Chapter 2-Hatching Plans

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(Johnnie) I swallowed hard as my eyes blinked rapidly while looking up at Caspian's angry face..then I started to get mad. So he can say whatever he wants and expects me to roll over and take it? But when I call him out for once he can't even handle it...what a hypocrite.. "Turner, I want you to apologize." He stated firmly, causing my mouth to drop open as I stared at him in shock. "Apologize.." I repeated the word like a parrot, wondering if I really heard him correctly. "Yes, get on your knees." He ordered with a cool tone that made my stomach twist. "M..My knees." I sputtered, making Caspian nod his head as a smile twitched at the corner of his mouth. Suddenly he bent down, his mouth coming close to my ear as his large frame hovered above me. "Yes, now be a good girl and beg for my forgiveness." His warm breath fanned against me, his words making my heart leap into my throat as I heard Ava and her friend giggling behind me. "No." I blurted, noticing Caspian stiffen as the bathroom filled with silence. "What the f**k did you just say?" He hissed, causing me to pull my body away from him and step back. "I said no Caspian, you don't control me and I'm done with your move, I'm already late enough as it is." I rambled out, not even sure where the hell that was coming I got the confidence to say all of that...I have no idea. I went to step around him, prompting Caspian to reach his hand up and wrap his fingers around my hair, pulling my head back. "Are you seriously disobeying me right now?" He gritted through his teeth before his eyes darted behind me, realizing we still had an audience. "Everyone" He yelled, making Ava and Tammy jump. The tone of his voice prompted them to quickly gather their things and hurry out of there like the building was on fire or something.'s not nice being on the other end of Caspian's wrath, is it? Suddenly Caspian turned and slammed the door shut before locking it. "W..what are you going to do to me?" I breathed, panic finally setting in as he gripped my hair tighter, shoving my head back, and baring my throat. "I am going to watch you beg on your knees Johnnie..and I am going to enjoy every damn minute of it." He spat through gritted teeth. " can't keep doing this to me..I..I will tell Alder." I finally blurted, making Caspian freeze before dragging me back and pressing me up against the wall. His arms caged me in as he glared down at me with the coldest gaze I had ever seen. " will tell my brother..why? Are you two f*****g or something?" He asked, his words making me blink rapidly as I furrowed my brow and swallowed hard. What? He can't be serious..Alder was like family to me. "Me..and your brother?" I whispered in confusion, making him slide his hand down before resting it on the base of my neck. . "Yes, Johnnie..are you f*****g my brother? Did you let him take your virginity?" He asked angrily, his words making my cheeks burn as I had to look away from him. I couldn't even answer him I was so flustered. What type of question was that?! And why the hell does he know I'm still a virgin? "I will take that as a no." He scoffed and pushed off the wall, leaving me standing there in bewilderment as I tried so hard to keep my knees from trembling. "No, he didn't, but someone else did." I don't know why the hell I lied..he was walking to the door..I was so close to having my freedom when those words made him halt in his tracks. "Who?" He snapped, causing me to freeze up once again as I tried to think of an answer. "You don't know him." I blurted, feeling like an i***t for giving the most evasive answer. "I know everyone you talk to Turner..give me a f*****g" He barked, his tone making me tremble as I tried to pull it together. "I..I met him on a dating app." I answered quickly, feeling proud of myself for coming up with that one. That seems legit, right? Suddenly Caspian turned towards me once again, his tall broad frame now blocking my view of the door as I pressed my back up against the wall once more. "You know there are ways to tell if you are lying.." He whispered huskily, his voice causing my head to spin as he placed his hand on my chin, gripping me tightly. "Shall we find out?" He asked, his question causing my eyes to widen as I shook my head no..wait..he couldn't be talking about THAT..right? "So Turner..what will it be?" Caspian breathed against my cheek, his proximity making my senses go haywire as his rich cologne assaulted my nostrils. I stood there frozen in place as he just stared down at me. His gaze burning my flesh as I wished the floor would open up and swallow me whole. "That's what I're still a f*****g virgin..." He laughed, making my eyes snap open as I saw his stupid smug face before he pushed off the wall and turned around once again. "You still owe me a f*****g apology..good thing we will be spending the summer together." He yelled and promptly unlocked the door before yanking it open and left. Suddenly my knees gave out, making me slide down to the floor as I let out a shuddering breath. Yeah..the summer..don't remind me.. Mom already told us we are going to Florida this summer to Mr. King's Beach house.. That's when a thought crossed my mind..why did it bother Caspian so much when he thought I lost my virginity? Does he think no one would like me enough to sleep with me or be attracted to me? I guess it hasn't happened up to this point..but I kind of blame Caspian for that..okay, maybe it's not all his fault, but I really don't have any type of social life and it's partly because of him. The only person I speak to is my best friend Anna..maybe she can help me.. I quickly stood before grabbing my backpack and heading out to the parking lot. I decided just to skip seeing Professor Harris because I was pretty sure he already left. He said if I was more than five minutes late he would leave..and now I was twenty minutes late. I jumped into my mom's red 2008 Volkswagen Beetle and pulled out my phone before dialing Anna up. She was interning as a photographer for a modeling agency downtown. Usually, weekends are the busiest times for her so I knew she was free. "Hey Jo, what's up?" She answered, making me bite my lip as I let out a deep breath. "Give me a makeover.." I blurted, making her go silent on the other end before a loud scream made me pull the phone away from my ear. Seriously?! "Is this for real Jo? You're not shitting me right!?" She asked excitedly and I couldn't help but laugh. "No..I need some new clothes for Florida..please help me.." I responded, prompting Anna to go on a whole tangent about what to bring and the different brands of clothes I should get. I was tired of sitting back and letting Caspian control my life..I was tired of cowering in fear and I knew this was the only way to finally give it back to him..because in front of our families, he acted like a damn angel..I was going to take advantage of that..I think it's time Caspian gets a little taste of his own medicine.. This time I'm going to take charge..and I won't let Caspian interfere..this was going to be the best summer ever. .
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