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After three weeks, the blows of the practice sword didn't phase her now. She felt them but knew how to turn her arms into a jelly so that the sword did not break her arm. Falling to her knee and shifting her weight to the outside leg, she brought her own practice sword up and deflected the one her brother was bringing down on her. Her leg swept wide as she knocked her brother down. Her victory was short lived however, as one of her other brothers planted their boot in the middle of her back, sending her flat to the ground. Rolling over, 4 practice swords pointed down at her. "Enough." Their fathers voice said coldly.  "Rai'jah, you will be beat until you pass out. The four of you will beat her until she does. She must learn that there is no winning of you lose your focus." Their father turned and walked away as the beating begun. She covered her face, to protect her face from the blows, as they rained down on her. She had known that she had made a mistake when she had felt the foot in the middle of her back. she had let down her guard. Got over excited and was now paying for it. Fighting to keep her eyes open, her vision started to get spotty, the darkness closing in. She passed out just as her oldest brother told the rest of them to hold. Her last sight was of her oldest brother coming closer to her to check her.  She was unconscious for two hours. When she woke up, her mother and father were arguing. She kept her eyes shut and listened. "Kaito, you know that what you are doing is forbidden. She is a female, if they knew you were training her to be a warrior, we could all pay." Her mother's voice broke as a sob escaped her. Why was her learning to protect her family forbidden? Did her father know that? "I know Yua. That is why nobody can find out. You knew that when we first started this." Her father sounded sad, like he wished he wouldn't have started this. Now it was too late. If anyone found out what would happen?  "The doctor is here, Haha." Hen'Chiah's voice came from the front. "Let me get Aiko." She heard giggling as her mother captured the toddler. Her little sister didn't let go of their mother even when the doctor came into the room. She heard the doctor shuffle over to the seat beside her. Wondering what was going on she slit her eyes trying to see. The doctor sat down his bag.  "What happened?" The doctor looked at her father. "She fell out of a tree." Her father didn't say anything farther then that. The doctor nodded again. "Any complaint of pain?" The doctor asked. "She had fainted, there was no chance to find out." Her father talked to the doctor again. The doctor nodded and started with her eyes. She blinked and he looked at her closely. "Do you feel any pain?" The doctor lifted an arm, before replacing it on the bed, then checked the other one. Shaking her head no that she didn't feel any pain. The doctor checked her feet and legs.  "She doesn't seem to have any broken bones. So she was very lucky that she didn't break anything." He had turned to her father and told him what to expect in the next few days. Before he left he got money from her father. With another nod of the head he walked out the door and she knew that the stories were just gonna get more elaborate as time went on.

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