Chapter 2

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As Mother and I pulled up in front of our pack house I couldn't help but giggle at the sight of Olive. Just as mother spoke, "You know, sometimes I worry about that girl. Her mate is going to have their hands full." "That is exactly why she is my best friend mom. She brings all the fun to our friendship" I said matter of fact. As I got out of the car I grabbed the bag my dress was in from the back seat and quickly approached a very flustered Olive. She had a towel wrapped around her head that was falling off to her left side, while her pink fluffy robe was coming undone in the front. In her arms she had a blow dryer, straightener, curling wand, a big dress bag, a case that included all her cosmetics, another tote that included all of her facemask, and manicure set. I got to her just as she was about to drop one of the bags and tumble down the steps. I couldn't help but laugh at her. "Olive, I have half of this stuff in my room that we could have used. Although, I do appreciate how ridiculous you look. I needed a good laugh today!" "Ha, ha, ha Mel, you are so funny. I couldn't just rely on your stuff, I mean we don't even know if half of it works, because if it did, I'm sure you would take more time on your appearance most days." she said with a sly smirk on her face. "Come on you goofball I will get the door for you." As we started to walk into my room I couldn't help but hear the excited squeals from down the hall that sounded like they were coming from Ashley's room. The daughter of our Alpha and Luna. Me and Olive gave a curious glance at the hallway as we heard Ashley speak, "I know he is the biggest and meanest Alpha around, but he is just so dreamy to look at, I just wish I was 2 years older and ready to find my mate so I could have a chance to be his! I wouldn't care if he was scary just as long as I got to look at him everyday!" With a shrug of my shoulders I stepped the rest of the way into my room. "What was that about ?" Olive questioned me. "I heard my parents talking on the phone earlier yesterday, saying that the Alpha of Blood Moon would be coming to the ball tonight. Apparently it is a big deal because he has one of the largest packs in our nation, is the most feared and strongest. I guess he is one of the most eligible bachelors out there being he is 28 and still hasn't found his mate yet. My father told my mother that our Alpha is hoping that by his attendance to the ball tonight that he would find a mate within our pack. This way we can form an alliance with him. Ashely and her friends must be smitten over the guy, but if he is as feared as they say, I feel sorry for whoever his mate is." I explained. Olive seemed to be satisfied with what I had said because she had no follow up questions, instead she sat all of her stuff down and started to run around my room like a maniac. I just sat on my bed and started to scroll through my phone waiting for her to start directing me. It was best not to get in her way for things like this. After about 2 hour and half hours she was finally finished with herself and decided it was time to start on me. "OH! Mel, I love your hair. It's so different, but yet still simple and delicate. Very fitting. I hadn't even noticed you got it done!" she chirped at me. "I figured it was time for a change, to bring something else out in myself." as I looked at her dead on in the mirror with a dainty smile. "Well lets not let it all go to waste, I am going to do my best work on you yet!" I sat in mostly silence for the next 3 hours while Olive applied all her facemask to my face, plucked my eye brows, curled my hair and completed my make-up. She instructed me to go get my dress on and not look in the mirror until after I had the finished product on. I grabbed my bag and made my way into my walk in closet, I took a good look at my shoes and decided that I would wear my black strapped pumps today. This dress shows off every curve and asset of my body, and those shoes would be perfect to make my legs look a little longer, toned and give my round bottom the extra little perk it needed. I slipped the dress on and fixed my shoes to my heel and headed out of the closet. "EEEEK!! You look absolutely fabulous!! Girl you are going to drop so many jaws when you walk into that ball room tonight! I can't even believe your mom let you walk out of that mall with a dress like this though!" Olive was screeching at me. "Actually it didn't even take her a second thought in purchasing it, if anything it took her convincing me to pick it out." "Well that is surprising, but are you ready to see my best work? Go ahead and take a look." For some reason I found myself nervous, but excited. I wasn't sure if I would find my mate tonight, but if I didn't at least tonight I felt absolutely stunning, and I would walk away with a confidence booster. As I slowly turned in the mirror I took in my appearance with a short, soft gasp. My hair was stunning, it flowed down my back in beautiful beach waves. When the light hit it just right you could notice the low lights that were done today. I had the right side pinned back behind my ear while the rest of it was down. My make up was perfect. I had a settle smoky eye, using more light grays, with a winged eyeliner that made my green-blue eyes sparkle. My lips were plumped up and glossy going for a natural look. Everything about the way I looked went with this dress so well. I can't even believe this is me. Your mother was right we are going to set our mate on fire inside and out! Harper whistled at me. I turned and looked at Olive, "Thank you for all.....this" with a wave of my hand, starting at my face and down to the floor. "Don't be silly, I love you Mel, you are my best friend, I wish you would see how beautiful you really are, I want you to find your mate and just be happy and be the confident girl I know you are." Olive grabbed my hand and gave it a squeeze. "Listen Olive, I know we are 19 now and we both may find our mates tonight, and if that happens and we get separated... I just want you to know, I love you too. You aren't my best friend. You are my sister, and I would never want anything to ever change that." I pulled her in for a hug. When we pulled away from each other, we both had small tears starting to form in the corner of our eyes. Quickly Olive wiped hers and mine away, "Okay Melony, enough of that, we can't cry and ruin all of my work, besides we would never depart from each other, maybe physically but you will always be a constant in my life. I would never allow otherwise. NOW! Lets hurry and get down stairs, it is about to start and I don't want to deal with the wrath of momma Kate." she was referring to my mother. I just chuckled and followed her out the door because I knew exactly what wrath she was talking about. The closer we got to the ball room the more impatient Harper started to get inside my mind. I could feel her prancing and dancing all around inside of there. She was actually starting to make me anxious, my palms were beginning to get sweaty, and my body just felt.. off. Harper, you need to calm down, you are making me all worked up. I don't want people staring at me, thinking something is wrong with us! Mel, I can't I don't know why but I can't. I just feel different like something good is about to happen. I have the drive to just jump around in joy. Harper tried to explain to me. Well try harder! Your making me sweaty and gross and the party hasn't even started yet! I quickly pushed her to the back of my mind and blocking her, hoping that would help calm my nerves a little bit. Harper has never acted this way before, so I couldn't help but be a little curious also to what she was trying to explain to me. I told myself I would focus on her later, I had to get through this Ball first. Stepping through the entrance with Olive next to me I took another look at her and said, "Well lets get this over with."
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