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Freddie’s POV Flashback~    Jamie had grown up to be a beautiful little she-wolf. I think I was just as excited as she was for her eighteenth birthday. I had always had a strong connection with her and hoped that it was possibly more than just friendship. A large part of me hoped she was my second chance mate. Even if she wasn’t, I would still be close with her. Her mate would need to understand that.      When Jamie’s eighteenth birthday came I made sure to see her at breakfast in hopes that it would be the moment I wanted. As I walked into the dining hall I spotted her and her best friend, Tara, eating breakfast and talking together. I felt nothing new for her. I wouldn’t be disappointed though. She was my friend so that’s all that mattered.     Later that day at her birthday party everyone in the pack was there to support their former Alpha’s only daughter. She and Tara were having a blast that night running around at her party playing with the younger kids and chatting with everyone they came into contact with.      When the time came for her to shift for the first time everyone gathered around to see what the beautiful little omega would look like. Meredith, Duncan’s mate, stood close by with a robe for her after her shift. She chose to leave her clothes on and let them be torn to pieces by her wolf. Most of us did. It was uncomfortable to have so many eyes on you while you undressed.      We watched as she took a deep breath to settle herself. Her eyes promptly started glowing bright green and everyone stood still to watch her closely. We knew that was unusual. Normally our eyes don’t glow like light bulbs. We all stood wondering what was about to happen with her.     We could hear a few bones break as the shift started and she whimpered softly but never cried out in pain. Then in one great move a giant pure white Alpha wolf with glowing green eyes was standing there in Jamie's place. How the hell was she an Alpha? You could hear people gasp out and whispers started, “She’s an Alpha too! What is going on with the Apha family?”     The Elders stood by and all whispered to one another, “The Forest Wolf. The first ever female Forest Wolf is from our pack!”       Realization hit me hard. My dear Moon Goddess, Jamie was a powerful Goddess sent to walk among our kind. None of us would have ever guessed what she was. We all knew that she was always special, but never imagined this.    Duncan and Meredith swiftly walked up to her and talked with her wolf. She shifted back to her human form still wearing her clothes. They weren’t ripped to shreds like everyone else's clothes always were. I wanted to be able to do that.     We took her back to the packhouse. That’s when I learned of their family prophecy. They had kept it from the pack, but it was common knowledge in their family. Things made a little more sense after learning about it.     Duncan feared Calvin would be coming for the pack or for Jamie soon after that and he was right. Not long after her birthday, rogue attacks started happening all over the border of the territory. While Duncan took care of keeping the pack protected from the rogues and Calvin, he gave me the job of finding a witch that would help us in some way with Jamie. I found Piper at a coven near the pack territory. She came up with a temporary solution of hiding Jamie and her wolf from the world through an enchanted sapphire. As soon as we had it the rogue attacks stopped. We knew it was only a matter of time before it started up again. Duncan later had the whole pack swear to keep Jamie a secret to any of the other packs. They were all loyal and helped keep her hidden.   Two years later~    Jamie is now twenty years old and hasn’t found her mate with our pack. The rogue attacks haven’t happened since we got her the sapphires. Jamie now works in the fields with the Omegas growing our food and medicines.      Duncan was asked for help by the Alpha from Hunters Moon pack. He invited this Alpha to come for a visit so we could learn more about the issue they were facing. Jamie was invited to the meeting because it had to do with crops and plant life, which she was a master of. She was great with plants even before we learned she was the Forest Wolf.     When Alpha Cameron arrived with his Beta Rambo, I had instant respect for the way he conducted himself and how he talked. When Jamie entered the room for the meeting I noticed something was up with her. She’s never stared at anyone like that before. You could say she was “eye-f*****g” him while standing in the middle of Duncan’s office. I learned later that day that Alpha Cameron was her mate. He didn’t realize it because of the sapphire she was wearing.  She has since taken it off while running around with me looking for our missing pack doctor. She was going to be in so much trouble with Duncan for that.      The next day Alpha Cameron came back unexpectedly and learned that Jamie was his mate. He ended up sticking around for over a day to be with her. Calvin made his presence known to us all and that he was after Jamie. She left with Cameron after he accepted what she was. I was happy for her, but worried that no one could protect her since her sapphire was now gone.     A little over a month had gone by and she had become the Luna of the Hunter’s Moon pack. She was going to be the most amazing Luna of any of them. I was upset that I wasn’t able to be there to watch her take on the role and run with her pack. I had only ever seen her wolf, Zara, a handful of times. She wasn’t allowed out because of Calvin.     A few weeks after she had become Luna, Duncan got the phone call from Cameron that we had dreaded getting. We knew it would end up happening at some point. Calvin was relentless in his pursuit to take their sister. The only question was what he planned to do after he got her.     Duncan mind-linked me right away, “Calvin took Jamie. We need to find Lane. I just know he has something to do with all of this.”    “Alright. I’ll meet you at Lane’s house in five minutes.”     I rushed over to Lane’s with Duncan so we could search the house again for any information. We both hit dead ends and sat on the bed. The one thing that I have loved most about being Duncan’s friend is we think alike most of the time. We get the same idea and look under the bed of his room and find a secret room.     In the room, we find monitors hooked up to cameras all over the territory to watch Jamie’s movements. They were in the fields and orchard, Jamie’s field office, her training room and even her bedroom. I growl low in my chest at the thought of someone watching her that closely. Sick bastard.     We continue looking through all the papers on the desk and find some information about Jamie’s DNA.    “He must have gotten Jamie’s blood sample,” Duncan says.    “Why do you think they want that,” I ask.     What their brother was up to made no sense to me at all. The only thing I did know is that it wasn’t a good thing he had her blood samples.      “I’m not sure, but that’s not good either way,” he answers.     We both keep looking for any information of where Lane is. We found maps of the Hunters Moon territory. Where he got a hold of those, there’s no telling. I keep sifting through the papers on the side of the desk. I see an address on a piece of paper and think it might be a good place to start.        “I found an address, Duncan.”     Duncan looks at the paper in my hand and pulls out his phone. He looks up the address and sees that it’s halfway between Trinity Forest and Hunters Moon territory. He calls Cameron to meet us there. We both get into Duncan’s truck and head for the address. I’m happy that we got there before Cameron and Rambo. There’s no telling how off the rails Cameron is right now with Jamie being taken from him. He loved her.        When we got to the location we entered tactically,two through the front door and two from the back. Lane was there with a she-wolf. He tried to run but Rambo and Duncan had blocked his exits. Cameron grabbed him by the throat and threw him into a dining room chair telling him, “Sit and stay,” in his Alpha tone.     Duncan got some ropes and tied Lane to the chair. I started laughing as I grabbed none other than Audrey by her arm. She tried to get away from me and started hitting my chest and arm but she was too weak to do really anything. I walked her over and opened the front door, pushed her out of the house and locked the door.    Cameron asked, “What was that about?”    “That was the mate I rejected. She was in love with another and was abusive as hell to me. Now I know who she had been fucking.”     I had my suspicions all those years ago. Now I knew for sure, but it didn’t make me feel any better. I was ready to kill Lane for more than just Jamie now. He was part of the reason for my suffering all those years ago.     “Well Lane, looks like you're definitely on everyone’s s**t list today,” Duncan says as he finishes tying the ropes off.     “Now to make you start talking,” Cameron says with a growl looking into Lane’s eyes.    We tortured that guy until I thought he actually died. Unfortunately, cockroaches don’t die so easily. We looked for Jamie for a week. I felt bad for Cameron during that whole time. He didn’t look good at all.      When we finally discovered where she was being held, we gathered all of the warriors from both packs for a massive battle we were taking to Calvin. We had a plan put into place and it was executed to perfection. Calvin had invaded Jamie's mind but I was happy to see her fighting it. There was no way she would allow him to control her and make her kill her brother and mate.    When Cameron started a one on one battle with Calvin, just about everyone stopped fighting just to watch. Cameron was ready to murder Calvin and by all rights he needed to.     The only thing we didn’t plan on was Jamie being consumed by the dark magic flames. We all thought that she had been killed by them. Cameron looked more broken than ever. He was so close to having her back just to have her taken further away from him.     Yet, I was so happy that she was still alive and a few days later brought out of a magic induced coma. Everyone learned that she was pregnant with the Hunters Moon future Alpha that same day. We learned a few days after Jamie had woken up that Calvin was alive and wreaking  havoc. He was after all the packs now. We needed all the help we could get from the witches and the other packs to end him for good.     We had a solid plan put in place and were taking the battle to the rogues once again. Goddess help us end this.
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