Chapter 16 The Farm-Yard c**k and the Weather-c**k

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Chapter 16 The Farm-Yard c**k and the Weather-CockTHERE were two c***s—one on the dung-hill, the other on the roof. They were both arrogant, but which of the two rendered most service? Tell us your opinion—we'll keep to ours just the same though. The poultry yard was divided by some planks from another yard in which there was a dung-hill, and on the dung-hill lay and grew a large cucumber which was conscious of being a hot-bed plant. "One is born to that," said the cucumber to itself. "Not all can be born cucumbers; there must be other things, too. The hens, the ducks, and all the animals in the next yard are creatures too. Now I have a great opinion of the yard c**k on the plank; he is certainly of much more importance than the weather-c**k who is placed so high and can't ev

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