Chapter 1 - What are you staring at? wifey!

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"Alright, Yang Jiao. You have everything in control, trust yourself, and kick whosoever that tries to kick your butt". Yang Jiao said to herself, as she stared at the mirror in front of her while giving herself some motivation in order for her to gain her courage. Yang is a nineteen years old lady, and today she's going to attend an interview because she's looking for a suitable company to apply for a job. College life wasn't easy for her, since she had to work her ass off, just to graduate because she lives with her Dad, and he doesn't support her financially, neither did he even care if she lives or dies. Both of my parents were divorced when I was very young, not to mention that I didn't know how they divorce nor do I even know what my Mom looks like, but all I could say is that they are both divorced. My Dad is alcoholic, but I'm pretty sure that God is on my side because whenever he gets drunk, he only goes to his room, and spoils things that he can't take account for. This morning is going to be all about me. I'll have to put up my best show and get the job, because since I just graduated from college then I'm going to the company as an intern for now, but still, they are going to pay me a salary. "Yang! you got this". I chanted another word of encouragement to myself before leaving the house. Well! Since I'm not rich in terms of money, I couldn't afford to buy myself a car, so I had to stop a taxi and quickly enter inside the taxi while giving the cab driver my location. "Please Mister, kindly stop me at 'X player'. That's where I'm going to stop so please kindly drop me when you get there". I said with a low voice because I don't know the company. I have saved a lot for this day, even to the extent of using my last savings to buy myself these fancy pants and shirts, because I want to impress those that I'm going to have an interview with. According to what I heard from people, they said the CEO of 'X player' is a very strict person, but once you impress him on your first day, then he's going to appoint you to resume that day, which is just so cool. "This is the place, Miss!". The driver said, which caused my smile to increase, as I hurriedly gave him his pay while getting down from his car. The view in front of me is more than fantastic. The company building is very long, and I suspect it might be touching the sky. The building was made with long milk tiles, and on it, the front was a female anime pic, who is holding a sword, as an adorable smile was plastered on the amine face. 'I can't believe I'm going to enter this huge building that's filled with the best game producers'. Inhaling and exhaling more than five times, I finally got the courage to proceed further, but I couldn't help the fact, but walk with trembling feet, while hugging my black bag park. I was about to open the huge glass door in front of me, but to my surprise, the door opened on its own, which I must say isn't something that we see everyday. "Please Miss, where can I wait for the interview?". I asked a young lady who was dressed in office wear. "Ohh! go and join those people that are inside the meeting room. They are all waiting for the boss to arrive". The lady said. I bow my head in appreciation before walking towards the meeting room that the lady pointed to. Entering inside the room, I was stunned to see that we are only five individuals who are waiting for the interview, whereas I was thinking we might be more than twenty. "Hey! have the interview started?". I asked a young man who seemed to be twenty-one years old. "No! it's about to start!". The guy replied. I quietly sat down, while hugging my bag like if I'm planning on crushing the bag anytime soon. Another young lady who also seems to be an intern walked inside the room, and started frowning. "Gush! I knew that only a few people were going to attend the interview because of how ruthless the CEO of this company is. I can't believe I even made it here on time, whereas I thought I might have gone late, and here I'm, getting dumbfounded". The lady grumbled outwardly, which caught the attention of everyone present. "What are you guys staring at? Don't even think about it, because I know that I'm going to get employed by this company since my Dad is also a friend of the CEO's father". The lady added. It's quite surprising that no one even asked her any questions, yet she kept on blabbing as if she couldn't keep her mouth shut for a while at first. The lady sat down and crossed her legs before bringing out her phone from her bag, as she started pressing something on it. 'Well! The lady lacks manners based on her mode of talking'. I said to myself. Everyone waiting for the interview was all holding their phones. Most of them were hugging their phone, while some of them were pressing their phone, but as for me, I was hugging my bag, because I don't even have a cellphone, not to mention that phones here are just quite expensive. A young handsome man later walked inside the hall, causing all those present to stop what they were doing, except for the big mouth lady. "Follow me!". The man said, and we all stood up to follow him. He wore an ashes suit, and a black shoe to compliment his dressing. We silently followed him, as he led the way while heading toward another meeting hall. "Young lady, drop your phone if you want to work in this company". The man said with a hoarse voice causing fear to creep inside of me. The lady kept her phone inside her handbag, but not after rolling her eyes at the young man. We entered inside a big meeting hall and were all advised to take our seats. "As you all are aware, this company is known as the best game designing company in the entire country, so that's why this company would love to appoint the best intern. And mind you not everyone is going to be chosen, or if I should just make myself clear, I don't know if anyone would choose". The man said calmly with a cold voice. Besides him was a young lady, while at the middle of the long fancy table was a man who was currently pressing his laptop, and hadn't even glared at any of us, who had just walked in. The man is fair in complexion, and his elegant skin glitter like that of a baby, while his golden wavy hair that is in between straight and curly was neatly combed, not to mention how attractive the man outfit looks. The man wasn't staring at any of us, but only his presence alone is Damm captivating. "Sir! they are the ones who want to apply as an intern here!". The man who we have been following earlier said, "Alright then! I need all of them to follow me to the upper floor, except this lady. She doesn't have good manners, and I can't be able to employ someone like her". The young handsome man said. "Sure thing boss!". The man who had brought us all to the conference room said before rising. "You all should follow him". The man said, and we all got up to follow the young handsome figure, except the young lady who was already told to stay. "Hi! I won't say my name for now until I have already appointed you as a worker here. Well! You are free to call me Mister". The handsome young said while tapping the elevator button. "Now what's the best name that's advisable not to call a programmer?". He asked. "Yang Jiao!". I need the answer from you, 'Mister' stated clearly. Yang Jiao was taken by surprise........ but she didn't hesitate to answer right away. "A programmer hates to be called a robot by others. They don't like the idea when others call them a computer repairer........because that word sounds like trash to their ears". Yang said confidently. "How many programmers does it take to change a bulb?". He asked Yang another question. "None! That's a hardware problem". Yang replied. "Who programmed copy and paste?". He fired another question to Yang. "Copy and paste were programmed by programmers, for programmers". Yang Jiao answered another question. The door of the elevator suddenly opened, which made Yang's heart stop beating because she just doesn't know if her answers are wrong to 'Mister'. After all, Yang answered all the questions with the answer she guessed was meant for the question. "Get out!". Was the next thing that Yang heard. She started staring at the floor, as she bit her lips while waiting for 'Mister' to just kick her out. 'Well! I guess I have to start looking for a job as a house help, or even a sales rep won't be bad, and at least I can work side job on Saturday by distributing flyers and since I'm already a grown-up, they can also end up giving me 60 dollars, as my pay for a day. Yang Jiao was already calculating the money she is going to earn from the side jobs, but then she heard 'Mister' saying. "Make sure you resume work on time tomorrow....... because you are hired". He said before pressing the elevator button. Yang stands all alone while smiling because she still finds it amusing. Just like that.......the interview is already over. She waited for the elevator door to open again, and when it opened.......she was lost in her pretty thoughts while smiling. The elevator door was about to close, when I quickly ran inside, because I want to take my leave now, and buy myself a small cup of ice cream for doing my best, and since I don't have much money, I'll have to walk all the way home, so that I can spend my transport money in the ice cream. Entering inside the elevator that was filled with a lot of people, I had to find a suitable place to stand but I suddenly bumped into a young man. Since I'm average in height, I had to raise my head, to see who is the person that has that Androstenol scent. Slowly raising my head, I figured out that the person rolled up his black long sleeve, exposing the beautiful dragon tattoo on his hand. Due to his manly scent, I found myself proceeding further as I raised my head and that is when my eyes lock the most handsome creature in the entire universe, that looks so alluring. The man standing at my front has a long two-block haircut with a long top and a short side. His hair is red in color and sparkles as if an expensive ointment has been added to it. On his nose lie a silver nose ring, while on his ear were two different types of earrings. His lips are slightly opened, but it's Damm's's pick and not to mention the fact that his lip is also wet. Even though I'm a virgin, I could already feel myself getting wet because of his appearance. I couldn't get the picture of his eyes, because he was wearing a black shade, but just like a dummy, I kept on staring at him until his lip which was slightly opened curve into a seductive smile, causing me to feel my pants wet, as I swallowed hard. The man raises his hands, as he uses his index finger to hit my forehead causing me to jot back to reality. "What are you staring at, wifey!"The man said with a low-pitched voice, which is very hypnotizing. He slowly removed his black shade and that was when my eyes locked his green emerald eyes.
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