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Welcome, Everyone…… The updates for this book will be indefinite…… I decided to create it as I already have the plot drafted out and I have written some chapters on a rough sheet… waiting for when I’m ready to start the book. The reasons for the delay are that I want to focus on the other current books. Despite that, I'll update it. While you wait, you can check my other books. Thank you. Blind Fury: (The boss and his Alpha) ongoing The runway Alpha: (her revenge) ongoing Talia's secret:(sold to sin) completed. Countered Emotions (Book 2 of Talia's secret: Sold to sin) is coming soon. The quest of Alpha Airen. Ongoing His bodyguard. Ongoing. My f******k name is Lucy E Tula. You can follow me there to get the latest updates about my books. A group is coming up soon. So, we can all converse about my books and share our ideas. I recognize I'm a small upcoming author who is trying to make her name and I know I still have a lot to learn, which is why I asked you to give me constructive criticism rather than throw curses at me. Thank you very much for understanding, and I hope my books have an impact on you all and make your hearts flutter.

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