Chapter 1- Keeping a pure heart.

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(Eleanor POV) I welcomed the darkness... I craved it with every ounce of my being... To be able to drift off to sleep and slip into that darkness in the furthest depths of my mind. That's where I would see them, those people I had lost along the way. The darkness was where I could still hear their soothing voices whispering sweetly into my ear. I could still smell their familiar scent, feel their warmth embracing me. That was my gift from the moon goddess..letting them stay in that small part of my mind that I held onto. As long as I don't give up hope, as long as I keep my heart pure they stay with me. I tried being bitter, I tried being angry and pent up with rage..that just wasn't me. I wasn't someone who held onto the bad, I looked for the good in everything. Maybe that made me seem weak but it's what always seemed right, that's how I have survived. I could hear my mother's words now, echoing through my mind. The stories she would tell me and the ones I would dream of time and time again. "Once upon a time, there was a beautiful Moon Goddess who lived her life solely for her people. Her love for them was so selfless and unconditional nothing could break that bond. She gifted these people with that same love, a love so pure and powerful. Each soul would be ripped in half and placed in two, so they could one day find one another and fulfill their purpose in life, to keep their packs strong and thriving. But these people were half human, their minds and hearts given free will. Not all bonds were accepted, and not all bonds were treated like they should be. Some would be broken and others abused. The moon goddess would then find those who were deserving, those who had endured and not given up, who still had hope, and gave them another chance..a second chance. That was how you were made my love, you were given to me through my second chance. That is why you are special, not only did the moon goddess gift me with your father..she gifted me with you. She came to me in a dream, a dream where she showed you to me. A secret not even your father my sweet Eleanor. You will one day bring peace to our realm..but my precious must endure first. Endure this fate you were given and come out stronger. Your dad and I won't be with you forever, but you must keep fighting. Once we are gone do not give up hope, do not lose that kind forgiving heart of yours, because that is what you will need..the ability to forgive. Do not forget this my sweet girl..please remember that everyone deserves a second chance, my love, even the coldest of hearts." My mother's voice echoed through the darkness. Those words that kept me fighting all of these years. I needed to hang on...I needed to find the light hidden in this darkness. (Two Weeks Earlier) My name is Eleanor Winters and I am an orphaned Omega from the Blood Moon Pack. It had been ten years since the tragic death of my loving parents. Our pack wasn't always this brutal and vicious. The omegas were treated fairly and had the chance to live their own lives peacefully. Not now, we are treated like animals. Worse than animals, we are treated like the fleas on those animals. Our sole purpose in life is to serve the higher ranks. Specifically one man in general, Alpha Richard. He is neither kind nor forgiving..the exact opposite of what I strive to be. I am not the only orphan who has experienced his cold evil ways. Many of my fellow omegas were also stripped from their families and left to fend for themselves. It all started when Alpha Richard challenged the previous Alpha for his territory and pack. Our beloved Alpha Samual was a fair and kind Alpha. He took care of our families, let us live our own lives, and knew every single person in his pack. It wasn't a large pack at the time, but we were a community and made due. He and his Luna Maggie were well respected and loved. They had two children of their own, their twin boy's Will and Jack. They were two years older than me and sadly when Alpha Richard took over, it wasn't just Alpha Samuel who was killed...Alpha Richard made sure the whole bloodline was wiped out, including all of those who refused to follow him and show him respect. That's where my parents' deaths come in. They tried to run, to seek refuge and get away from this place but they were caught and sentenced to death. They weren't the only ones, many parents tried to flee with their families, causing a surplus of children to flood the orphanage. We were each assigned a special unit since the moment Alpha Richard took over. I was in the B wing. We handled kitchen duties and were trained extensively to meet Alpha Richard's expectations. I have worked with some of the same people for ten years, we were like our own little family and looked out for one another. I was on the cooking line and worked alongside the chef. Our head Omega for the B wing, Helen, was the mother hen to all of us. She had known me since the moment I was born and was good friends with my mother. Helen was like an Aunt to me and the closest person to a family I had. The only place that is worse than Blood Moon was the Night Shade pack, where the king of werewolves resides. Night Shade was known as the city of sin and despair. They hold parties that the Alpha and higher ranks attended every few months. We hear the horror stories of omegas coming of age and being shipped out to be auctioned off to the highest bidders. The Alpha King Damion, also known as the king slayer rules all of our realm. They call him the king slayer because that's exactly what he is..not only did he kill the king, but that same king just so happened to be his father. His father, King George was just as cruel and unjust as the current king if not more. It was rumored that the King trained his son viciously, making him the best warrior and ruthless ruler he was today. I guess he trained his son to be the ultimate weapon, and in turn, was killed by those same hands. King Alpha Damion is feared amongst all werewolves and is seen as cold-hearted and cutthroat. No one has dared go up against him, for fear of the retaliation that would bring. He tends to not care about the realms packs, as long as they keep to themselves and follow the basic rules. If an Alpha so much as goes against those rules King Damion sends one of his highly trained warriors to take care of the problem. The latest rumor was that King Alpha Damion had found his fated mate, the woman who was meant for him and made to be with him for eternity. It is said that he did not see her fit to be queen, the mere sight of her meaning nothing as he took his claws ripping her heart out and killing her without a second thought...The story causes a shiver to run down my spine every time I hear it whispered within these walls. To imagine someone doing that to their mate..that was my biggest fear..for my own mate to want to reject me. I wished every night for my one true love to take me away from this place and live our happily ever after..a love like my parents had. My mother always believed the moon goddess picks our mate for a reason, to help us grow and reach our fullest potential. After her first mate tragically died from a rogue attack, she was blessed with a second chance mate with my father. She vowed to take everything the goddess gave her after that with welcoming arms. Teaching her daughter to give our all in what the goddess has given us and not give up..that was why I felt excited for my 18th birthday in three days. I couldn't wait to find out who the goddess had made me for, I hope he was feeling just as excited to find me.
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