Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 AT the end of a fortnight Fionn and Goll and the chief men of the Fianna attended at Tara. The king, his son and daughter, with Flahri, Feehal, and Fintan mac Bocna sat in the place of judgement, and Cormac called on the witnesses for evidence. Fionn stood up, but the moment he did so Goll mac Morna arose also. "I object to Fionn giving evidence," said he. "Why so?" the king asked. "Because in any matter that concerned me Fionn would turn a lie into truth and the truth into a lie." "I do not think that is so," said Fionn. "You see, he has already commenced it," cried Goll. "If you object to the testimony of the chief person present, in what way are we to obtain evidence?" the king demanded. "I," said Goll, "will trust to the evidence of Fergus True-Lips. He is Fio

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