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My life sucks. There is no denying that. No, I'm not some angsty teen that's all 'woe is me,' but I actually have a pretty good life... well, maybe I am an angsty teen, but my life does suck. My father bailed when I was a baby, and I have no memory of him, not even a name. My mom travels a lot for work. I see her once every few months. But when she is home, she gets mad at me. She blames me for my dad leaving, but I was only a baby, so I don't really know what I did, but she always finds a way to point out that I'm not a perfect child. No, the title of an ideal child goes to my stepbrother Jeff. He is an outgoing, social football star, the golden child. Everyone loves him, he gets good grades, so teachers love him, he is the star of the football team, so the other students love him, and he is my stepfather's son, so the one parent that is around, favors him too. He's the exact opposite of me. And that leads me to my stepfather. I hate him. He is a high school dropout, druggy loser, whose been "between jobs" for nine years now. All he does is sit around the house and hang out with his loser friends drinking and doing various drugs, and when my mom does come home, he pretends all the drugs are mine and tells her I'm out of control. In reality, I try to keep my head down and mind my business but sometimes, my stepfather and his druggy friends have other plans for me. My name is Blake, and this is my story. This story contains dark heavy subjects such as drug use, rape, abuse, and suicide. I hope that nobody finds these triggering, but I thought I'd warn you.
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