Chapter two Casey Waters POV

2250 Words
We had been out for almost an hour, doing a regular perimeter check for any enemies or hurt fae. We praised ourselves for being a neutral pack, willing to help those who never posed a threat. I quietly walked through the forest so as not to scare off harmed fae or alert foes. And that’s when I smelt it, the faint scent of vanilla. It made my wolf go mad. It wasn’t the first time either. Sometimes I would be in town or on a hunt or by the lake and any scent that held vanilla would cause my wolf to go nuts. Eventually though she would calm down when realizing that it was mixed with something else. This time it was different. This time it was pure and it drove my wolf insane, almost to a point where she wanted to shift and take full control. I forced her back, not wanting to draw unwanted attention to myself. It was hard, making my whole body shake with the effort. I sniffed the air, easily locating my two best friends who were walking a few meters next to me. My frenzied wolf made things difficult at I tried to walk over to them. “hey Cas, what’s up? Are you ok?” Benji asked wrapping his arm around my waist to steady me. “what’s up with you? It’s almost as if your wolf can smell your mate.” Jess said in a joking manner. The three of us had been friends since birth because of our parents being such close friends and always being together. I guess they also hoped that Benji would turn out to be my mate but we both turned out to be gay to their accepting disappointment. “I think she did Jess.” Benji told her as we all stopped. I felt so lightheaded that I couldn’t think straight. “what! Finally! It’s about fucken time!” she celebrated. “the only problem is its driving my wolf insane.” I complained. “well what are we waiting for? Why are you still here? Shift and find her.” Jess said. I nodded my head and pushed away from Benji. I took a deep breath and gave into my wolf. I felt my bones shift and my body contort as she took over. In a matter of seconds, I was a full wolf with a spotted grey and white coat standing at one and a half meters. Seconds later my friends stood by my side in wolf form. I sniffed the air, catching the scent easily. I growled and followed it. The faint trail led me to a crashed plane, the scent of blood mixing in with the vanilla making my stomach drop. She can’t be dead I thought to myself. I ran up to the large gash in the side and peaked inside. The scent was faded which gave me slight relief. I looked down at my paws, noting the spots of blood beneath them. I growled at the sight but turned around back out the plane, noting that they lead away from the crash. I didn’t feel the need to tell my friends to follow me as they did so by nature. I was their alpha and their instinct was to follow and protect me. I followed the trail not yet covered by snow, which lead me to my cabin. What are the odds that my mate would end up in my home. The three of us shifted back into humans, our skin feeling tight suddenly. There was so much freedom in being a wolf that as soon as we shifted back we felt caged up. It never lasts for long though. The automatic lights were on inside, making it known that someone was there. I walked up to my porch and dug around in the large chest I kept for shifting. Shifting tends to shred our clothes so it’s always a good idea to keep a few spare for when its needed, like now. I took out a pair of jeans for all of us, slipping mine on along with a sports bra before throwing on a fleece hunting jacket. I waited in anticipation as the other two got dressed, Benji not bothering to put on a shirt, before pushing open the door and stepping inside. I spotted her instantly. She stood in the hallway, a gun pointed at me. It shook in her hand. I growled out softly, not so much at the gun in her hand but by the fact that I could tell that she was hurt and in pain. I took another step into the light that filtered through the half-closed curtains. “who are you and what are you doing in my home?” I asked her softly, my head tilting slightly to the side. She lowered her gun which caused me to smile, before taking a step towards me. I saw her eyes close as she fell towards the ground in slow motion. My wolfs reflexes kicked into gear. I ran towards her catching her just in time. I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I watched in silence as she looked up at me. I could see the gears turning in her head as she tried to formulate words. Eventually she said, “Help me.” Before passing out in my arms. In different circumstances, I would have felt content at having her so close to me but I could tell that she needed argent medical attention. “get the healer.” I ordered Benji and Jess as I slid my other arm under her legs and picked her up. She moved closer to my body. She was ice cold. I willed my body to heat up more as I carried her to the infirmary. I laid her down gently on the cot and knelt by her side refusing to leave. I gripped her cold hand trying to will my heat to go through her. A minute or so later Drew walked in and got straight to work. Drew was our in-house healer. Many fae had healers but they were very few. It took years for them to master the skill that they were gifted with. A born healer was usually celebrated as they only came once every generation. They were protected as much as the alpha family was. “Hey Drew.” I greeted. Drew was a close friend of mine and had healed me more times than I could count. “hey Cas. Who’s your friend?” she asked as she cut open her shirt. “she’s my mate.” I told her. “oh. Does she have a name?” “I don’t know it.” “no worries. She will be patched up in no time for you to find out don’t worry.” She reassured me as she pushed open her shirt. I growled at the dark bruises that greeted me. Drew paid me no attention as she focused on what she was doing. I watched as she pressed her hands softly against them, wisps of green energy flowing from her hands and into her. I watched, fascinated as the bruises gradually began to fade. She continued for a few more seconds, the color coming back into her face. Then she stopped and focused on her leg, unwrapping the blood-stained bandage. I winced at the gash that greeted us. But it didn’t seem to faze Drew as she disinfected it and stitched it up before covering it up with a clean bandage. She pressed her hands against it, the green energy flowing from her once more. She stood up and rifled through the cabinet behind her turning back around with a syringe filled with a light pink liquid. “what’s that?” I asked her. “oh, it’s just an antibiotic booster to fight off any infection. It’s more of a cautious prevention.” She said flicking the syringe before sticking it into my mates’ arm. She threw it away before heading out the door. “She needs rest Casey ok. I suggest you put her in some comfortable clothes and get her warm. But be gentle. I don’t want any of her stiches opening. I will come check on her in the morning.” She said then walked out the room. A few seconds later I heard the door open then close. I sighed. All I wanted to do was get as close to her as I could but now wasn’t the time. Just as I was about to lift her up and take her to my room I heard the door open and three people enter, the door closing behind them as they made their way to me. “Hi honey” my mother greeted followed by my father and brother. “hey mother, father.” I greeted standing up to my full height. “who’s the girl Cas?” my brother, Jackson asked. “I… she’s my mate.” I told them. I watched as smiles lit up their faces. “It’s about time.” My father said hugging me tightly. “So, when is she waking up and allowing us to meet her?” he asked, his arm around my shoulders, turning to look at her. I loved my parents. They were so open and honest with everything they did. And it was always done with a hundred percent passion. You could see it with everything that they did they put in all their effort. They took pride in themselves and in the pack. And they loved each other like their world depended on it. My father was military bread and taught me to be strong and have pride in myself and in my abilities as a leader. His law was followed and not questioned because everyone knew that he took the whole pack into consideration before making decisions. My mother was a healer at heart without the gift. She was the most kind-hearted person I had ever met. I aimed to be like them when I became the alpha. My mate looked peaceful and content, no longer pale and in pain. I sighed. “not for at least a day or two.” I told them. “are you coming round for dinner tonight love?” “um I think I’ll just eat here tonight. I’ve got a lot to do tonight anyway.” “yes, I suppose you do have your hands full here. We will come round for breakfast though.” “ok.” I replied simply. “goodnight honey. And don’t forget about the Moon hunt tomorrow night.” My father reminded me. “I couldn’t forget dad.” I told him smiling. The moon hunt happened every ten years to celebrate the first wolves. My dad just laughed and hugged me tighter, kissing my head before releasing me. “well we will leave you two to it then love.” My mom said kissing the top of my head and dragging my father out of the room with her. “Come on Jacky. Let’s leave them.” My mother called out. “I’ll be right there mom!” he called back. He turned towards me smiling. “I’m happy for you Cas. I look forward to meeting her.” He told me hugging me tightly. “I love you little sis.” He said letting me go. “Love you too Jax.” I told him smiling as he followed my parents out. “by the way it’s your turn to make breakfast tomorrow!” I called out after him. “sure, thing short stuff!” he shouted back laughing. I laughed softly at the endearment. I smiled down at my sleeping mate as I bent down, sliding my arms under her legs and back, picking her up once more. I stood up,grinning as she snuggled deeper into me. I wondered what she’s dreaming about as I walked across the hall and into my room. I laughed as the scent of vanilla mixed with cherries hit me. My wolf growled possessively. God all I wanted to do was claim her now but I wanted her awake and beneath me when I did. I laid her gently on my bed, slipping her shirt and pants off lightly so as not to wake her up. I threw them in the trash can by my desk and walked over to my closet, grabbing a pair of soft grey pajamas with little black wolves snoring on them and one of my button up long sleeve shirts, and walked back over to her. I took a second to admire her. She had short black hair with a well-built tall lean body. I wondered what color her eyes were. I slipped her legs into the soft pants before moving onto her upper body, sliding her arms slowly through the sleeves and buttoned it up, brushing over her breasts helplessly. I held my breath as she moaned, hoping that she never woke up and saw me feeling her up. I finished buttoning up the shirt, lifting her up again so that I could slide her under the thick covers. I walked over to the fireplace, lighting the logs before shrugging off my jacket and sitting down at my desk hoping to get some work done. I was a freelance architect and designed most of the skyscrapers that now stood proudly in New York and London. I could spend hours on just one design and had often fallen asleep at my desk. Two hours later I felt my eyes begin to close and never had the energy to stand up and make my way to my bed just yet. I rested my head on my arm and closed my eyes just for a second, hoping to gather energy to get up. I stayed like that the rest of the night.
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