Chapter 3

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Waeland's POV I leaned against my locker, listening to the group of people that call themselves my friends. I’m pretty sure that all of them just hang around me for my popularity or money. All except Samantha. "Are you listening Waeland?" A girl named Jenna asked me. I smiled apologetically at her, "Sorry, I was just thinking about finals since they're coming up in a couple weeks." I lied. Truth was, I zoned out. I don’t care to listen to their gossip about who did something embarrassing or who wore the same dress as someone else. "Seriously? Since when do you care about grades man?" One of the more popular males in my “group” named Jonah asked. I just shrugged, about to respond, but that’s when I saw him. Evan. Evan Beck. He walked past us with that signature scowl of his on his face. Most people think he looks mean and he kind of does, but I find it amusing. Of course there’s that group of people that say they hate people and shut out the world, but something about Evan was different. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, though. "I have to go, guys, I'll catch you later," I patted Jonah’s shoulder, ignoring their calls for me and jogged down the hall after Evan. "Hey, friend!" I called out to him, but he ignored me. Maybe he didn’t hear me. I caught up with him quickly and grabbed his shoulder so I could turn him to face me. "Hey, did you not hear me?" I asked him, slightly disappointed that he didn't respond to me earlier, but I didn’t take it to heart. "No, I did hear you, but seeing as I am not your friend I didn't respond." He told me nonchalantly. Ouch, no wonder this guy has no friends. But that isn’t going to stop me, honestly it just gives me even more motivation to be his friend. I pouted at him, "But you are my friend. I asked you yesterday and you grunted in response. Which I took as a yes. So we are friends." I told him, but he rolled his eyes in response, clearly unamused by my conclusion. "I probably grunted because I didn't care or I wasn't paying attention. And I still don’t care." Oh, this guy... I let my pout turn into a wide grin. His beautiful chocolate brown eyes gave me a strange look as if I was the weirdest person on the planet. His confused look was adorable compared to his usual cold glares. I loved it. "If that meant you don't care, then that means you don't care if we're friends or not. Therefore, we can be friends because you don’t care either way," I smiled widely and patted him on the shoulder. “That’s great! I’ll see you later friend.” I added quickly before he could argue with me anymore and took my chance to escape to my first class. I could tell he was about to argue with me, but I wouldn't let him. Although I'm sure he will in fourth period, or he'll just ignore me like yesterday. I have to find this guy's weakness. Or at least find a way to break through his wall, or even just peek over the wall to see what’s on the other side. Earlier was the first time I've seen another emotion from him other than irritation. I want to see every side of him, learn why he acts so mad all the time and what can make him smile. I'm tired of the same people I need to find something else to keep me interested in this boring school. All those "friends" I have, just hang out with me because of my reputation and there’s. I think if I can get Evan to open up to me, I might be able to have a real relationship with somebody that could potentially be more to me.  Sure, I have Samantha and we’ve been friends since we were kids, but sometimes it’s good to change things up a little bit. ____________ Evan's POV First, second, and third period went by too fast today. I was dreading fourth period because I knew I would see that jerk again. Why does he keep bothering me? I know he can tell I want to be left alone. Unless he's a total moron, which I'm sure he isn't. I think he's just playing with me. Of course, that should be no surprise coming from a popular student. Although, from what I have seen from the past year and a half, Waeland doesn’t seem like the type of person to tease and play games with people like the rest of his friends. Then again, I don’t really know him. He could be one of those secret bullies that really is controlling all of his friends.  No, he’s not smart enough for that. I walked into class and saw no sign of the guy anywhere. I sighed in relief and sat in my usual seat. I started to feel good about being alone in my little space again. Until I heard a screeching sound from the chair beside me. That could only mean one thing. Someone just moved the seat beside me, and I have a good idea of who it is. I turned my head to the person beside me and gave him a cold glare. So he isn’t giving up. I guess I’ll have to try harder to get him to go away. He just smiled. "Hey, how are you doing? Nice outfit, by the way, I love your hair." The annoying red-head reached his hand out to touch my hair and I quickly smacked it away. "Don't touch my hair." I snarled at him. "Aww, but we're friends and friends can play with each other's hair." He pouted just like this morning and I just continued to glare. "I don’t know where you got that stupid logic from, but I already told you. We. Are. Not. Friends. Stop talking to me," I said and turned away from him again. Jeez, I’m acting like an even bigger asshole than usual, but that’s what happens when you keep annoying me. "Wow." His voice dropped for a moment then immediately went back up to a loud, high voice, despite it being deep still. "I've never heard you speak so much before! I feel like you're finally warming up to me." I couldn't see him, but I could definitely hear the grin in his voice. Sighing, I put my head on my desk. This is going to be a long day... Again. The entire period Waeland kept bothering me and whispering things that I obviously ignored. As soon as the bell rang I jumped from my seat and ran to the door. I guess I wasn't quick enough though, because before I could make my escape, a strong hand grabbed my arm and held me there until I finally decided to turn and face the asshole that held onto me. "Why don't you come eat lunch with me today?" A low, husky voice whispered in my ear, sending delicious chills down my spine. Oh, I didn't mean that. Who the hell likes the chills? I don’t. I wriggled out of grasp and stared at him, well more like glared, but that might as well be my stare at this point. "No, I don't want to eat lunch with you. And what the hell was that? Whispering in my ear? That was super creepy." I said and he just shrugged as if he didn't care. Which he probably didn't. Does he not understand social lines of what is acceptable and what isn’t? Unless I give someone permission to be all up in my bubble, which I won’t, then I don’t want them anywhere near it. "But it got your attention, didn't it?" He said with a smirk, but I couldn’t argue. It did get my attention, just not in a good way. "Why don't you ask someone else? I'm sure you have tons of other friends to eat with." I stated and turned around to walk away. "Other friends? So you are my friend. I knew it, see, I was right. C'mon let’s go eat lunch to celebrate our new friendship," He grabbed my hand and started leading me to the lunch room. I was so shocked that he grabbed my hand that I didn’t try to pull away. Not at first anyway. "H-hey! Let me go! I already told you I don't want to eat with you,” I said a little louder to try and get him to listen while I tugged my hand away. He stopped and I sighed in relief in my head, glad that he finally listened. "Did you just stutter? The infamous and very composed Evan Beck?" Waeland said, pretending to be surprised and I scowled at him. "Of course I didn't stutter, moron. Now, let me go. I'm not eating with you." I denied any of accusations of stuttering, but I know what I did. Waeland chuckled. "Is that a nickname for me? I like it." He said with a smile. "No, no it's not," I yanked my hand away from him and stomped off like a child, mumbling. "Moron."
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