Pasts Intertwined

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**Mila's POV** Ever since I was changed into a wolf over fourteen months ago, I have had this weird tingling in my bones. It isn't like my mate bond. It feels strong, but I have no idea what it is. My mate bond I feel in my heart and soul, but this I feel in my blood and bones. Like it is trying to get me to go somewhere. I tried to talk to Leo about it, but it only made him worry that I had another mate out there. I guess having more than one mate was not unheard of, but still rare. That would be my bad luck. I say bad luck because even though others would see twice the s*x and hotness, I see twice the possessiveness and territorial issues. I do not want two mates.  Today Leo took off of work. He said we needed family time. Which is true, we haven't spent much time together since Brandon was born. Leo took paternity leave for two weeks, but the paperwork and duties piled up so he was extra busy when he went back to being Alpha. Even though he makes sure we have breakfast, lunch, and dinner together as a family, I still miss him. Some nights I go to bed before him, other nights he falls asleep in his office. Even though I am Luna, I still am so much more organized and proficient that I spend more time with my kids than in my office. It also helps that Rachel sometimes acts as my personal assistant. I know he has Joey as Beta, but either he does not delegate enough or they both need personal assistants also. I think I will bring it up to him today. I need my husband back.  "Ready to go?" Leo asks as he walks into the kitchen with Brandon on his hip. I love seeing my two favorite men together. They are also matching in blue jeans and tan t shirts.  "Yes, just waiting for Amelia." I said pointing to the back door. "What do you mean?" He asked confused. Right on time, Amelia came in with Roman in tow. She spends every single day with him, and even though I told her it was supposed to just be us, she ran out the door to get him. "Ok. Ready!" Amelia squealed with happiness. They looked so cute together! I can't even begin to wonder how cute my grandbabies will be. Okay slow down Mila, that is like not for another twenty years or so.  "Little warrior, this is just a family day. Roman has to stay." Leo tried to convince her. Little did he know, Amelia has an answer for everything you throw at her. I have no idea how she learns this stuff. "He is family. Isn't he?" She tilted her head to the side.  "Well, yes, but it is for immediate family." He tried again.  "Well, he is my mate. Like you and mommy. So he is immediate family." Damn my three year old is smart! She notices everything! "Little warrior I just want some time with my girls." He pouts. Nope, nice try.  "Then Brandon stay." She shrugged and pointed at her little brother. They stared at each other for what seems like forever. Finally Leo threw his hands in the air in surrender. "Imagine when she is a teenager." I laughed as I got up from the stool I was sitting in. I know we are going to have our hands full with her.  I grabbed the diaper bag, and headed for the door, the kids behind me and Leo behind them with Brandon. I loaded up the car and before I could buckle the kids in their car seats and booster seat, a mind link came in to Leo and myself.  (MIND LINK) Lincoln: Alpha, Luna, there is an Alpha Sanders here requesting an audience. "Shit." Leo cursed. I looked at him with a raised eyebrow. "I'm sorry my treasure, if this wasn't extremely important I wouldn't cancel our day together." He looked like he was so annoyed. I know he was excited for today.  I let out a long sigh and relaxed. "It's okay, love. I understand. Anything I can help you with?" "No my treasure, you should still enjoy a day with the kids. Maybe have Rose and Henry come keep you company." He smiled. I did miss my best friend. Leo gave me a kiss and hug before having to go to his office to wait for our guest. I mind linked Rose and Henry as I got the kids back inside. I entered the living room and put on Amelia's favorite movie: Frozen 2. Roman even loves it now. Then again, he loves anything Amelia does. I place Brandon in his swing as Rose and Henry enter the front door.  "Hey best friend!" She yells to me. Ever since Rose and Henry got married and she was changed into a wolf, I hardly see her. I know we are both adults with our own lives, but I really needed some more girl time. "Hey! How is training going?" I ask. Henry has been training Rose to fight in her wolf form. He says she needs a lot of work on control. Her wolf, Sapphire, doesn't know how to control her anger, and it lands her on her ass quickly. She can fight in her human form just fine, though. "Ugh. Henry will not let me have a break! We are up to three training sessions a day now! My feisty ass wolf has too much pent up anger that we don't know how to channel yet." She complained as she crossed her arms across her body.  "You need to open up, Rose. You married Henry and I know you haven't told him about your past. When your wolf formed, she gained access to all your memories and emotions. She is feeling everything you have over the years all at once." I have had this conversation with her at least twenty times, but she is so damn stubborn.  "I told you, Mila. My past has nothing to do with Sapphire." She plops on the couch and buries her head in her hands.  Henry walks up and gives me a small hug. "She's been trying, but Sapphire just won't let her feel anything but anger when she is in her wolf form. How about I watch the kids and you two go for a run? Maybe Sapphire will be calmer around you, and you can talk."  I look up into Henry's eyes and I swear it looks like he has been stressing so bad. He has made it his mission to help Rose become 'one with her wolf' as he puts it. I know he feels like he is failing her, but only if he knew the whole story. It has nothing to do with Henry and all to do with Rose and her overcoming her past. "That is a great idea, Henry." I smiled. "Rose lets go!" I yelled and walked out the door.  Rose kept calling my name and asking where we were going, but I just ignored her and walked to the tree line with my best friend right behind me. Once I felt like we were deep enough and covered by the trees and bushes, I began stripping out of my clothes. I hung them neatly on a tree branch and shifted into my wolf, Opal. Rose followed my actions, and she was soon in a black and white wolf in front of me. She was a large wolf, but still her head didn't even reach my jaw.  (Ugh. I needed this, it has been so long!) I know Opal, I am sorry.  "Come on lets go! Sapphire wants to run!" Rose's voice chimed into my head. I looked over to her and she was prancing around like a child on a sugar high. Without responding I took off into a sprint into the woods. Rose chasing after me. Our wolves ran and ran for what felt like hours, which was only about thirty minutes realistically, but when we are in our wolf forms, time seems to freeze. We feel like we have been doing something for forever and it would only be about an hour. I loved it. It's like getting more time to be a wolf without losing time at all. Soon Rose and I were by a creek when those tingles in my bones started up again. I stretched out each limb and wiggled them, trying to get the tingles to pass. What the hell is this? "Still those weird tingles?" Rose asked as she walked up next to me.  "Yea I can't seem to get rid of them." I answered. Stretching out each limb for the second time. "They have been going on everyday since I first shifted." Finally they started to dim down and I was able to relax a little. We both drank from the creek and decided to walk back to the pack house. Walking, it took us about an hour to get back. The whole way I tried to convince Rose to be more open with her husband. She seemed to understand what I was trying to say about Sapphire being linked to her memories and feelings. Maybe once she opens up, and grieves properly, then Sapphire can let go too. We reached the tree where our clothes were and shifted and dressed.  Rose smiled at me and I gave her a huge hug. "I will always be right here for you, Rose. Henry loves you and he is patiently waiting for you to be ready to open up. Just give him a chance." I said in her ear.  Rose pulled back and she had tears in her eyes. "I know, Mila. He is such a good man. I know I can trust him, I just didn't want to reopen those wounds. I have been burying my past so deep, that I do not know if I will be okay once all that pain resurfaces." "And that's okay! You can be vulnerable, you can breakdown. Because you have Henry, me, and Leo to remind you just how strong and loved you are. It's your turn to face your past." I hugged her again.  After we got done crying and laughing, we finished our walk to the pack house. When I got there I was not ready for the news I would receive.  **Alpha Leo's POV** When I got the mind link that Alpha Sanders was here to see me, I instantly regretted reaching out to them. He is the Alpha of the pack in Florida, where Mila is from. I reached out to them like a week ago, and expected a phone call, not a personal visit. Which means they know something of great importance or he wouldn't waste a trip here. f**k, I was hoping they didn't know anything and we can put the past to bed. Who was I kidding, the Moon Goddess specifically told me I would be getting some upsetting news. Just why did it have to be today.  Mila and Rose went out for a run when I welcomed Alpha Sanders and his five warriors into my home. We went directly into my office where I poured everyone a drink. Sanders and I walked over to my desk, while his men casually stood around. "So, Alpha Sanders, how have you been?" I asked sitting in my chair behind my desk.  He takes a sip of his scotch and eyes me suspiciously. "Leonardo, you know I hate formalities between allies. Please call me, Thomas. You are also aware that I hate chit chat. So lets get to it. Why is the house fire of a human family any of your concern?" He crossed one leg over another. Placing his hands over his lap.  "Well, if you are here then that means you know something important. So how about you tell me, and I'll tell you." I smiled. Thomas is just a little older than I, and I know just how to push his buttons.  "Tell me why it concerns you, and I will decide if you need to know anything." He shrugged.  "Well considering today was supposed to be a family day, I'll cave, in hopes to finish my day with my wife and children." I swallowed the remaining of my drink and leaned back in my chair. "My wife and Luna, Mila, was a human. I changed her a few months ago. The house I am questioning about was her family home. She survived but lost her parents and older brother. I looked into it and there are no explanations as to how and why the fire occurred. Care to shine some light on the topic?" I crossed my arms and stared at him.  His eyes flashed from anger, to regret, to anger again. He shifted in his chair uncomfortably, and I could see beads of sweat forming on his forehead. Yeah, he knew something. I was going to be sure he told me everything, or I would rip his throat out. I cleared my throat. "I am not a patient man, Thomas." I didn't mean for it to come out so harsh, but Hades was growing impatient as well. He cleared his throat and swallowed his scotch in one gulp. "I'll tell you, but you have to swear this does not affect the alliance we have in place!" His voice was laced with fear and uncertainty. I narrowed my eyes at him. This was something huge. "I promise I will not order any type of war with your pack." I inwardly smiled. I did not say my Luna couldn't. She has just as much power as I do.  "I had a younger sister, Hailey. When she was seventeen almost eighteen, she fell in love. Once she found her mate, she rejected him to runaway with the boy she chose. Her fated mate became enraged with so much jealousy and hate that he took his revenge. He burned down that house." Thomas stopped and refilled his drink.  "What does that have to do with my wife and her family?" I asked.  "Hailey didn't fall in love with just anyone. She fell in love with a human. With Brandon." He said, pouring himself some more scotch.  My eyes bulged and my heart raced. Mila lost her family because her brother fell in love with the wrong person. "Did Brandon know of her identity?" I asked.  "Yes. He came to my father and myself, asking permission to marry Hailey. Of course my father refused. He thought once Hailey found her mate, she would come to her senses. It was a complete shock when she rejected her mate when she found him. She insisted she felt nothing for him, and only loved Brandon. My father still refused their marriage, and forbid my sister to change Brandon, but Hailey was just as stubborn as my father. She was supposed to change him on his next birthday which was only weeks away, but her mate found out. He made a plan to kill Brandon and his family, and take my sister by force. Only he didn't think Brandon would survive." My heart stopped at that.  "Wait, he's alive?" I questioned. Barely above a whisper but I know he heard me.  "I am unsure. I know he survived the fire, but have not heard of his well being or my sister's since that night." He continued to drink and drink. I assume talking of his sister might be bringing up some repressed memories. Or maybe because he is afraid I will dig deeper. The only thing I do not understand is why he would think this information would threaten our alliance. Why would I go to war with someone just because their sister fell in love with a human. I mean I fell in love with Mila when she was still human. I understand how Hailey felt. Even though I had a mate, I had no connection with her, I felt nothing, but with Mila I felt everything. Just like Hailey must have felt with Brandon. So what is he not telling me?  "You keep referring to Hailey's fated mate without using his name. Why?" I ask. I could hear his heart pumping faster and faster. This is what he is keeping from me, it has to be. "What is his name, Thomas?"  I sat in my chair, glaring at the man before me. Even though Thomas is also an Alpha, he is no where near as strong as me, and he knows it. Which is why he is hesitating to answer me. I am growing very impatient and very angry. If he does not give me the answers I desire, I will destroy him and take over his pack.  "HIS NAME, THOMAS. NOW." I growl.  His five men grew tense and started to walk forward. I could rip all their heads of easily. Thomas raised his hand in the air, and they went back to their places, still watching my every move.  "Elijah." He whispers, and looks down at the floor. That name. No. It can't be. "ELIJAH WHAT !" My voice thunders through the house. His eyes snapped to mine and he was visibly shaking.  "H-H-Hen-Henders." He stuttered. "It was Elijah Henders.  (FIND HIM! SLAUGHTER HIM!) Quiet Hades! (f**k THAT. I WANT HIS HEAD!) My heart started to beat out of my chest, my face was red, and I was sweating from pure anger and hatred. I balled my fists up and stood up quickly, causing my chair to fly against the back wall and break. f**k I really liked that chair. "WHAAAAT!!!" I screamed. I could feel Hades starting to try to take control, his rage being the only thing we are both feeling. Rage and a thirst for blood and revenge.  Before I know it I am throwing things across my office. Breaking everything in sight. Still my rage cannot be calmed. Without a second thought I shifted into my wolf, Hades, and busted through my office door. Breaking the door frame and a few feet of wall surrounding it. I saw Mila and Rose entering the front door, worry and fear written all over their faces. I have never lost control like this, but I can't seem to stop. I run passed them and out the door, heading for the woods. If I stay here I will kill some innocent person and I would never forgive myself. I run and run with no idea where to run too. I need bloodshed, I need to feel someone's life fading as I clinch my jaws around their throat.  I soon realize that I am not alone. I can sense that Mila is close behind me. Amazingly she is the only wolf who has been able to keep up with me or catch up to me. Hell, she can outrun me. Now here she is, screaming in the mind link to slow down and talk to her. I can't right now. I am afraid I will take my anger out on her and that wouldn't be right. I know she is not to blame, but I am so angry right now that I would not have any control of whatever I say. I beg her to give me time and I will talk to her later. I know she is worried and just wants to help, but I cannot risk losing my relationship with her. Just like the Moon Goddess said, we have to watch our actions or we could lose each other. Mila keeps insisting to let her help. I beg one last time, and finally she listens. She stops running after me and heads back to the house. I tell her I love her and I hope she believes me, but I cannot face her right now.  If I see her face, I will tell her what I found out including how it connects to me, and I am just not ready to say it out loud. I just need time to think, to process everything. I find myself approaching Izzy's lake and decide to just lay here and look at the water. I take deep breathes and watch the waves come and go. The sun is beaming down on my fur, and honestly it feels really good. I feel Hades start to calm, but now instead of anger I feel anguish and confusion. Mila and I are connected more than we knew. Time to process everything, and find a way to tell her everything.  Mila lost her parents and almost died in a house fire because Elijah couldn't handle Hailey rejecting him for a human. Brandon fell in love with an Alpha's daughter and even had the balls to approach her father. He must have really loved her. Also, Brandon survived the fire. So where is he now? Why didn't he take Mila with him? She suffered so much in her foster homes and her first marriage because she thought she had no one. All along, Brandon has probably been out there living his best life, not even wondering what happened to his little sister. What kind of man is he that he left an eight year old to face the world alone? To grieve her parents death alone? She even mourned for him, and the bastard probably isn't even dead.  Anger starts to build up again, but is immediately replaced with fear. Fear of not knowing how to word this properly. Fear of not knowing what to expect, and how to handle whatever happens next. Fear of losing the one woman I have given my entire heart to. I am also afraid of how she will see herself. She will somehow take the blame even though she was only eight years old. That is just the type of person she is, always taking responsibility even when its not hers. How do I tell Mila that there is a possibility that her brother, who she presumed to be dead for the last fifteen years, is alive? How do I tell her that he left her in the system to be abused while he went on with his life? More importantly, how do you tell the woman you love that her brother is probably the reason your parents were murdered? That innocent lives were slaughtered because he fell in love with a werewolf, and that werewolf's rejected mate spent years creating a rouge army to attack, and take over my pack, to find her brother and kill him? I do not even know if that is the reason Elijah attacked us, but it cannot be coincidence either.  I need to find out more before I tell her everything. I'll just tell her I found a lead on my parent's death. She has been helping me find out more about it anyways so I am sure she would believe me. I hate lying to her, but I can't go to her with half of the information either. I need to find out if her brother is alive, and if he is I need to find out what the f**k is going on! Brandon I will find you, and you will f*****g pay for everything that you left your sister to deal with on her own.
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