New Neighbours.

1785 Words

Katie's P. O. V.

Ughhhh, homework sucks. I'm here in my room trying to write a 1000 words essay on French Revolution but couldn't. Because I'm not feeling like. I also have a bunch of history and psychology questions... I think 20 each. It's really tiring af.

That's why homework sucks, seriously I tell you... It does. I never really have a problem with homework because I understand that it helps me in the future with tests or finally understanding a confusing concept. However, I've realized that staying up past midnight is actually just going to make those topics more confusing or cause me to fail a test instead of helping me pass it. I also feel that some teachers have even forgotten what homework is intended to do. At this point, I am mostly doing busy work that just takes up my time, my sleep and my sanity.

The problem is that students are expected to participate in extracurricular before or after school, and are supposed to have a social life so they can be "socially healthy." Is that even a thing anymore? Though I don't have a cool social life the teachers gotta understand that we have lives too and we need to live it peacefully.

I'm not necessarily saying that homework should be completely eliminated; it certainly has its benefits. A half hour to an hour of homework for each class a day, though is a little excessive and a lot of unnecessary stress on the students. But don't stress us ... dear teachers, please.

That's why I decided to take a break from my boring homework journey and walk towards the window. I draw up the curtains as I look out for my mother. Yes, it's time for my mother to come. I look around only to look at the front. My neighbour's house. The room ... it's dark no tube light is switched on, except a table lamp which is illuminating a little light in the room. It looks like it's a boy's room. And I don't know why but I pray it not to be one. You know why ... because I don't want that jerk to stay in it. I just can't tolerate him, I don't understand how can girls love him so much. He is just annoying, irritating piece of s**t that just knows how to take care of glory self and is a narcissist.

"Princess it's rude to stare into someone else's room." a husky voice interrupts my thoughts.

"Huh?" I mumble as a figure came in front of me in the room opposite mine. "Didn't anyone tell you that it's bad manners to peep into someone's room?" he says with his patent smirk. I roll my eyes as I groan. "I wasn't peeping."

"Ya ... I am a Barbie doll." I glare at him as he uses sarcasm against me. "No need to get sarcastic Mister," I say as he smirks and winks. He chuckles. I glare. "Jerk," I mutter.

"By the way what are you doing here?" He asks as I stare at him. "Well, this is my room and this ..."I point at the window. "... is attached to my room. So basically I am in my room looking outside." I roll my eyes.

"More like looking into my room ... like a stalker." He winks. "Don't worry princess I don't mind such a cute stalker."

"I am not stalking. or even peeping for that matter." Sounding offended, I say glaring at him.

"Whatever helps you sleep, princess." He winks.

I groan. "I was praying to God." I lie as he raises his eyebrows amusingly. "Praying?" He chuckles. "Ya so that I don't get you as my window mate. Unfortunately, He didn't listen to me." I say twisting my lips. "Oh, am I that bad??.. " he fakes hurt as he puts his palms on his heart and looks at me. "Uh---Yes."I roll my eyes. We stare at each other but our stare countdown is broken by my mother's voice downstairs. "Katie!" "Mum's here." I chip like a little girl and look back at him who's staring at me.

"What?" I blurt out rudely.

"You know you are a kid." He replies after taking a few minutes as if scrutinizing me. "So what? I love being me." I argue as he smirks. But before I could leave he waves at me and grins. "See you later Princess." He says as I roll my eyes and run downstairs.

"Mom," I hug her as she finishes drinking water. She gives me a small apologizing smile as I smile back at her. "Hey, baby. I am so sorry. I know I made a promise. I should have----I am sorry I didn't keep your promise. I was really busy at the hospital. I know you understand. I am sorry." She states as she kisses my cheeks and forehead. I smile and nod. "Yes, mom. I understand you. No need for apologizing." "Thank you, sweetie." She smiles as she removes her nurse cape and hangs it on the chair. My mom's a nurse in the city's reputed hospital, earning almost $5000 per month and since it's not enough she even works as a night shift at the Lashville supermarket earning $1000 per day. Even I want to do a job but then my mother prefers me studying and getting good grades, passing and graduating high school.

"Mom?" I say as she looks at me and nods. "You look cheery, what's the matter?" I ask as she smiles. Actually, it's a rare case when mom smiles, mostly she is stressed or tensed.

"Ya, I am. My night shift got cancelled and it was a less stressful day at the hospital." She then looks at me shyly. "Mom?" I raise my eyebrows. "And yea, do you remember Dennis?"

"Dennis?" I ask as she nods.

"Dennis Rickard. He asked me out." She whispers sounding a bit excited.

"Dennis!!! Really? That's nice." I smile. What? Everyone deserves happiness. Mom is one of them. Just because my sperm donor left mom that doesn't mean she lost everything. Dennis Rickard used to be a geek with really big glasses who studied with mom at her high school. He used to have a huge crush on her but then she started dating a football player... aka my sperm donor. And now Dennis is all hot-shot middle-aged specialist and mom's his nurse. I have met him once or twice. He is a nice man. A divorcee and broken. Mom and Dennis kinda complete each other in some way. I ship them. #Jonnis. lol.

"So when's the date?" I wink as I see my mom blushing.

"This Friday? Hope you don't mi---"

"Not at all. I am really happy about it." I smile as she pulls me into a bone-crushing hug. "I love you, sweetie." "I love you, mom," I say it back. "By the way, I even invited our neighbours. Thought that why not let them feel that they are welcomed here all the time." She whispers as my smile fades.

"Neighbours? Who? Left side or right?" I break the hug and nervously ask. "We don't have any on our left. Remember sweetie?" Mom raises her eyebrows. I zoned out for a minute or so. What did she say? The Lockwoods are coming tonight! Aaron is coming tonight, for dinner? No way.

"No way!" I screech. Mom gives me a confused look. "Dea--Sweetie what happened? What's wrong?" She looks confused and concerned.

"Why did you even invited them?" I ask as she raises her eyebrows. It was rude and demanding.

"Katienne Joanna Holes. This is no way to speak to your mother and they are our neighbours we have to---"

"Mom it's not mandatory to do it," I say. "I know it's not mandatory but it is our duty to make our neighbours feel welcomed here. And why shouldn't I?" Mom asks as she takes out a pan from the kitchen drawer.

"Mom, I know it's our duty to make them feel that they are welcomed here anytime but what you just did is ..." She looks at me raising her eyebrows as I take the pan from her hands. "...You invited a devil in the house." You see, my mom and cooking are two opposites. She doesn't know how to cook, she never did learn because Nana was there. Also, Nana taught me.

She makes a funny face as she chuckles. "A devil? You sure about that? The Lockwoods just have a son most probably of your age and a senior like you. And I think he is no devil."

I stare at her as I start cooking my speciality. "Well, then you don't know him well. He is devil incarnated." I state as my mother rolls her eyes.

"I am sure you are judging him---"

"I am not. I know him and I know his behaviour in school. Total bad boy----"

"Well guess what?" She smirks as I shrug my shoulders. "You can be the good girl and fix him." She winks.

"And make it a cliche? No thanks, mom." I roll my eyes and chuckling humorlessly. "By the way, some people can't be fixed mom." Mom looks at me as I continue. "And there are some who don't want to be fixed because being broken or whatever gets them attention that they crave for. Devils do that mom. Devils do that."

Mom stares at me when I raise my eyebrows. "What mom?"

"When did my cupcake grow up." I roll my eyes focusing on the soup I am making. "Katienne---" she forces me to look at her. "Mom some people will never change so we should stop wasting our time trying to make them. And by the way their son and I ... well, we are not even acquaintances so I really don't care about changing him or fixing him. He is obnoxious sociopath player... a resident bad boy I have sworn to stay away from."

Mom nods but before she could speak further I continue, "How about dress up yourself now, mom..." I give her a smile. "I will cook dinner for the gathering and get ready after that." Knowing it's difficult to argue with me she nods and walks to her room but not before kissing my forehead.

I look at her retreating figure and then at the container of soup. Some people can't be fixed and he is one of them. But he is not even broken. He is just a spoilt brat who can do anything for attention as he craves it so much. I sigh sadly and continue to cook food for our 'new neighbours'.

This sucks, Ugh.

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