Making a friend.

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“Your sister isn’t here to protect you, this year is going to be fun fatty” the soon to be Alpha Killian said as he slapped the books out of her hands. Killian was your typical Alpha cliché; tall, dark, and handsome. But his handsomeness was ruined by his cruelty, in Lili’s eyes anyway. The rest of the pack loved him, only she saw the streak of cruelty in his eyes. Lili bent down to collect her books, and she sighed heavily. This is what she was afraid of. Lili knew Penelope and her reputation protected her, but she didn’t realize how much until that very moment. Speaking of Penelope, Lili felt her phone buzz and she stood up and pulled it out of her pocket. Lili smiled knowing it was Penelope checking up on her. There was simply no one else that would text her. Sure enough it was her. P: how’s your first day? L: chill out penne I just got here, but everything is good. P: good! Have you given any more thought about what we talked about? Penelope has been giving Lili more encouraging talks over the summer about trying new things and making new friends. Sadly Penelope didn’t get it, everyone loved her. She wasn’t the pack outcast like Liliana was. Lili tried really hard not to be bitter, especially since Penelope and her mom were the only two people who really loved her. The rest of the pack either ignored or existence or bullied her, including her family. L: ya, I’m going to try this year P: yay! That’s what I want to hear, I love you! L: love you to Penne, gotta go to class ttyl Lili put her phone away and went to class. She greeted her teacher, and went to seat in the middle of the classroom, generally it was the best place for people like her, a freak with no friends. The really smart students, which also wasn’t her sadly enough. Those students sat in the front, and the cool kids sat in the back. There were several kids filing in, thankfully Alpha Killian wasn’t in this class, however she wasn’t as lucky in her next class. “Hey there fatty” he said as he passed her and knocked her stuff over. His girlfriend Jennifer just thought that was hilarious and let out a high pitched giggle. Lili picked up her stuff without replying and kept her face forward, however a few tears escaped before she could stop them. “Aww look she’s crying!” Jennifer kept laughing, and that just set them all of into another bought of laughter. Lunch, lunch is the worst; well lunch and PE. PE for the obvious reasons, what fat chick likes PE? As for lunch Lili has no friends and no one to sit with. Most days she will go sit with a packed lunch in the library. Lili hates eating in front of other people and there can be a lot of people in the library at times. However, it’s better than a packed lunch room, and she can always pretend to be reading a book. Library it is. When Lili went into the library she saw a bunch of people circling one girl with fiery red hair. They kept taunting “witch” over and over again. Lili wished she was brave enough to go in there and bust it up, but honestly she wasn’t. Finally the librarian came in and broke it up, the kids scampered off before they got in trouble. However, given the main tormentor was the beta’s youngest son Lili doubted the group of kids would be getting detention.Lili heard sniffles, she walked over to the girl and offered her a tissue, “Want to share lunch?” She offered the girl. Lili finally got a better look a the girl, and wow she was absolutely gorgeous, but she never saw her before which is odd, she knew everyone from the school since preschool she must be new. The girl looked Lili up and down, great even new she probably knew not to hang out with the fat she-wolf. “Oh uh never mind.” Lili started to walk away, but the girl quickly stopped her. “No I’m sorry, I just wasn’t prepared to see some one like you.” “A fat she wolf, ya I know.” Lili said and then walked to a corner talk and sat down with her lunch. “No that’s not what I meant.” The girl had followed her. “Then what did you mean?” The girl gave her a long look before saying, “Never mind, I’m Natasha, I’m new.” I laughed and offered her half my sandwich, that she took. “Ya I know, I’ve gone to this school since preschool, I’m Liliana; it’s nice to meet you.” They sat during the lunch hour just talking and getting to know each other. It turns out that the alpha had hired Natasha, or Nat’s mother for her witch abilities to help with the increasing rogue attacks. So her mom moved them from their previous home in Colorado to the forests here in Illinois. “Wow Colorado? What was it like?” “Beautiful, our coven lived near Colorado Springs.” “Coven?” “Ya it’s basically like a werewolf pack, with its hierarchy system. My father is still the head wizard.” “So why did your mom leave?” “They split up after he found his mate a few years ago, she took random jobs, but this one is the first one where I could come, I missed her and decided to come with.” “Regretting that decision yet?” She gives me a sad smile. “No, surprisingly enough the taunts don’t really stop no matter where I go, I got teased in the coven because my parents weren’t real mates.” “Well that’s a dumb reason to tease some one, but as being teased my whole life I think any reason is dumb.” Natasha just smiled at me and said, “Yeah they are.” We talked during the lunch hour, and Lili showed Natasha where her next class was. “Oh it looks like we have our last period class together, I’ll see you then.” Natasha gave me a smile, and I head off. The rest of the day she got a lot of taunts, “hey fatty” “look it’s the first fat werewolf.” She did her best to ignore them, until right before she left for school when the soon to be alpha Killian and his buddies walked up to her. “So fatty, do you know that your father hates you? I mean he talks about it to my dad all the time?” That was a blow that hit her right in the heart. It took her awhile to recover, and everything she could do not to cry. “Yeah I know, but I’m surprised he talks about it, I mean all he does is talk about Olivia.” Killian was shocked you could tell, he expected her to cry, and she did too. Hell she was a minute or two away from it. “Liliana, you promised me a ride home remember?” Lili looked to her left and saw it was Natasha that came to her rescue. Killian sneered. “Oh what do we have here, the witch, and the fatty, what a lovely couple.” Him and his buddies just laughed so Natasha and Lili turned away. A loud growl ripped through the hall. “Don’t you dare turn your back on your alpha!” “You are not my alpha,” Natasha said bravely. Liliana looked dead in his eyes, and said, “You are not alpha yet.” The girls turned around and walked away. By the time they got into the car Lili started to have a panic attack. “I can’t believe I stood up to the alpha like that! He’s going to kill me.” “Lili that was bad ass, there’s nothing wrong with standing up for yourself.” “Natasha, you don’t get it, I have never stood up for myself I have always just taken it, I don’t get why I did now, and to the alpha of all people!” Lili was getting more panicked by the second. Natasha, put a hand on her shoulder, and pushed some calming energy into her. “Calm down, maybe it is just your wolf surfacing. Come on let’s go to my house.” Lili nodded and was so happy that she finally made a friend.
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