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My name is Alice Brooks, and I am a dragon shifter. Today, I stand inside a cave known as the Mating Rejection Chamber. The trial results will be announced; the accused is my abusive mate, Jeffrey Claire. The monarch of the dragon kingdom, Darcus, and his mate, Queen Ella, sit on the judgment seat together. I anxiously await the hearing on the proceedings to reject the fated mate who abused and betrayed me. I pray to the gods for a harsh punishment for the wicked mate. "I, King Darcus of the Dragon Kingdom, have gone over every piece of evidence and statement made by Alice Brooks and Jeffrey Claire. The trial verdicts will be revealed by the queen," King Darcus stated, gazing at his queen, who had risen from her throne. My pulse pounds anxiously in anticipation of her words. "Alice Brooks, the court rules in your favor, and you will reject your mate with the help of the witches' ritual. I will condemn Jeffrey Claire to three years in a dungeon for the crimes he committed." The words of Queen Ella send a wave of relief through my entire body. "I don't agree with the verdict at all," Jeffrey rages as he marches toward me. I tremble and stagger back as the guards come in front of me to stop Jeffrey from taking a swing at me.
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