Chapter 6

683 Words

Chapter 6 A year passed, and one day as he was sitting at judgement there came a great noise from without, and this noise was so persistent that the people and suitors were scandalised, and Fiachna at last ordered that the noisy person should be brought before him to be judged. It was done, and to his surprise the person turned out to be the Black Hag. She blamed him in the court before his people, and complained that he had taken away her cow, and that she had not been paid the four cows he had gone bail for, and she demanded judgement from him and justice. "If you will consider it to be justice, I will give you twenty cows myself," said Fiachna. "I would not take all the cows in Ulster," she screamed. "Pronounce judgement yourself," said the king, "and if I can do what yo

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