Chapter 5 Bloodlines

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Lenore walked Silas outside, along with Ashton and Colton, who were being annoyingly vigilant. “The king is a serious guy, huh?” Silas chuckled, looking over at Lenore. “He doesn't want to jump to conclusions. I think he appreciates your input, but he won’t act without hard proof. That's the way he is.” “I would feel better if, at the very least, you and your sister stayed in Elysium.” Silas watched as Lenore shook her head. “We don't want the other vampires to feel uneasy or panic. It’s best for us to calmly remain here, at least for now. Besides, Elena and I are not the type to hide or run to safety.” “Your grandfather won't want you to leave. If you need help, reach out to me.” Silas watched as Lenore shook her head. “If it got serious enough, my grandfather wouldn't stop us from leaving.” Silas looked at her skeptically. “He wouldn't.” “I believe he wouldn't let anything happen to either of you. But I think he would rather lock you two up to keep you safe instead of allowing you to leave.” Lenore laughed at the silly insinuation. “As if my parents would allow that anyway.” “Your parents don’t run the vampire kingdom. Even though they are capable of being crowned the king and queen, it hasn't happened yet. There is no inclination that it will happen soon, either. I don't think your grandfather wants to hand over that power, because he knows that his son will rule with his heart more than his head. And his two daughters are the very source of his heart, besides his mate.” Lenore shook her head, this time more seriously. “I appreciate your concern, but it isn't warranted.” “I know I look young. It’s one of the perks of being a vampire. But I’m old. I‘ve been around for a long time. Your great-grandfather had been after your line for quite some time. He even passed this on to his sons. You know, Alaric’s brother Jester, was even interested in your grandmother. This isn't a coincidence. It’s because of her bloodline. I mean, you’re already aware of who you are, though. The reason why you have pure vampire blood, even as a hybrid.” Her brows furrowed as she glanced over at Colton and Ashton. They both looked equally confused, and even a bit suspicious of Silas. What exactly was he telling them? “This is the same bloodline that my Uncle Aidan and his children have—” “Not quite.” Silas stared at her and then shook his head. “You really don't know, do you? Your mother and twin brother are special. However, the royal lycan blood took over with your cousins. Not with you and Elena, though. Your father being the pureblood crowned prince only solidified who you two are—” “Dude, what the hell are you rambling on and on and on about? If you have a point, could you make it?” Colton growled in irritation. “I'm talking about your great-grandfather Gilbert, your grandmother Freya's father. You know about him, right? And the reason they wanted his bloodline?” “Yeah, he was some high aristocrat of the vampires,” Lenore said simply. “What? Is that what they told you?” Silas looked over at Colton, who shrugged with a nod. “That’s all my grandmother remembers about him, too. She remembers how the Briar coven killed him and her mother—” Silas scoffed, letting out an airy chuckle. “That coven didn't work alone. They couldn't have killed your great-grandfather, not without the demon king's help. That witch made a deal–a deal that sealed her fate as the nycrops. It was only with the demon king's help that they were able to kill your great-grandfather. He was no ordinary vampire. Gilbert was a primordial vampire. So… they never told you. I guess they didn't want your grandmother to know the truth,” he pondered quietly to himself. “Wait a minute. A primordial vampire? You mean, like how Micah is a primordial bear?” Colton asked, thinking of the strongest guardian that had ever existed. “A direct descendant from the first of their kind.” Silas nodded his head. “The strongest and most powerful of their species. They possess few weaknesses. Highly coveted bloodline. The power slept with Freya, and it didn't awaken with Lucy and Aiden, though the pure blood remained. However, you and Elena have it. I can feel it. Your grandfather feels it. This is why he will insist you two take a vampire as your mate. It’s also why he’ll want to keep you here. You strengthen the other vampires. Your presence gives them a boost.” He shook his head, pursing his lips tightly. “He never told any of you. That is concerning. I think you and your sister should go to Elysium, where you will be safe.” “Okay, time out. I've seen Micah and how insanely strong he is. And that is with the heart of a primordial. If we are direct descendants, then—” “You two are incredibly strong. Your powers have not awakened completely, but you do have the strongest elements at your disposal. Light and darkbending. This is just the beginning. Also, teleporting and linking. This is why you two are the key. These are things only you and your sister can do. Maybe I should stick around for a few days.” Silas looked back at the castle, a small frown resting on his lips. “Is Elena okay?” A voice called from behind. “Bernard?” Silas asked, looking at the man. “Yuck, specter scum, what the hell are you doing here?” Bernard curled his lips up in disgust. “I came to warn the princesses of danger. I didn't know you frequented this area.” “Of course I do. This is where the love of my life lives. I never stray far from Elena.” As the words left Bernard's lips, Silas turned to him angrily. “Keep your disgusting hooves away from her. She’s too good for you.” “Careful, or you'll become kibbles and bits. How dare you curl your lips up at me. I am—” “I am a kelpie, of the high dark fairy court, blah blah blah,” Silas mocked, rolling his eyes. “Yeah, I've heard it all before.” “You damn mutt—” “Hold it!” Lenore snapped, as she tried to wrap her head around everything. “You two know each other?” “I don't associate with mutts, but our paths have crossed before.” Bernard turned his head away from Silas in disgust. “He lives near my family's dark lake.” “Bernard, I really need to go and relay things that have happened with my colony. I know we aren't friends, but we both have the same goal: keeping the princesses safe. Can you establish a territory around the kingdom, so you’ll be alerted of any trespassers? Someone was able to use the shadows, and it wasn't Elena.” “Oh sh*t! Is she getting blamed for it?” Bernard's eyes turned into black orbs, as his face twisted in anger. “Naturally,” Silas growled. “Now wait a minute. My grandparents know it wasn't Elena. They don’t blame her for it. The others are scared and—” “Bullsh*t! The other vampires are ass.holes who have never appreciated her!” Bernard turned his head to the side as he tried to rein in his anger. “I'm not convinced your grandfather believes it wasn't her. I hope I’m wrong.” “You are!” Ashton was getting fed up. The king and queen were good people. They were family. It’s just that they thought about the kingdom first and not their kin. They ruled thinking of everyone and not just themselves. “Like I said, I hope I’m wrong, and you’re right.” Silas looked at Lenore. “I'm sorry they never told you and your sister about who you are.” “I don't understand, to be honest. It doesn't make sense. My grandmother is a direct descendant, so she should be stronger.” “Yes, you’re right. But you’re forgetting two important factors: Selene and Rogio. I don't know the details, and we probably never will. That’s how the moon goddess works. However, sealing the power and making sure you two received all of it was a strategic move. Honestly, it isn't important. What is important is that you know about it. Your powers are going to awaken, and you both will become stronger. You two will be coveted by more than just vampires. Please be cautious of this in the future, especially when it comes to picking your mates.” “If you can feel this power, surely my father can feel it too. Same with other vampires.” Lenore watched as Silas nodded his head. “They do but most won't know what it is, because you two are also fairy princesses. The extra power allows for a type of camouflage. Fairy magic is intelligent and sly. It knows exactly what it’s doing.” Silas' smile curled over his lips. “The fairies now have a primordial bear and primordial vampire princesses on their side. Do you think this is all a coincidence? Not to mention the demigods and gods. And I’m certain there are more powers they wish to unite.” Lenore had to admit that it was a bit concerning, if all of this was true. There was a small part of her that was suspicious, but she had to admit, it made sense. It explained how, even as babies, they had power. The moment they were born, there was proof of their power. They couldn't be kept apart in separate cribs, because they always teleported to the other. It made sense, but what didn't make sense was why her grandfather kept this a secret from them. Was he afraid of others finding out about them? Maybe he was waiting for their powers to awaken? She needed to talk to him, but before she did, she needed to talk with Elena first. She needed to see her sister. “I'm sorry to dump all of this on you and run, but I want my coven to be ready in case you need us. If at any moment you need help, send a messenger fairy or the pony express there.” He nodded his head over at Bernard with a smirk. “Thank you, Silas. I will keep it in mind.” Lenore said politely, though her mind was racing. Suddenly, he dissolved, shrinking into black smoke, then rising onto four massive paws. His eyes shined red, and his body looked to be nothing but thick, obsidian clouds. His head changed into that of a wolf, and he had white fangs peeking out from his shadowed snout. She had never seen a specter hound before, and was shocked to see him shift into one. Being part vampire, she didn't know it was possible. Bernard took a threatening step towards him, and his ears laid flat on his head. He took a hesitant step back before finally sprinting into the darkness, melding with it. “Damn specter hound scent is going to linger for days.” Bernard turned his nose up in disgust. “Can he be trusted?” Lenore asked Bernard, as he turned to give her a side glance. “He wasn't lying, if that is what you’re asking. Does he have another motive?” He shrugged and hummed, “That is yet to be determined.” Lenore rubbed her temple, as a warm hand came to rest on top of her head. She looked up to see Colton smiling down at her. “Don't stress, my kickass cousin.” “Yeah, you've got us.” Ashton beamed as Lenore let out a quiet giggle. “I'm glad we have you guys.” She turned and looked back at the castle. “We’re going to need people we can trust.” Maybe Silas was trying to get them to leave so that the kingdom was weaker. Maybe he was planning an attack? However, it was hard to argue against the idea that they would be safer in Elysium. They trusted everyone there, unlike here. Honestly, she was really worried about Elena's safety. The way the other vampires instantly blamed her was disgusting. It was something she would never forget… a grudge that stirred inside of her. “I'll make my rounds and establish a territory. I'll let you know if I feel anything that crosses over it,” Bernard said, shifting into his beautiful, terrifying, dark gray horse. When a kelpie establishes a territory, they can feel when someone crosses over their boundary line. They were very possessive and territorial creatures who did not share. Lenore listened as his hooves thudded across the ground, watching him until he disappeared. Bernard was someone they trusted, and he was a good friend to Elena. She felt bad for him, since her sister didn't reciprocate his feelings, but that was Elena's choice. There was only one man who had ever existed for her sister. She wasn't sure if Aba was ignorant of her sister's feelings, or if he purposely ignored them. Sadly, it was getting harder to deny that he already had a relationship, based on his time spent in Elysium. Her heart was already hurting for her sister, just thinking of it. The time would come soon when they would make their relationship official. Elena would no longer be able to be in denial about it. Lenore wondered if Elena would keep Aba by her side after that. If Aba took Beryl as his mate, they would both be her guardians. Could her sister keep him as her guardian? It would be too cruel for Elena. That’s why you shouldn’t fall in love with your guardian. There were too many complications that could come from it. “Let's go see how Elena is doing. I have a lot to tell her.”
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