Chapter 2

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            {Allie’s P.O.V.}             After making love to Dorian in the car, we finally went inside and went straight to the twins’ nursery to check in on them. We weren’t all that surprised to see Danica and Keegan still with them.             “Mama!” Demarco shouted when he saw me and ran to hug me.             “Hi, my handsome boy. Did you have fun with Danica?”             “Yes, Mama,”             “Hi, Dada!” Daisy squealed as Dorian picked her up and threw her in the air.             “Princess, were you a good girl?”             “Mhmm…” she giggled as Dorian attacked her with kisses. “Dada, no mo,” she said pushing him away while still giggling. Dorian pouted and put her back down where she immediately ran to me. “Mama, hungee,”             “You’re hungry?” she nodded. “Demarco, are you hungry too?”             “Yes, pease,”             “Okay, how about we get cleaned up for dinner then?” I say to them, and they both smile. “Raquel, Sylvia, will you please get the twins washed up for dinner, and have Sam and Leah come to get their pups?”             “Yes, Luna,” they both replied. Dorian and I went to our room to get changed and wash up for dinner as well. As I was getting undressed, Dorian pinned me against the wall in the closet and lifted me by my thighs.             “Dorian, what are you doing?”             “Going for round two,”             “We can go for as many rounds as you want after we eat. You know the twins get hangry just like I do,”             “Ugh fine. I swear, they're turning out to be more like you the more time goes on,” I couldn’t help but giggle at his whining as he put me down.             “Well, they are my kids, so it would make sense they take after one of us,”             “Yeah, but both of them are turning out like you, especially when it comes to food,”             “That’s nothing new though. It’s just more prominent now that they can actually talk and tell us what they want,” I said while putting on my favorite knit sweater. Dorian came over and held my shoulders.             “Allie, would you be excited to have another pup?”             “I would now that I’m no longer worried about school, and now that I’m healthy again, I would love to add to our family,”             “Even with Heather’s whereabouts being unknown?”             “I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about her, but I thought about what you said, about her dictating our life and our marriage, and you’re right. I shouldn’t let the fear of the other shoe dropping prevent us from trying to be happy,” I reached up to have him hold me. It had been at least a few months since we held each other like this. I almost forgot how warm and cozy it felt. His ginormous muscular arms cover half of my body, and my face just fits within the crook of his neck as I inhaled his sweet lavender and ocean breeze scent.             “I love you, Allie,”             “I love you, Dorian,” we stayed like that for another minute or so, before he put me down and we headed downstairs for dinner.             When we got to the dining room, everyone was already seated, and Meredith was sitting in her carrier on one of the highchairs with a bottle. After Lacie had Meredith, Dorian and the guys ended up rearranging the dining room to fit a larger table, and we turned it the other way so that everyone had more room to fit. Eventually, the pups would sit in adult chairs with boosters, and we needed the space. It also made it easier when we had guests.             We even had to rearrange our seating arrangements to accommodate for the highchairs. Dorian still sits at the head of the table closest to the window by the dining room patio door. To his left going clockwise, it was Daisy, me, Demarco, Sin, Allen, Mikey, Aries, Meredith, Lacie, Monique, Dani, Andre, two empty seats for Joe and Bridget, opposite from Dorian at the other head of the table was for Ben, then three empty seats for Eleanor, Helena, and then Ethan, followed by Lucas, Keegan, Sam, Leah, Danica, Sawyer, and then Brandon to Dorian’s right.             If we ended up having guests like Deacon and his brothers or Amber and Ronnie, our parents would move to the commons dining room and would actually take the pups with them. Ben and Eleanor along with the other parents are preparing to head out on a month-long cruise in the Polynesian islands, so the table was half-empty. Aries was also out of town due to a contract that came in. Even though he was technically retired, just like Mikey, if someone specifically requested him, Dorian made him go.             “Mama, mo fish pease,” Daisy said. I grabbed another tilapia fillet from the center of the table and gave her half of it. Daisy has finally started to eat fish cooked by the other kitchen Omegas now, and Demarco is finally eating all of his veggies. The other pups have also gotten better with their veggies which was a relief for everyone. Keegan is still a little picky, but when he sees Daisy eating something, he actually wants it too.             “Lacie, how do your boobs feel now that you’re able to pump regularly?” I asked her.            “Ugh, so much better. I mean, seriously, who knew that your boobs could get so engorged like that,” All of the women at the table raised their hands since we all had to deal with it. “Thanks for never warning me,”             “Mikey, have you spoken with Sinbad?” Dorian asked him. I knew where this was going.             “I did, and I was actually going to talk to you after dinner about it,”             “Just tell me right now,”             “Alright. They said that recently there have been rumors spreading about a woman that actually appears to have money,”             “What?” we all said together.             “A woman having money isn’t abnormal,” Lucas said to him.             “No it isn’t, if they work in our line of business, or even have a job, but this isn’t just some woman making money, this woman appears to be living lavishly and has been drawing attention from other supernaturals because they don't believe she's human,”             “Did they say anything else?” I asked.             “They said that they’ve been following the rumors, but what’s odd is that rumors are popping up in different parts of the world. One week it will be here in the U.S., then the next week, it will be Europe, then in Asia, and back in the U.S., and then Canada,” we all made weird faces at him. “What’s crazier is that one time apparently, this woman was spotted in two different continents in one day within an hour of each sighting,”             “What? How is that possible?” Dani asked. “Even pureblooded vampires can’t shimmer across continents like that without losing control of their blood lust. It’s taxing on the body. How is some random supernatural able to do that?”             “I don’t know. Sinbad has put out feelers and he’s reached out to several known associates to track this woman. Given what we know about Heather having the help of dark magic, this could be her,”             “Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. This wouldn’t be the first time a human or some other supernatural got caught up with dark magic,” Dorian said.             “Do the rumors say what she possibly looks like?” Lacie asked.             “One description says that she’s blonde, another said brunette, one even said a redhead,” Mikey replied.             “Heather is naturally a brunette, but she could be wearing a wig, or dying her hair,” Lacie said.             “Mikey keep me informed about any updates,” Dorian said. Mikey nodded, and we all went back to eating in what we hoped would be a comfortable silence, but with six toddlers and two infants at the table, that was not going to happen.               {Gideon’s P.O.V.}             I was pacing the bedroom waiting for Heather to come home. She had been out again shopping. She was being utterly reckless, and now rumors were starting to spread about her. I needed to keep her contained to prevent anyone from finding out about her. The supernatural world was still unaware of the fact that I found my Queen, and I needed to keep it that way until she became pregnant.             Then we would perform her coronation and bless my child with dark magic so that he or she could take over one day. But Heather doesn’t want a baby just yet. She wants to enjoy life and she’s been enjoying it with my money. She’s spending money faster than my company can make it, and it was turning into a big problem. I was kicking myself for having given her a corporate credit card to use. Every other month she was maxing it out and I had to make the payments.             I stopped mid-pace when I felt her presence entering the bedroom. I turned around and she appeared in a puff of black smoke.             “Hi, baby,” she said with a smile.             “Where the f**k have you been!?”             “I went to get my nails done, got a pedicure, a massage, and picked up your dry cleaning,” she said while holding my clothes in her hands.             “Heather, you need to stop going out in public so frequently. Other supernaturals have started to notice you,” I tell her sternly.             “You worry too much. I’m disguising myself,” she said and started to strip out of her clothes.             “That’s not the point!!” I shout and grab her shoulders. “Do you realize that you’re no longer a wolf! You may still smell like one, but you have no wolf! If Desert Moon finds you before your coronation as the Queen of Demons, then we both die!”             “I get that! But you can’t keep in the house all day and night Gideon!!”             “I am the King! You will do as I say!”             “Make me!” she stood up to me while pressing her body against me. I grunted and grabbed her throwing her on the bed. I stripped out of my own clothes, ripped off hers, and started to ravage her. She screamed at the top of her lungs the harder I pummeled into her, igniting my inner demon. I pulled out, flipped her over, and shoved my d**k into her anus, and f****d her in the ass. I grabbed her by her hair and pulled her head back with force to my face.             “You will do as I say, Heather. You will lay low until the rumors have died down; do you hear me?!” I asked and shoved my d**k as hard as I could up her ass.             “f**k!!”             “Answer me!!” I shouted and f****d her even harder.             “Yes! I hear you! f**k! Keep going! Make me c*m Gideon!” So I did. I f****d Heather until she released so hard her body gave out. I pulled out of her ass and f****d her p***y until I came. She was so out of it that she didn’t even realize I wasn’t wearing a condom and released inside of her. I was going to get her pregnant whether she wanted to or not.             When I was done with her, I let her sleep it off while I got dressed and went back to work. I hated working in the human world, but my company made millions every year, and with Heather spending the way she was, I needed to get some more business ventures going to prevent us from going bankrupt because of her.               {Jedediah’s P.O.V.}             After getting back to the hotel and checking out. I made my way back to the Desert Moon packhouse. Dorian had already texted me letting me know that he cleared my identity with his gate guards. I hadn’t been to this packhouse in almost a decade, so I was surprised that I still remembered the way.             Things with my pack were going downhill fast, and it didn’t help that I would watch Michaela openly flirt and sleep with every unmated male in the pack. She wasn’t given a second chance either, so she was letting out her frustration with almost every unmated male adult in our pack, no matter how young or old. It honestly killed me inside because I hadn’t yet accepted her rejection. I was still in love with her, and I prayed to the moon goddess that after all this time, she would find it in her heart to take back her rejection, but she never did, so I figured it was time I left.             After speaking to her father, who also happens to be the Alpha of our pack in Colorado Springs, I decided to come clean to him. He was shocked and saddened at how Michaela was acting, and the fact that she rejected me. I may not be ranked, but I was one of the top fighters and trackers in our pack, so losing me is going to be a big blow to them, but I honestly can’t stand to be there anymore.             He understood where I was coming from and agreed to release me as long as I found another reputable pack to put my skills to good use. I knew that he wouldn’t be against releasing me to Desert Moon because everyone knows Dorian’s reputation. After my Alpha releases me, I’m going to fully accept Michaela’s rejection and try to move on with my new pack. Who knows, maybe the moon goddess will have pity on me and grant me a second chance.             When pulled up to the packhouse, the guards didn’t even ask who I was. They immediately opened the gates for me, and I drove in. The territory was definitely bigger than I remembered, and there were a lot more townhouses and one-story houses. Dorian definitely built up his pack like he said he was going to. I was honored when he said he would allow me to join his pack. I wondered what their training regimen was like. I hoped it was better than my old packs. I could use the challenge.             I pulled up to the main packhouse, and this thing was f*****g huge. It definitely made my old packhouse look dinky. I sent Dorian a text to let him I know was here. As I was getting out of the car, he and Allie came out to greet me with a few others.             “Jed, did you find it okay?” Dorian asked while giving me a bro hug.             “Yeah, I did. Allie, good to see you again,” I say to her and give her a side hug.             “JED!” Brandon shouted at me.             “YO! B-rod! How have you been?” I said giving him a high five and a bro hug.             “Awesome! I’m married with two kids,”             “Nice,”            “This is my wife, and Beta female, Leah,”             “Leah, it’s a pleasure,”             “The pleasure is all mine,” she replied. Damn, she was just as pretty as Allie.             “This is Mikey and Sin, our Gammas,” Dorian introduced. I shook their hands. “And you remember Andre from earlier,”             “Sure do, what’s up?” I said giving him a fist bump,             “And that’s his mate, Dani,”             “Ah, the vampire-warlock hybrid, right?” Dani nodded her head and smiled. I looked at all of the ranked females, and I was amazed at how lovely and small they all were, and how big the men were. The Gamma was the shortest, but he was still well over six feet tall. “s**t, how are all of the guys f*****g huge, and the girls' runts?”             “HEY!” all of the girls shouted. I held my hands up to block their attacks.             “Don’t make fun of their heights,” Dorian said to me while punching me in the arm. “Especially Allie, she can kick your ass,”             “What? She’s more than a foot shorter than me,”             “That’s why she can kick your ass, she’s fast, and has no problem putting you in positions men aren’t supposed to be in,”             “Can she spar?”             “Most of the females in my pack spar, Allie and our head trainer Sam are two of our best female fighters,”             “Your head trainer is a female!?” I was shocked to hear this.             “Yeah, her and her husband,”             “Damn, she’s taken too!?” I throw my hands up in defeat.             “Don’t worry, I’m sure I can help you find a new mate,” Allie says to me. I look at her funny. “Oh, I’m guessing you don’t know,” she says when she sees my facial expression. I look back at Dorian and lift a brow.             “I’ll tell you in detail in a little bit. Let’s go call your Alpha,” I nod my head. I grab my bags and follow them into their giant conference room. I put my bags down in the corner of the room and Dorian has me call my Alpha in Colorado via video call.             “Hello,”             “Alpha,”             “Oh, Jedediah, to what do I owe the pleasure?”             “I found a new pack that is willing to let me join them,”             “And what pack might this be?”             “Desert Moon, in the outskirts of Las Vegas,”             “Desert Moon? How did you manage that?”             “I went to college with the Alpha,”             “Well, that is one fine pack that has decided to accept you, my boy. May I speak with the Alpha?”             “Good evening, my name is Dorian Shaw,”             “Good evening, Alpha Shaw, my name is Zachary Scanlan,”             “It’s a pleasure, Alpha Scanlan,”             “I want to sincerely thank you for taking in Jedediah. He has been an honorary pack member with Red Mountain, and I’m sure that his skills will serve you well,”             “I don’t doubt that at all. Thank you for entrusting one of your own to me,”             “Well, now that we are all on the same page, Jedediah, I hate to see you leave, but I think this is a good move for you. Just know you will always be welcome to come back if you ever choose to do so,”             “I appreciate that Alpha Zachary,”             “Jedediah Brinkley, I, Zachary Scanlan, Alpha of the Red Mountain pack of the state of Colorado, hereby release you,” after he released me I felt my bond with the pack dissipate. I looked back at him and nodded my head. “Good luck to you Jedediah. I wish you all the best,”             “Thank you,” with that final word of gratitude, we hung up. I turned to look at Dorian who was already standing with Allie to his right.             “Ready?” he asked. I nodded my head. “Jedediah Brinkley, I, Dorian Shaw, Alpha of the Desert Moon pack, along with my Luna, Allison Shaw, hereby grant you membership,” I felt the bond with the pack immediately and received a mind link,             Welcome to your new home brother.             I looked at Dorian and smiled. We gave each other a high five and a big bro hug. I looked at the other ranked members and they all smiled and nodded their heads in welcoming me. I was surprised to see them so open to a new pack member.             “So, you said that you would tell me how Allie could help me find a mate,”             “Sit down, Jed, it’s another long story,”   ------------------------------------               “NO f*****g WAY!!” I exclaimed and looked at Allie, Leah, and Sin who were just smiling. “So you’re saying, the closer I get to Allie as a friend, the higher the possibility she can help me find me a mate? If there is one out there?”             “Yup,” Dorian answers in one word.             “I didn’t believe it either, but Andre and I met because of Allie,” Dani said to me.             “Allie didn’t have her powers yet, but she is the reason why I met Brandon. She’s the one who figured out I was the third blessed wolf in the desert prophecy,” Leah explained.             “There are a lot of other people in our lives that know each other and have perfect, happy, and healthy relationships because of Allie,” Dorian said. “Two are even Alphas of ally packs, one Beta, and a werebear,”             “A BEAR?!” I looked at Allie and she smiled sweetly at me. This was a lot of information to take in. I’ve heard of blessed wolves, but this was on a whole other level of information overload.             “I have a few other powers, but those aren’t important,” she said to me. “Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get down to logistics, and living arrangements,”             “What do you mean?”             “Jed, training is Monday through Friday, 5:00 A.M. sharp outback. Every minute you're late is an extra fifty push-ups and sit-ups. If you’re more than five minutes late, it’s an extra five-mile run, on top of everything else,”             “What’s the norm?”             “Ten-mile sprint in human form, 200 push-ups, 200 sit-ups, and five-mile run in wolf form,”             “Damn, that’s a lot!”             “It’s the norm, get used to it,” Brandon said to me crossing his arms.             “If our females can do it, then so can you,” Allie said to me smirking. Damn, no wonder the females I’ve seen so far are in pretty good shape.             “As of right now, we don’t have any open packhouse jobs, so you can always be a guard for one of the ranked females or a guard for one of the pack nurseries,”             “Nursery guard?”             “We had an incident last year where my twins were kidnapped and almost trafficked to a warlock, after that we upped the security systems, and placed guards to protect the pups,” Dorian said, and my eyes bulged out of my head. Who the f**k would ever do that to a pup? I thought to myself.             “There’s also an opening in two of the teams at the firm if you want to work for Dorian and me,” Mikey said. I looked at him curiously. “Do you specialize in anything?”             “Hand to hand combat, and tracking,” I reply.             “Hmmm…Well, all of the fighter teams are full, but Amos’ tracker team could use an extra body,” he replied.             “That sounds more like a good fit for me,” I answer.             “Great, I’ll get you set up with Amos and his second team lead Amy,”             “Damn, how many badass females do you have in this pack?”             “A lot,” Dorian replied.             “I think I’m going to like it here,”
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