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"I don't care what it takes, you are getting rid of that abomination!" I flinched at the sound of my fathers voice and cupped my stomach. "If my baby is such an abomination then the only way you will get me to lay down and get an abortion is to kill me!" I shouted back tears running down my cheeks. "Genevieve don't fight us on this, please, this baby doesn't deserve to live because it's father-" "What about its mother! I was innocent, this baby is innocent! There is no way on earth that I will lie down and let you take my child away!" I shouted before glaring at both of them. "And if I am forced to, you are no better than the rapist who did this to me." I whispered out and saw their pain but I didn't care, this was my baby, and I was going to keep it. "Gene." I ignored Ian and turned around and stalked all the way back to my room. I closed the door and leaned against it, sniffling and then wiping my face before feeling the nausea hit me and I rushed to my bathroom. I threw up dinner and then some. I whimpered as I sat on the tile floor and curled up, I was too tired to move. Plus the cool tile floor felt good against my heated, sweaty skin. "Gene!" I heard pounding on my door as Jack's voice coming through, which only made me whimper more. "Open the door, please." He was begging like he had been for weeks. "I can't get up." I called just loud enough that I knew he would hear me. For a moment I was glad that I didn't lock the door, but when he opened the door and then rushed towards me after locking it, I felt more self conscious. "Do you want to get to the bed?" He asked carefully and I shook my head before trying to sit up. "Yes you do, come on." He whispered before scooping me up carefully. He carried me slowly all the way to the bed, setting me down before pulling the unmade covers over me and then heading back into the bathroom, I heard the toilet flush and the water running and I hid my face in my pillow. "Gene, come on, sit up, drink some water." He cooed and then helped me sit up when I tried on my own. He put the cup to my lips and tipped it up so I would sip some. "No more." I whispered when I felt my stomach turn again after just a few sips. "You need to hydrate Gene." He told me and tried to lift the cup again for me but I moved my face again. "I can't." I mumbled and he gave me a sympathetic look before setting the glass on my side table. "I thought you were leaving." I whispered and he gave me a small smile. "I am leaving, just not yet." He whispered and I nodded before looking away. "I am going for you Gene, you know that right?" He asked lightly and I just looked away before laying back down and laying on my back. "Gene, can you look at me?" "What do you want Jack?" I asked looking at him like he had asked. "Why do you want this baby? It's father-" "And what about the mother, me, Jack? This baby is just as innocent in all this as I am, no baby asks to be born, they just are. I will not let anyone take it from me. Do you understand? And if that is so bad, leave right now and forget about me and my baby." I growled out and he glared back at me. "That is not your mates baby Gene, how will your mate ever accept you with that thing?" He stood and tipped over my desk chair making me flinch as it broke. "Maybe I don't want a mate that would let me be taken and raped over and over! Ever think about that Jack! This baby is mine, and it will be all mine. If and when I find my mate I will gladly reject him before he has the chance to hurt me because of my baby being force upon me... sure, I didn't ask for this, but ending a life that didn't ask for this either to cruel and I will not to do it." I stated growling at each point because my wolf was already so protective of her pup just as I was. "Genevieve do you realize what you are doing to yourself?" He asked lowly and I knew he was barely hanging on by a thread. "Accepting your pathetic response to my 16th birthday when I first shifted. If you are my mate, I accept your rejection. Now leave." I seethed standing up and pushing at his chest. He kept trying to say something but I pushed on his chest hard enough to make him stop talking. "Leave, I don't care if you come back either." Even as I closed the door I knew he would be back, at least in three years because he was going to be Ian's beta, and in three years when Ian turns 25 he would be back, permanently. If he was my mate, I would need all the help I could get.
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