Chapter 1 (Eviarah On The Run)

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CHAPTER 1 (Eviarah On The Run) EVIARAH I heaved a deep sigh as I am contemplating with what to say. I just can’t tell my parents directly but we are already facing crisis. I am now 20 years old and so I just feel that thiss is the right thing too do. I’ve been living with them in my entire life and I just can’t watch them suffer. They say that ‘together we stand, divided we fall’. But sticing together at this times of crisis is a big no, no. I gathered all my inner strength as I tried to convince myself that they will agree with my decisions. “Mom,” I said. I held her hand that was atop the table and I looked at her dull brown eyes. We are having our dinner right now. In this circular table, only me, Dad and Mom sat. She looked at me with questioning eyes. My nervousness doubled. “Ahh… I just want to tell you that I – I will not stay here tomorrow,” I informed them. Dad shifted on his seat before he picked his steak using the fork. At times like this, when Dad never answers a word, that means that my reasons are ridiculous or bothersome. “Don’t go outside tomorrow or even today Eviarah. It is dangerous outside. We never know will happen in a snap,” says Mom while she was pushing her plate towards the middle of the circular table. I know that she already lose her appetite. I guess this conversation is just a wrong move. But I still need to do this. The reasons are so heavy that I need to argue my point. “You are pretty anxious Mom. Police officers patrol here even we are in the rural area. I need to go to the city tomorrow. I will pass my resume on one of the best companies here. It is not everyday that they have hiring and besides, we need money for your maintenance medicine. The cost of living is constantly increasing Mom. The farm is still not recovering from the strong storm a week before. We need to have extra income to save everything. The bank keeps on sending us messages telling us to pay for our debts. Mom, I can manage to be safe outside. You just need to trust me.” My Mom sighed and then she looked outside. The full moon really enthrals me. It’s beauty is incomparable. The faint glow that it gives in the surrounding is magical. The bluish-white light that it emmits is still one of the things that makes me smile for no apparent reason. I know that Mom is still thinking deeply about it. I wish they agree with me. I will still be going home weekly tho. There is nothing to fear. The world outside is manageable. When the dinner is over, Mom and Dad went to their bedroom and I was the one left in the kitchen. I washed the dishes and fixed all the clutters here and there. I am an only child and my parents are getting old. I don’t want to put them in homes of the aged because I love them so much and for sure, I will miss them. As a sign of my gratitude to them, I am the one who personally take care of them. The clock striked nine. I went to check my parents and I found them in the living room while playing their favorite board game – chess. I know how to play the game but it never interests me. I am more interested in medicinal plants and medical procedures that have been used in the early times. It fascinates me. But I never entered a medical school because it needs a lot of money and we don’t have that. All we have is a small amount, just enough to send me to a community college to study my BS in Agriculture. I went to the shower to take a warm bath. I closed my eyes as the water cascaded into my body, soothing the soreness of my muscles. I’ve been working non-stop since early this morning at five. I have been clearing the farm and trying to repair the barn. I am humming my favorite tune. I’ve been searching for this over the net but I can’t find the song. I don’t know how it became possible but I know a song that is not even sang by others. Wrapping the thick towel around my head so that it will absorb the excess water from my hair, I proceeded inside my room and I wore my usual night clothes, aa pajama and loose shirt. I looked at the surroundings around and I saw the dark forest beyond. Even the moonlight did not illuminate the place. It shouts mystery that is needed to be unfold from within. I closed my window and pulled the curtains down. I turned of the main light and switched on the lamp shade. I should go and check my parents. They need to sleep now. I walked towards the door then I heard muffled sounds. My forehead knotted and I sprinted towards the living room. I shouted and I was horrified to find my parents bathing in their own blood. My limbs weakened and slowly, I dropped. I went beside them by crawling and I was trying to wake them up but they did not even moved. My heart is slowly dying as I hugged my parents lifeless body. Moments later, a loud banging on the door made me alert. Then it fell open the police barged inside and was horrified by the scene before them. They aimed me their guns and my heart almost dropped on the ground in shock and fear. I raised both my arms showing no resistance. “Sir, please let me explain. My Mom and Dad…” I trailed then I looked at my parents again. Tears started to fall from my eyes again. “They were murdered. I was inside my room when I heard muffled sounds. Please help us.” I was on the ground, kneeling. Both myh palms are rubbing against each other. I am desperate. “You are the suspect of this crime. We saw you here in the crime scene. You have the right to remain silent and your words can be used against you in the court. For now, you are arrested for the murder of Alejandro and Sabina Mulfy.” My blood ran cold and I can’t seem to breath. Why are they suspecting me for killing my Mom and Dad? I did not kill them. I am innocent. My knees weakened and I fall on the cold floor again. My eyes were blurry as the tears pooled beneath it. My shaking hands tried to reach for my parents hands but the police came behind me. They used their force to pin me to the cold tiled floor. No way! I will not be able to solve this case if I will go to prison. I don’t want to go there. I didn’t know how and when did it happened but I defended my self against them. I punched the police officers who touched my arms and I ran outside our house. The commotion broke and soon the police men were tailing me, trying to catch me. I ran faster and I never looked back. I heard a gunshot then it was followed by a strong impact on my left shoulder. My mouth parted as the searing pain spread through my body. But my feet became unstoppable. In this situation, the only person I can trust is myself. Despite the pain, I ran faster. I felt my hot blood oozing in my back. My feet is starting to get numb. I remembered that I did not wear any shoes. I cried as I went through. I am so sorry Mom and Dad but I need to flee. I don’t think I will still be safe there. I felt it once again, the changes in my body. It is acting fast yet it dies down after how many seconds. Mom said that I am special. I am actually an adopted child but they see something in me when I was just at the age of four. They never tell me though. I ran faster and the hairs on my nape rise. I don’t know why but I think my senses heightened. I stared at the beautiful moon. It emmits a melancholic light in this dark evening. I tripped on a stone and thus I heard a loud thud when my body fall on the bare Earth. The dirt spread on my upper body and the dried twigs snapped as my whole weight crashed them. It started to pierce my skin but I never cared less. The blood that was gushing out from my body is starting to make me weak. I rolled on my back but cursed when I realized that it was indeed a wronng move. I sat on the ground and I panted. I wiped my tears and sweat that keeps on rolling using my dirty bare hands. Every intake of air inside me is a torture, the wound seems to be pierced in my flesh and it grazed on my bone. I heard loud growls coming from different directions. I searched for the host frantically and then I was surprised when a grey wolf landed in front of me. It is a he-wolf whose bare fangs is flashing in front of me. It has reddish eyes and its saliva is dripping. From the looks of it, it is really ready to pounce me to death and I looked down on its claws. It looks horrifying. This is a thirsty and hungry wolf. Is this even happening right now? How much trouble can I attract? I closed my eyes and I inhaled deeply. The growl became more louder and I felt that there were a lot of them coming to my direction. I opened my eyes in panic. “Fvck! s**t! He is calling a lot of his members. Are you seriously joking? What are you? A freaking girl band in the woods?” I mumbled in frustration as I looked at the wolves that are coming to my direction. Their paces were calculated and their eyes never left mine. Dear heavens. I don’t want to die yet. I escaped the police from killing me and now, I need to escape this wolves from butchering me. looked at the surroundings and I saw that I am in a cliff. I can hear the strong water that flows underneath it. This is my only choice. Do or die, I will jump there because I don’t want to die because of these freaking wolves that will rip me to shreds. With all my might, I stood up. The wolves charged at me. I shouted and it was the only sound that traveled miles away in the deep forest, it even echoed. I ran with all my might and I jumped towards the end of the cliff. One wolf have managed to bite my left leg but I kicked him and then I fell in the water with a loud splash. It was cold, suffocating and dark. Using my arms and legs, I tried to come to the surface. But they were painful. Each time I move is a torture. Blood from my wounds mixed on the water, tainting it in crimson. I was panicking trying to save my life. The current was too strong at pulls me into the unknown depths beneath. I refused to give up but I realized that I have nothing to fight for. My parents are dead. I have nothing left and l can’t go back to the city or to that place because I have a crime case that I did not even commit. Slowly, I let my last breath go. The moon shine onto me and I felt my body so light. I saw how I glowed or maybe I am just hallucinating because I am at the verge of dying. Slowly, I closed my eyes as I felt my body move downstream going with current of the water.
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