Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 "I think," said Cairell Whiteskin, "that although judgement was given against Fionn, it was Fionn had the rights of it." "He had eleven hundred killed," said Cona'n amiably, "and you may call that the rights of it if you like." "All the same—" Cairell began argumentatively. "And it was you that commenced it," Cona'n continued. "Ho! Ho!" Cairell cried. "Why, you are as much to blame as I am." "No," said Cona'n, "for you hit me first." "And if we had not been separated—" the other growled. "Separated!" said Cona'n, with a grin that made his beard poke all around his face. "Yes, separated. If they had not come between us I still think—" "Don't think out loud, dear heart, for you and I are at peace by law." "That is true," said Cairell, "and a man must stick by a ju

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