all cheesy on me. I'm fine." "You're not. Come on, let's go." He pushes a black T-shirt into my hands and I gratefully tug it over my head. I get out of the car, purposefully leaving my phone behind and we walk into the hotel. Kate has been calling endlessly and the mere flash of her name on the screen makes me want to go back home and strangle her. We walk to an unoccupied corner table at the bar on the ground floor of the fancy hotel and I sit with my back to the door. That's how we usually sit. This is a high end hotel and mostly the who is who in the state frequents here so the paps usually have a field day sniffing around. "What are you having? Your usual Scotch?" Bran asks me and I look at him absently. "I'm not drinking." He lifts an eyebrow. "Okay. What do you want to do?" "I don't know. Maybe I should just book a room and lie down. I'm not thinking straight." "Did you talk to Kate?" I give him a 'what the f**k' look. "About?" "Don't give me that." I place my hands on the table before leaning forward. "Remind me why I'm friends with you again? Why didn't you tell me?" "I wasn't entirely sure Jesse. I saw them together at the movies then again at a mall. He is your brother so I didn't imagine him sleeping with your fiancee.," "How did you know they were going to meet tonight?" He sighs. "I was kind of investigating on her to get all the information I wanted. I may or I may have not hacked her phone." "That's unethical. Just because you are some IT guru doesn't give you the right to snoop on people's privacy." He narrows his eyes at me. "She was cheating on you. You might have been oblivious but I am not. You are my friend you i***t. I wasn't going to stand on the sidelines while she screwed your brother behind your back." I stay quiet and he curses. "I always knew there was a reason I didn't like that girl." I press a finger to my temple. "Bran, can we not talk about her right now?" "If that's what you want. I'm going to get a drink. Are you still not drinking?" "Get me that double, will you?'' He chuckles quietly. "I swear you are bipolar. I'll book you a room." "Yeah, whatever." He walks out of the bar to the reception and I sit still, forcing my mind not to think. We've been coming here for two years now every time we wanted to unwind. We prefer this place to nightclubs because it's quiet and serene and we can sit the entire time without having a starstruck girl asking to take a photo with me. Having people always taking photos of me sucks big time. I don't even get it. I'm not a celebrity. Bran places a glass before me then he sits back with his beer. I watch as he takes a sip and places the bottle on the table. I hate everything about beer; the smell, the taste, everything. "You are zoning out again." He tells me quietly. "I can't stop thinking about her." I admit and he nods in understanding. "You can talk to her if it'll make you feel better." "I'm not doing that. Not tonight." I tap the table with my index finger. "You know my biggest question is why. I gave her everything, I treated her well, I showed her off, hell I even adhered to her silly wishes. Why?" Bran shrugs carelessly. "Maybe she's just a hoe." "Or maybe I was doing something wrong." "Say that one more time and I'll punch you. You are always blaming yourself whenever s**t happens. You are not a monster Jesse." "Then why would she have s*x with my brother!" My voice is starting to rise and all the anger I've been bottling up is about to erupt. "I don't know; because she is insatiable?" Bran offers lamely. "Insatiable? Really? I like to consider myself really good in bed." He rolls his eyes. "I don't want to hear about your s****l prowess. I'm straight as a pole." I know it's meant as a joke and he is only trying to ease the tension so I let out a humourless laugh. "f**k you Bran." "No chance. I just told you I'm straight." "You are such a dork." "Says the one who hates on beer." "That was lame." I gulp down the whisky in my glass, savoring the heavenly taste that lingers in my mouth. "More?" Bran asks me. "Please.'" He walks back to the counter and brings me another double. I toy around with the glass before taking a small sip. I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. I know I'll have to confront Kate and Mark, my brother, but I'm not ready for that. I don't think I'll be able to hold my calm. I might just give them the silent treatment. "I want to strangle her." I say quietly. "I know man. I'm just happy you didn't snap when you saw them. Once you think everything over, you will be able to handle this with a cool head tomorrow." I snort; "That is if I won't go running to Kate tonight asking her why she did that to me." "You'd do that?" He asks with a horrified stare. I shrug. "Maybe. Despite everything, I do have feelings for her." He looks at me for a moment. "You know you can get over a girl by getting on top of another, right?" "What does that even mean?'' "She was having s*x, go have s*x and even this out." "That's ridiculous." He nods. "I know. You will feel like crap afterwards but It'll be so worth it." "I don't want to cheat on Kate." "Are you even listening to yourself? She cheated on you first!" I sigh, leaning back into my seat. "I'll do it." "You know don't have to do that if it makes uncomfortable." "Uncomfortable? I want her to feel like I did plus getting laid tonight will also make me go through the night. I honestly feel like s**t despite the calm facade I'm trying to portray." "So go get laid." "You know I don't exactly have a bootycall." "That's easy. There are hundreds of sites online where you can get a hot girl at the blink of an eye." "How the hell do you know that? You are a perverted mess." He laughs heartily. "I know, right? There is this escort agency I stumbled on the other day. Their girls are really hot although their charges are quite high." "I thought escorts are meant to accompany one to events and trips?" "They do offer s****l favors if you part with good money. It's the easiest thing in the world.'' I narrow my eyes at him. "Just how many girls from that sight have you had s*x with?" "Three or four." "Bran?" "Fine! Maybe ten." "Jerk. How does it work?" "All the profiles are there. You just click on the girl whose services you want and if she is available, they provide her phone number. It's one hundred dollars per hour payable after you are done with her." I cringe. "That sounds so bad. Like they are objects or something.'" "They do objectify themselves. The site wasn't created for s****l purposes; it's the girls who have turned it into an online brothel. Read their description." He hands me his phone and my eyes move over the words. Apparently, the agency was initially meant for pure escort services. That basically means you hire a girl to accompany you to wherever you want to go and that's about it. Seems like their priorities changed with time and they turned it into a s****l zone. I scroll though the list of names and I shake my head. All the girls are dressed provocatively, some wearing nothing but their skins. I hand the phone back to Bran. "So?" He asks with a c****d eyebrow. "Don't call a girl you've already slept with." He smirks. "Why not? I can recommend the best." "Bran?" "Fine. What's your preference?" "None. Call anyone at a random. I won't have to see them tomorrow so it's all cool." He shrugs carelessly. Bran has to be the most reckless dude I know. He sleeps around like crazy. He taps his phone for a minute or two and finally he looks up with a wicked grin. "She should be here in about an hour. I texted her the hotel's address and your room number. I should hand in your key card at the reception.'' "Yeah whatever." I say dryly, gulping the remains of my drink. An hour and half later, Bran's phone rings and he passes it to me. The new number on the screen makes me feel somehow nervous but I'm not backing out. I answer the call and I press the phone to my ear. "Hello." My voice is deep and raspy and I roll my thumb absently on my temple. "Hi, I'm in your hotel room." She sounds bold and confident like she does this all the f*****g time. I cast Bran a hateful look for doing this to me before I sigh. "I'm on my way up." She hangs up and I toss the phone back to Bran before pushing my chair to stand up. He holds my hand to stop me. "I didn't mention that you wanted s*x. She thinks you only want the company. Some of them tend to back out when you mention s*x so you wait until they are here before trying to convince them." I stare at him in disbelief. "Do you have any idea how wrong that sounds?" "What are you? A saint?" I shake my head before tossing a few dollar bills on the table for the bill. "So long mother fucker." Bran rolls his eyes. "I'll see you tomorrow. Go get laid." I walk out of the bar and I take the stairs to the second floor. The room that Bran booked is the very last one down the corridor. I know it's a presidential suite without even checking. He has a fetish for the fine things in life so he settles for nothing but the best. Good thing money is never a problem. I knock lightly on the door then I lean casually on the adjacent wall, sticking my hands into my jeans pockets. Bran's T-shirt is a bit tight on me since I'm reasonably muscular than him and I'm itching to get out of it. The door opens a moment later and a face pops out. We look at each other for a cool ten seconds and something shifts inside me. It's none other than the girl I saved from a moron a few hours ago.
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