Chapter 2

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Out of the blue, my wolf Sage starts cutting, howling, and screams " MATE!  MATE!" Hunter starts communicating with his wolf. "Serena isn't our Mate anymore. Also to be quiet." About that time an intoxicating scent hit him. " Lavender and chamomile. That's not Serena's scent. The Moon Goddess has given me a second chance Mate." He walks over to the cell bars looking down the empty hall. He's thrilled until he realizes. He'll never see her. He jerks on the bars. "I'm locked in the dungeon. We're going to die in here. Terry, Serena, and Conrad are not going to let her in here," He walks over sits down on a filthy blanket. Sage yells "Our mate will find us. we can't give up yet"  Meanwhile, Michaela, Terry, and the four women are standing in front of the dungeon door. Terry is standing against the door.  "Open the door, Terry," Michaela points at the door but is looking at him "Why? You're my mate." Terry leans over sniffing her hair "I'm not your damn mate.  Stop sniffing me. If you answer me with another question. I'll rip your f*****g head off. Where's the key?" Michaela pushes him away from her "My Beta has it, he's not here," Terry looks away from her and the women "Michaela folds her arms. I see. Kristina," She  steps away from the door Kristina kicks the door three times, knocking it off the hinges. "MATE!"  Michaela smiles, but it fades as she looks at Terry  "Why is my mate in the dungeon?" "I'm your Mate," He leans over looking at her "For the last time. I'm not your mate. You rejected me. If you remember. I proudly accepted it."  Michaela pushes him to the side, she walks through the door Serena runs past Nina and the other women she grabs Michaela's arms. "Wait you can't go in there,"   Michaels snatches her arm from her, looking her up and down. "Nina, explain to this thing, that I can go anywhere, I want.  If she ever touches me again. I will personally rip her f*****g arm off." She walks into the dungeon. Michaela walks past several rogues. She finally reaches the last cell. There stood a tall handsome but dirty man. He's standing on a filthy blanket. "MATE! " Michaela and Hunter said in unison looking at one another. "Hello I'm Michaela Landon," she smiles  " Hi, I am Hunter Walker,"  the handsome man still looking at her "Hunter?"  Michaela asks looking at Terry confused "Yes," Hunter said still looking at Michaela Her attention goes back to her mate. "How long have you been locked in here?"  "For over a year," Hunter looks around the cell "Open this door now. " She' s looking furious at Terry a loud growl came from Terry Michaela ignoresTerry "He's not your Mate,"  Terry looking at Hunter disgusted "Open the door,"  Michaela points at the door  "But," Terry said "No f*****g but. Open the damn door." She commands Terry tells his guard to open the door, thinking "This is so f****d up" Hunter wouldn't come out of the cell. "No one will hurt you. You're my Mate. Trust me, I'll  kill anyone that touches you."  Michaela frowns looking at Terry Terry growls again She ignores his growling again. "Terry, there has been a change of plan. We'll be staying for a while. Where are our rooms?"  Michaela said looking at Hunter He looks at her as if she had killed him. "I can't let you stay in the same room with him," Terry points at  Hunter "Why not?"  Michaela looks at Terry with her hands on her hips. Terry is looking at Hunter that at Michaela. "You're my mate. I'm the Alpha here.  How would that look?" "You're my ex-mate. Hunter is my mate now. So take us to our rooms now. As your Queen I command you." Michaela hates using her title on people. But Terry has gotten on her last nerve. Terry is looking at Hunter, thinking. "This s**t can not be happening. Hunter is her mate."  "Nina, we need food, necessities, and clothes. Take Priscilla with you and don't forget about Hunter." Michaela looks at her "Okay,"  Nina nods  her head "We'll go shopping for ourselves in a few days," Michaela is looking at him. "Hunter, what do you want to eat?"  "Food, anything is fine with, me" Hunter looks at Michaela "When was the last time you ate?" She asks looking at him concerned. Terry's looking at him squinching his eyes, thinking "Damn I don't want him to answer that question"  He looks at her "Michaela," "Shut up, Terry. Get our rooms ready now."  Michaela commands. But she never took her eyes off of her mate. "When was the last time you ate? How much did you eat and what?"  "Yesterday, one time a day. I had a chicken leg."  Hunter looks at the floor "Kristina, Alpha Terry, and his whole pack will eat a chicken leg, nothing else for three days. Starting tomorrow. Tonight none of them eats." Michaela commands.  "Yes, Your Majesty,"  Kristina frowns on her looking at Terry Terry sees the way all the women are looking at him "You can't do that" He leads them to the den. She smirks "Yes, I can. I'm your Queen.  Remember?"  Michaela reaching for Hunter's hand. They both smile because of the sparks they felt. Serena storms over to Hunter. "What the hell are you doing here?"  Serena said swinging at Hunter. Michaela catches her hand, punches her in the face. Serena falls backward on the floor. Looking up at her. Conrad runs over to Serena bending down beside her. He's looking at Michaela as if he's going to attack her. "Lock her stupid ass up, until I say she can be released. No food, She can have water once a day." Michaela looks at  Serena "As for your so-called mate. Don't ever look at me like that again. Know your place  mangy mutt."  Michaela's looking at Conrad. Michaela knew Serena is the reason Hunter was being treated badly. She will make her pay. The dungeon is only the beginning. She looks at Terry, thinking "It's time for school to open"  As she and Hunter are walking to the stairs. "For future reference, don't ever lay your hands on my mate, your King again,"  "Your mate? King? Hunter is the King" Serena said looking confused "Yes, You will address him as Your Highness," Nina grabs Serena  pulling her to the dungeon Conrad is looking at Serena screaming until she is out of sight. Then he looks toward the stairs. "The f*****g King. f**k" 
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