Chapter 4

506 Words

Chapter 4 The instant they passed the holly a strange weakness came over the heroes. Their fists seemed to grow heavy as lead, and went dingle-dangle at the ends of their arms; their legs became as light as straws and began to bend in and out; their necks became too delicate to hold anything up, so that their heads wibbled and wobbled from side to side. "What's wrong at all?" said Cona'n, as he tumbled to the ground. "Everything is," Fionn replied, and he tumbled beside him. The three sisters then tied the heroes with every kind of loop and twist and knot that could be thought of. "Those are whiskers!" said Fionn. "Alas!" said Conan. "What a place you must hunt whiskers in?" he mumbled savagely. "Who wants whiskers?" he groaned. But Fionn was thinking of other things. "If

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