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Name: Zero Abellioni Age: 23 Years Old Address: BGC, Taguig Personal Information: Date Of Birth: October 14, 1992 Place Of Birth: Manila, Manila Sex: Male Status: Single Citizenship: Hispanic/Filipino Father’s Name: Gerard Abellioni Mother’s Name: Seporah Abellioni (Deceased) Interest: Band Name: The Xemical I looked at his photo. He has got a long black hair, dark orbs, narrow nose with thin lips, typical guy. I read his files once again before I cleared my throat. “James, can I have agent Kairo’s assignment instead?” I asked him in a very hopeful voice. “You know our golden rules agent Axl, changing task is not allowed.” James calmed replied. “I’d rather watch his father than to look after this kid.” I pointed at the new client’s photo. I bet my one month salary, he’s a pain in the ass. “Axl, Mr. Abellioni is a kid no more, he’s a year ahead of you.” Agent Windy wrinkled her brows. “Still my last assignment was like this, a twenty one year old brat. And you know what happened next, right?” I asked her in exasperation. I remembered my last client why I got my first suspension. I almost turned into monster torturing that kid. It was just a plain stalking case, no hassle plus no action equals to super boring work. But that kid, that kid made test all the patience I didn’t know I’ve possessed. “That’s my father’s order and besides you’ve asked for it.” James said in a serious tone. “You should know how to handle cases like this.” I calmed down and started to collect the papers. It’s our superior’s order and having an argument with James like that was futile. And I oath to my job too. I ascended from my seat I guess this meeting was done. “Axl!” I heard Kairo’s voice. He’s my partner sometimes on my mission. “Are you alright?” he asked while matching my stride. “Why wouldn’t I?” walking straight to the lift. “I know how much you hated your-” “Kairo, this is our job.” Calmly I answered him while getting to the lift. “But we both know how much you dislike cases like this.” “But James was right, I need to handle cases like this. I couldn’t pick my next task that would suit my likes. Surely in the future it will be like this and that’s inevitable.” He sighed. “Alright. Let’s go there to the Abellionis.” I nodded. We both have the same clients though. Agent Kairo is a good agent, he’s one of the pioneers too. His skills are excellent and undeniably great. And I could say that he is the closest person I ever had in my two years on Elite. I parked my Harley outside of a huge mansion. Removing my helmet then I glanced at Kairo. We were welcomed by a house helper and was told to get hurry for Mr. Abellioni. “Agent Kairo, agent Axl?” an old man appeared from somewhere. Again, we both nodded at the old man. He might be one of the trusted personnel of the Abellioni’s household.  “Mr. Abellioni is waiting for you in his office, please follow.” He bowed a little as a sign of respect? Before he turned his back on us. We both in silence while taking the long way to the said office. “Please, feel at home.” He said suddenly after knocking on a certain door. I reached for the door knob and twisted it. A serious Mr. Gerard Abellioni was there waiting for us. “Good morning, Sir!” Kairo and I greeted him in unison. “We’re from Elite Service. Kairo Neri..” Kairo started. “Axl Singson..” I added. The old Abellioni’s gaze stayed at me a bit longer than necessarily. I almost arched my brow at him. The way he looked, I know what he was thinking or what was running into his head. That I was just a girl, like an every sexist people would think. “Take your seat.” He said and we took our seat respectively. “We asked for your service because we need your protection.” “Thank you Sir, for trusting our service, it is our pleasure to serve you. By the way, where is your son?” couldn’t help but to ask. This is the first time I haven’t seen my client’s personally. “My son isn’t here yet but he’s coming.” He assured me. I nodded to dismiss my concern. And to urge him to continue what he was saying. “I entrusted my life and my son’s life into your hands. I know you already learned the situation so I don’t need to elaborate the details with you.” “Yes Sir. We have enough information regarding your case.” Kairo answered him politely. We heard a knock and all head snapped to the door. A tall and long haired guy appeared behind the door. He’s wearing a black shirt, faded ripped jeans with a smirk formed on his lips. The infamous Zero Abellioni, himself. “Am I late?” he asked while walking in. “Not that late, Zero.” His father answered him in a very serious voice. “Anyway, this is agent Kairo and agent Axl.” “I assumed they are not my bodyguards.” He crossed his arms when he stopped in our front view. I averted my gaze and focused on his father. Baby sitting a spoiled bratty kid was the worst thing in this field. “Only agent Axl will be around with you 24/7.” Mr. Gerard sustained. “We already talked about this Zero.” “What a girl likes her can do, Sir? She will probably screech and scream when seeing cockroaches. I’ll take him rather.” So, he preferred Kairo over me. I clenched my jaw. If his father was not here with us right now I will gladly smash his face. “I hate to babysit him too.” I murmured. “Pardon?” the brat asked. Kairo and Mr. Gerard Abellioni glanced at me. Okay, maybe I think out loud. His father cleared his throat suddenly. “She’s a very good agent, don’t underestimate her.” in a serious voice. “She’s one of our best agents, Sir.” Kairo added. “If I’m not a good agent then I wouldn’t probably be here.” I said nonchalantly. “All right, If I will take her.. Is she okay living with me? In my townhouse?” he paused. “How about my gigs?” “Are you fine with that Axl?” Mr. Gerard Abellioni looked at me. “No problem Sir, that’s part of my job.” I just shrugged. “Everything was settled then. Do you have any questions, agents?” the old Abellioni’s inquired. “Nothing Sir, for now.” Kairo replied. We all stood up and handshake. But the two still have their unfinished business and had some talks. “So nice to meet you, agent Axl.” I heard a voice over me. Emotionless, I faced him and glanced at his offered hand. I nodded at him while accepting his hand. I gave him my deadly glare when I felt him tightening his hold. He just grinned before he let go. The nerve of this guy!
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