2. Back Home

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Fang's POV It was good to be back. In the last couple of years I had only been able to visit the Pack for a few days at a time, quick visits while I was passing through, just long enough to enjoy a family dinner and maybe have one of the local bitches warm my bed. But it was time to visit home and stay for a while.  Since I had already been to all the neighboring packs and haven’t found my True Mate, father had asked me to come back. We needed to have a chat, it was time to decide if I was going to do the same circuit visiting the same packs again, or if I was going to venture further away. Personally, I wanted to stay closer and keep moving with the other heirs that were looking for their mate. At the end, it would be my father’s decision, as long as he remained my Alpha, I needed to follow his orders. Not being able to find my mate was starting to affect me, but the upside was I got to travel to different packs and meet people, also find allies for the future when I became the Alpha. At first, it had been hard being away, I felt out of place and there were some subtle differences between our packs that were both hard to identify and to follow. I wasn’t the only wolf that visited other packs looking for a mate, so I became part of a group that traveled from pack to pack.  We were a brotherhood, and they were the allies I would be able to count with in the future.  They had received me in their packs, and now it was my turn to host, so I had returned here earlier, to set everything up for their visit. “Fang! Welcome. How are you?” my father greeted me happily. “I’m good, glad to be home,” I answered, taking a seat in from of my father’s desk. His office was the same as always, cluttered and full of trophies. It was so different from the offices of other Alphas, and I wondered what my friends would think of it. “Is everything fine? I had the omegas clean your room, it should have everything you need. Have you seen your siblings? They were eager to have you back, they all look up to you, you know, and they miss you.” “Yeah, my room is perfect, and I saw my siblings earlier, they were waiting for me as soon as I arrived, we took a walk around the Pack lands and they showed me all the changes,” not that there were many, everything looked the same, some places looked older, and that was about it. The only differences were in the Pack House, and the garage, but other than that, it was like stepping back I time. “It was good to see them again, they have grown up so much.” “You need to be careful with them,” he said with a sly smile, “they are growing stronger and you need to protect your position as my heir. Make sure to find your mate soon and solidify your position.” I heard him, but I also knew he was just trying to cause trouble between me and my brothers. None of them was strong enough to challenge me. As the son of a True Mated couple, I had many advantages over my half-siblings, not to mention my father had trained me since I was young, while he spoiled my brothers instead. I used to resent him for that, but once I got out and visited other packs, I was glad for it. All alphas were competitive, and if it wasn’t for my extensive training, I would have been at a disadvantage against others. “I’m doing my best, but you know that’s not something that can be forced,” you could mate someone and form a bond, but the bond with your True Mate was magical. Something that couldn’t be forced, that had to be given and accepted. It was especial, the reason why so many spent years looking for their True Mates, the reason I had been traveling for two years. My father had suggested a couple of times for me to take a mate, just until my True Mate arrived, but I was sure he didn’t mean it, after all, he hadn’t mated with anyone after my mother’s death. “I know, I know. It’s just that you have been away for a long time, and I want you here. I feel like our neighbors are planning to attack, I need all my strongest cards around to keep us safe.” “I haven’t heard anything about that,” I said, thinking back to all the rumors I had heard during my travels. “Everyone is out to get us, it’s the nature of the predator. We need to be ready, and sometimes, it helps to be the first to strike. I really hope you find your True Mate, but don’t take too long, you can never know when the enemy will make his move.” “I’m sure we will be safe, but I assure you, I’m as eager as you to find her and come back here. The others will start arriving in a week, and all of them will be here the day before the full moon for the ceremony. I need to make sure we have enough space for them.” “Of course, go ahead. Make sure to show them the might of our Pack, make some allies for the future, but remember to be careful, don’t show any weaknesses.” “Don’t worry dad, I know how to handle them, I’ve been traveling with most of them for a while now.” I left his office feeling a little out of place. I came into the kitchen and one of the omegas immediately had a tray with beverages ready for me to pick. I knew that whatever I wanted, I would get. I had always prided myself in knowing that my Pack was better trained than most. Father always said that you could tell how strong a Pack was, depending on how well their people knew their places. That was one of the problems with Melissa, she was a weak link, a b***h that didn’t know her place in the Pack’s hierarchy. I hoped that the rest of the alphas would be impressed with my Pack. I wanted to make sure everything was ready for them, that they would see how amazing my Pack was. I didn’t have much hope they would find their mates here, I had come back not because I believed I would find my True Mate in my own Pack, but because I knew that I had to come back and touch base with my father.  As alphas, we needed strong wolves to stand by our sides, and most of the females in the Pack were weak. Well, Fiona was an exception as the daughter of the Alpha, as most of our sisters, but she was seventeen, and wouldn't be eligible to look for her mate for a few more months.   My mind went back to my True Mate, thinking of how she would be.  My dad always said that a True Mate was your perfect complement, she was supposed to be your perfect fan, your biggest supporter, your dream come true.  I knew that my mother's death had left him broken, he had never been able to forget her, but never stopped looking for someone to take her place.  I couldn't blame him either, as the Alpha he had women throwing themselves at him, most doing their best to give him a pup so they could secure a place by his side.  Other alphas wanted something different, and that was something I didn't understand.  Most of them wanted challenges, as if we didn't have enough of those.  All I knew is that whatever magic gave us our True Mates, was strong and wise enough to give us exactly what we needed.
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