The Unbreakable

858 Words
.... "Locked under the magic of witchcraft is a wolf strongest known to exist. With eyes red as blood and fur dark as night, he was a sight no one remained alive to describe. Many have tried bringing it to life but failed to give away their lives. Until an innocent girl comes, sealing her and the fate of entire mankind The girl named Thora Valentine" .................................................. 7:15 am Bloodmoon pack grounds A girl lay on the cold freezing ground. Her breath came out heavy as she tries to move. Her muscles were sore with the punishment, lips cracked and parch. She pulls on her arms to hear the cranking of steel chains tied around her hands and legs, sighing. She leaves the struggle, once again. 12 hours 42 minutes The exact time she was trussed there, to serve her punishment ordered by the Alpha. And this was not the first time anyway. She was used to the treatment till now. After all, she was just a feeble Omega in the strongest pack in the world. This was inevitable. She was thirsty. And her senses were playing games with her. She swallowed and tried to dampen her lips, but they only exacerbated it. "What a shame Thora. Had you accepted my offer, you would have been enjoying the luxury of my mattress right now." A voice spoke from behind her and she already knew who it was. Her punisher, her tormentor, her Alpha She refused to reply, let alone look at him, and this didn't settle well with him. Placing a bottle of water in front of her, he crouches at her level. An evil smirk was present on his lips. "Thirsty princess? Here, have it" She knew better, nothing came for free. Nothing except pain and grief. He studied her dropping brown eyes and shivering body. The thought of her being helpless and completely at his mercy excited him. Opening the cap, he gulps the liquid to only leave a sip in the end. Moving the brim to her lips, he exhorts her to take it. She bites her lip, looking up at him and her beautiful brown eyes lock with his. Defiance and confidence. So much broken, yet so much still to shatter. Ruined, but only partially. Used but not surrendered. "Stuck it up your asshole!" Her words surprised him, and he cracked up to get up. Whenever he thinks he has broken her, she comes back. Stronger and braver. A weak Omega by strength but a strong-willed by the brain. Interesting. "Okay, princess. If you don't like my generosity, I won't be offering you any." His voice turns callous as he continues, placing his finger on her chin to make her look up at him. "12 hours more and the lashes will be complimentary." She will not be able to remain conscious after this, she already knows. But her eyes refused to lower down in submission. She will die before she accepts defeat to a man like him. "Bring it on Alpha" He leaves her chin and stares at her for a minute. And then, leaves as the first rays of sunlight penetrate to melt the freezing snow surrounding her. Her body continues to tremble and soon she falls into a deep slumber. .................................................. "Alpha Landon! The punishment has been served" The guard informs the Alpha, and Landon's pen stops as he acknowledges him. "Is she conscious?" "I am afraid not Alpha. Do you want me to wake her up ?" "No need. Call the pack doctor and let him check on her. Once done, escort her to her quarters." The guard nods and leaves, closing his door. Alpha Landon sighs and looks down at the paper in his hands. Invitation to the Alpha King and members of the werewolf council. The Alpha King was coming to his territory with his council members. He hopes he is satisfied and gives him the approval on the latest pack acquisition deal. If he gets it, the Redmoon pack will be not only the strongest but also the largest in werewolf history. It will be his biggest milestone. Smiling to himself, he places the invitation card in the drawer and runs his fingers through his hair. He was too stressed, he needs to let it out. Now that the Omega was unconscious, he better find a replacement. Picking up his phone, he dials the one he enjoys the most, after his Omega of course. "Greetings Alpha. How are you doing?" "Cut the crap. My room in 5 " Ending the call, he loosens his tie and gets up from his seat. Ready to leave for the night. Landon Anderson was a true bast*** in all senses. And no one knew him better than the girl that had seen his worst. The Omega who he tried his best to break. But he failed even after 7 years of torture and games. Was she truly unconquerable or was it just a pretense? Even rocks c***k when subdued to high temperatures and pressures. And here what she had suffered was way more than what a living being can ever endure.
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