Chapter 2

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Chapter 2As she drove away, she thought of how her life is gonna be from now on. Suddenly the beautiful ring on her finger caught her eye. She smiled touching the ring gently. Amidst of all these troubles and torture, there was only one person who silently stood by her. He was her bestfriend elevated to the status of a boyfriend and now finally her fiance. He is her everything. The one who doesn’t mind how chubby she looks or the numerous beauties around him. He is Aiden Kings. He also comes from a wealthy family just like her. The only difference is that he is the only child and he is totally adored by his parents unlike her. She was very surprised when he tried being friends with her years back. Cause most guys actually prefer being with Sheila. Sometimes when her mind drift to the past, she always wonder why he didn’t go to be friends with Sheila? Why he chose her over Sheila? Sharon brought out her phone and checked again. Surprisingly there’s still no text messages or phone calls from Aiden. “Maybe he is really busy today,” she said to herself. She understands that him being the only heir to his parents companies means he would be extremely busy sometimes. “ I’ll just go over to his apartment and wait for him.” She murmured humming a soft song to herself. “Hmm… Ah!! Yes that’s the spot! You have to go faster! Oh God!!!,” these were the lewd sounds Sharon heard when she stepped into Aiden’s penthouse. She was really surprised to meet the door unlocked when she came because Aiden is supposed to be at work by now and no one else lives with him. Walking into the sitting room only to meet clothing scattered around the room, she panicked and silently prayed hoping what she is thinking right now is wrong. “Maybe one of his friends just came over to visit and he forgot to inform me,” she soliloquized. But when she picked up one of the clothes and it turned out to be Aiden’s favourite shirt, her face turned completely pale. She immediately rushed to the bedroom where the sounds were coming from, sure enough Aiden was right ont.op of a lady. He was really into the hot sx session that he didn’t notice Sharon come in. Sharon stood at the door shocked and confused at first. She even rubbed her face to make sure she is not seeing things. Then she gasped as she watched the two on the b.ed. Anger and hatred completely filling her heart slowly. She rushed to them and hit Aiden with her bag angrily. Aiden groaned from both pain and pleasure before he immediately stopped what he is doing. The questions on Sharon’s mind as she looked at him was how could he have done this to her? She thought of what Benedict said at the company and gasped again. He cheated just before they finalize their wedding. “You son of a bch!!!! How could you!!!?,” she screamed hitting him with her bag again. Aiden withdrew from the lady and stood up trying to evade her attacks. “Babe, just calm down, okay? Calm down!,” he said not even able to cover his body. “Babe!!! Don’t you dare call me babe!!? After all we’ve been through together for all these years, you treat me like this!,” she screamed feeling immense pain in her heart. She actually stopped hitting him and looked like she was about to cry. But she won’t give him the satisfaction of seeing her cry. Aiden moved closer trying to touch her. “Babe come on don’t cry. I don’t want to see you cry,” he said touching her but she shrugged his hands off her. “ Aiden why are you pleading? Let the bch cry!,” Sharon gasped as she heard the lady talk for the first time since she entered the room. She shook terribly looking at the lady in bed. “She…Shei…Sheila,” she stuttered and couldn’t form a complete sentence. Sheila smirked and stood up wrapping the duvet around herself. “What is it bch? Don’t go about talking of how I cheated with your fiance cause Aiden was never and would never be yours,” she said moving closer to caress Aiden. Aiden didn’t even do anything to stop her. He only avoided looking directly into Sharon’s eyes subtly confirming that what Sheila is saying is really true. “See this ring… He proposed to me and very soon we’ll be getting married after we welcome our first child,” Sheila showed off the stunning ring on her finger while rubbing her stomach delicately. ‘So she is already preg.nant. How long have they been cheating behind my back?,’ Sharon thought as she suddenly cluthed her chest. Why would they do this to her? He could have just dated Sheila instead deceiving her for so long. This heartbreak is too much to handle. “Bch better don’t die here. You should get out and lock the door. Find somewhere else to die,” Sheila answered pulling Aiden back to the bed. Aiden turned to look at Sharon with a remorseful look. But Sharon missed his expression as Sheila already pushed him on the bed and climbed ontop of him. They didn’t even wait for her to leave before they started having sx again. Sharon couldn’t take it anymore so she ran out of the room. Oh! She didn’t forget to lock the door like Sheila asked her to. She locked both the bedroom and the main door and even took the keys with her. As soon as she got out, she threw the keys faraway from the house. I think they landed in the stream nearby. Then she turned to the house and did a fk you sign. ‘Fk both of you. I hope you both suffocate in that room,’ she thought as she walked away. Present time** “Why won’t this rain stop? Today is the worst day of my life,” Sharon muttered shivering from cold but she stubbornly refused to stand up from the bench. She bent her head and wept again. The hooting sounds of the cars and noises from the passerbys faded away as she slowly spaced out. She didn’t even realize the cars passing were splashing mud on her. Neither did she realize how cold the weather is and how dark it is. Few hours later, the rain already stopped but Sharon is still in the same position. People passed by every seconds but no one even bothered to talk to her … No one bothered to ask the quiet sad lady what happened. A limousine passed by and the occupants in it noticed Sharon. The bodyguard looked out of the window and asked,“ What’s she doing? Does she want to freeze to” Around that time, there was a little traffic on the road so he could stare at Sharon all he wants. He continued nagging about how careless she is to sit down on a bench in this cold weather without a warm clothing on. His boss finally got tired of his endless chatter and said,“ Bring her in.” The bodyguard was stunned at first but when he received a cold glare from his boss, he quickly stood up. The boss ordered his chauffeur to reverse and the trail of cars following the limo also reversed. The cars stopped in front of Sharon but she didn’t even notice them until the bodyguard came out of the car and made a loud sound of clearing his throat. Suprised, Sharon looked up to see the huge man standing in front of her. It was then she felt cold and noticed how late it is. She was about to say something but the bodyguard spoke first,“ Miss my boss wants to see you. He said follow me or die out here from cold.” Actually his boss never said that. He then turned around to leave. Sharon looked at him puzzled. Who is his boss? He sounds arrogant and cocky. Hell! Even the bodyguard behaves arrogantly. Sharon didn’t stand up deciding she won’t follow the strange guy. The bodyguard turned back just before opening the car door and was surprised to see Sharon still sitting down stubbornly. He rolled his eyes inwardly thinking of how impatient his boss must be right now. So he walked back to Sharon, bent down and carried her over his shoulder roughly. Sharon immediately screamed,“ Put me down!!! Put me down this instant!! This is illegal!!! It’s called kidnap!” The bodyguard simply ignored her shouts and took Sharon to the limo. The man inside it was able to hear the last statement Sharon said. He laughed coldly and asked,“ Really. Who would believe that?” Sharon gasped again as she recognized the man in the limo. What the he¢k is going on today? She did that thing of rubbing her eyes again to make sure she’s not seeing things. But it’s really him! He just rested his head on his hands, watching Sharon coldly and wondering why she’s behaving this way. Meanwhile when Benedict came out to meet his car bashed, he almost uprooted the whole company with his anger. He went to the Porsche shocked and not able to believe that is his new car. He has not even finish paying for it yet. He turned to look at the shaky employees behind him. No one dare look up at him. “ Who among you did this!?,” he shouted angrily. The employees shook their heads hurriedly saying,“ Not me sir.” After many threats, the receptionist said,“ Sir after you came in, Sharon was the last person to leave.” Benedict thought of it and believed her. He then smiled coldly,“ Seems like she hasn’t learnt her lesson yet. Making her jobless is not enough. Maybe when I make her homeless too, she will not dare to test my patience again.” He dismissed the staffs, brought out his phone and called someone. As soon as he ended the call, he smirked and said,“ Sharon you will come back to me soon begging for help.”
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