Chapter 1: Marriage

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Valerie’s POV “Do you, Valerie Brown, take Austin Salvatore Rodriguez to be your lawful husband, will you love him, honour him and keep him in sickness and in health and forsake all others keep only unto him so long as you both shall live?” The marriage officiant speaks loudly. His voice echoes in the empty church. This is the happiest day of my life. I am getting married! That too with the man I love the most. My eyes fall on the tall frame standing by my side. He is the most handsome guy I have ever seen, my prince charming, my knight in shining armour. His light grey eyes are entrancing. His sharp nose is as arrogant as he is. His lips always look so kissable. How much I want to touch them! Since the first time, I've seen him. The best part of his face is the long dimple on his left cheek. I probably look like a minion in front of his tall, muscular build. I can hardly believe it myself! I will be officially married to the man I love. My eyes travel down the hall once. There are only two people present at our wedding, the ones who truly care about us, just the way I wanted. My smile widens as my eyes meet Austin’s grandma, Merry. I can see tears in her eyes. I know those are the tears of happiness. She has always loved me, just like her own granddaughter. She is the sole reason for my happiness. If it weren’t for her, Austin would have never married a girl like me. Grandma gives me a small nod, gesturing me to say yes. I smile a little more while I look back towards my husband-to-be. His grumpy face is telling me how much unhappy he is because of this arrangement. I know he has never loved me, neither he will ever do. In that matter, he hates me. That is another reason of mine, getting married to him. Suddenly he stares at me hatefully. I close my eyes, unable to bear his gaze. “Yes, I do!” I accept him in my life as my lawful husband. I will love him, honour him and keep him in sickness and in health and forsaking all others, so long as I live. You must be thinking of me as a crazy woman! Getting married to a person who will never even love me back! No, he never has forced me. Actually, it's quite opposite. I kind of force him to tie down. It is one of the last wishes from my bucket list; you know! I am dying. This disease is killing me every day, bit by bit, forcing me towards my end. Hardly three years, maybe, I am left with. That’s why I've never wanted him to love me back. It is even better for him to hate me. He obviously does not know about my condition, neither I will ever say anything to him. It is just that his grandma loves me so much since the accident, and she forced him to marry me. He is doing it for sake of her. On the other hand, I always loved him from the very first moment I saw him. I don’t want to die like others; you know. I want to enjoy the last few days of my life. I want to fulfil all the wishes, all the dreams that I have been writing in my diary since I was only sixteen, since the day I learned about my disease. It has been three years now. The officiant announces, “now I pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride.” I open my eyes with his words. He is my husband now. I smile again, looking at his cold eyes. Will he really kiss me? His gaze falls on my pale lips. I look towards the tiled floor. I know you don’t want to kiss me and that’s okay! I know you will never love me, and probably that’s the best for both of us. I never want to leave behind a husband who loves me wholeheartedly. I smile again, unknowingly. Our relation is just perfect, just the way I wanted it to be. I become lost in my own thoughts. Suddenly, a soft touch on my chin brings me back to reality. His long fingers hold up my chin, making me look into his eyes. They are not showing any emotions. I glance at him in confusion. He leans over my face. His eyes are piercing through my skin. “What… what are you doing?” my voice is no less than whispers. His eyes never leave mine as he mutters, “didn’t you hear what he said?” His minty breath is touching my nose softly. His gaze travels towards my lips this time as he continues, “I can kiss my bride.” My lips shiver while he approaches them. I close my eyes and wait. His warm, soft lips finally touch mine. That sexy pair of lips move gently against mine, only once, and then he pulls back. A tear escapes from my eye. I never thought he will kiss me. My first kiss! My hubby stole it. Things can’t be better. I turn around as the ceremony ends. Grandma is laughing, looking towards us. Sometimes I feel bad for her. I know she is not well and because of her age, she will not live long either. Even so, I feel like I am cheating on her. This marriage is nothing but trading for Austin, trading for his grandma’s peace and happiness in her last days. I walk towards her, and Austin follows me. “Finally! I can’t tell you, Val, how much happy I am,” grandma says, hugging me tightly, wrapping me in her warm embrace. Probably my mother’s embrace would have been like hers. Unfortunately, I never get the chance to know her. My parents were never a part of my world. I grew up in an orphanage and I have no memories of them. Grandma Merry has always treated me like her own family since the day we met. I hug her back. “Thank you, grandma,” I whispered shyly. “Congrats, Val,” Daniel offers a smile on his face. He is the right hand of Austin and his closest friend. And above all, he is Austin’s cousin. “Thanks, Danny,” I reply with a sheepish smile. “Enough chit chat. Let’s go,” Austin’s deep voice grabs everyone’s attention. He orders again, looking towards Danny, “Daniel, drive grandma to the mansion.” “Aren’t you coming with us? Where are you going?” Grandma asks in confusion. Austin chuckles. “To consummate our wedding, grandma,” he speaks shamelessly. What is he saying? He hates me! Before our wedding, he told me he will never touch me! I look towards him once with wide eyes. I keep standing there in a daze. Have I heard him correctly? Grandma’s smile brings me back. She cups my face as she speaks softly, “take care of my grandson.” As we leave the church, Austin drives his car directly to his own mansion. The ride is silent, as I don't have any courage to ask him about anything. Does he really mean what he said back there? I can hear my own heartbeats. The car stops in the garage and he walks me into the enormous mansion. I have always heard about it but have never been here. “I’ll show you your room,” he speaks for the first time. His voice is distant, just as usual. But I still love his voice. He must have joked back then. Thank god! I give him a small nod. We walk across the dining area and then take the stairway. He leads me to a room on the second floor. He opens the door and I follow him. The room is dark as the windows are closed. I look around for the switches, but before I can find anything, I hear the door getting closed with a huge slam. I turn around instantly, scared. Austin turns on a dim light, only enough to see his gigantic frame. He is taking steps towards me. My heart is racing. What does he want? “A… Austin,” I call out his name, but my voice is like a mere whisper. Suddenly he grabs my arm and slams me on the bed. Then he leans on my torso, slowly. I shiver under his touch. “What… what. are you do… doing?” I ask with great difficulty, with several pauses. “Didn’t you listen to what I said to my grandma? Isn’t it what you always want? To climb on my bed?” Austin speaks with disgust. I know he does not love me, but still, every time he reminds me of that, I feel pain. But it’s still okay! I cannot have a loving husband. He will be hurt knowing my condition. A tear escapes my eye. “Austin… I…” “Just shut the up, you wh.ore!” He yells at me this time, holding my hands up near my head. Slowly he takes out something from his pocket. A little container. He opens it using his thumb and then pours the liquid into my mouth. I cough as the bitterness spreads in my mouth.  Sudden dizziness takes over my mind. My vision becomes blurry. I feel uncomfortable and different.  "Austin!" I mumble before losing my senses. ---- Hi guys! Please check out Forbidden Soul. It's Still FREE. Love you all. --- Gratsiya 
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