The wolf community

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 It’s like every other day. I wake up at 7 am and spend 20 minutes contemplating whether I want to go to my first lecture or not. I get ready in my room because I’m sure my brother is still panned out on the couch downstairs. I hate seeing him like this and try avoid it like the plague. It still baffles me that my father insists on him becoming the next Alpha of our pack. That man is a mess. Just because he is a man in the wolf community, he gets s**t handed to him. My family and I have been in quite a strained position lately. My father is growing old and it is almost time for him to pass on his Alpha position. My parents are constantly fighting over my brother becoming Alpha. He is in no position mentally or physically to take on such an important role.  But, since he is my fathers only son, my dad will have it no other way. You see that is how things work around here. In the mysterious and dark werewolf community we follow a lot of guidelines set out by our ancestors. When the Alpha of a pack reaches an age in which he feels he can no longer provide what is best for his pack, he passes the title to his eldest son. That is how it has been done for generations. The only way a male can lose his position as Alpha is if his younger brother or another male wolf challenges him. Note, it has to be male. The title of Alpha is never handed to a female. What happens if the Alpha only has a daughter? Good question dear reader! In such a case, the female needs to find her mate before power is given to her. Even then she is always a second to her Alpha husband. He will always be in charge and make all the important decisions. If an Alpha passes away, the Luna, his wife, loses her authority and must appoint a new Alpha leader. This is the kind of crap I have been dealing with all my life. My parents trying to help my brother out of his bad habits of drinking and fighting while I sit quietly and obey every command as a ‘good daughter’ is supposed to do. I hate this fate. I am pretty much born to grow up, find my mate, be a good wife and pop out babies for him so he can continue his family name. I am sick of this! Why can’t female wolves become leaders? Why can’t we become Alphas? I am well capable of making important decisions without a man’s approval. I am a much better role model than my brother is! Life can be so unfair! Especially in the werewolf community. But I don’t let that stop me. I am doing pretty well for myself. I am in college, studying business management full time. When I am not in college, I train with my best friends Ryan and Kate. We have been training since we were 11 years old, and now, 10 years later, we have not missed a single day of training. It is how we became best friends in the first place and it has allowed us to bond and become inseparable. I check my phone for any messages from Ryan. He usually collects me at 8 so I don’t have to walk to college. Today is a cold winter day, as it usually is in December. So, I pick out a furry, black jumper and a pair of light jeans to keep me warm and comfortable during my lectures. I expect today to be like every other day. Lectures, break, more lectures, training, dinner, assignments, study and sleep. That is basically how most of my days go. I consider my life pretty boring. Little did I know, that this is the day where my boring little life would be twisted and turned into something full of excitement, drama, heartache and lots and lots of love. 
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