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I see you. You do not see me. You step out of the skyscraper, wearing a black skirt suit with your iPhone pressed to your ear and a black purse clutched on your left hand. You are in black today. Odd! I wonder why you chose black. I mean, it's your birthday… You could have gone for red, pink, yellow, white or any other bright colour but not black… Or maybe you know that it's just not your birthday today… There's another occasion… I stick out my head outside the window of the car and that is when… You see me… You are surprised to see me… Not in a good way. In a bad way. As if you are not pleased at all to see me. I tense for a moment until I see your lips curve into a small smile and you strut towards me in black heels. I step out of the car and pull you in my arms. You are warm, soft and tender. Your skin is smooth. Your hair is silky. Your touch is gentle. And you smell good. Really good… I find myself clinging on to you tight, not wanting to let go. I love hugs. But you snatch that swift second of heaven from me and you pull away. You look up at me with a broad smile and you say joyously, "I thought you forgot…" "Forgot what?" "That it's my birthday!" "How the hell would I forget your birthday!" You roll your eyes sardonically. "Well, last year you shamelessly forgot my special day! Always caught up in work!" Poor woman… I look at you and I can't help but feel so much pity for you…. "Well… This year it's different…" Your face beams. "Different? What's the plan?" "It's a surprise!" You open the door and climb in. You watch as I start the engine of the car, with this confused, suspicious, look on your face. That gives me a little tension. Your phone rings. You ignore the call and glance outside the window, your face flushed. I don't ask you who that was. Instead I ask, "Mind switching off your phone?" "Why?" you ask suspiciously. "Because I want today to be just about you and me…" I place a hand on your lap affectionately. Reluctantly, you switch off your phone. I grin at you. "Good girl." **** I step on the brakes. The lake house. We are finally here. A house with a splendid view of the beautiful lake, sandwiched between a thick forest. What a nice get away! I turn to look at you and I am a little relieved that you are not creeped out by this place. Infact, you are excited! You plant a kiss on my lips and say, "You bought us a lake house! That is the best birthday gift!" You clasp your hand with mine and smile at me, "I don't say this often, but... I love you…" "I love you too…" That was kinda awkward... Outside, you stare at the spectacular view of the lake and the mountains on the other side. You take my hand in yours and lay your head on my shoulder. "This is what I've always wanted... For us…" Poor thing… "It's getting cold…" I tell you. "We should get inside and light up the fire." You circle your arms around my waist, looking up at me seductively, "We could start our own fire…" You bad, nasty, dirty girl! You are going to pay for your sins. "Sounds like a great idea," I lift you up in my arms. "You will be the matchstick. I will be the gasoline…" You laugh like a wanton woman. "Deal!" I carry you on my back as we enter the livingroom, your laughter filling up the room. I take you direct to the bedroom and toss you on the bed. You look around in surprise and bewilderment. There are bounds and shackles tied to the bed. "Is this a bedroom or a playroom?" I sit beside you and peck the back of your hand when I notice fear flickering in your eyes. "It's a playroom. Our playroom…" "Since when are you Christian Grey?" "Since I decided to spice up things in the bedroom… I want to satisfy you, baby. In all the ways you never imagined…" The fear fades and it's replaced by a little excitement. "Is this going to be fun?" "A lot of fun." For me. I plant a peck on your forehead and stroke back your hair, "Do you trust me, baby?" You nod. "Then take off your clothes." You strip infront of me and I am not pleased at all by what I see. You are skinny. Too skinny… What are those things on your chest? You call those boobs? As if that is not enough, you have a flat ass and no hips completely. You are a disgrace to the entire female family. I mean, there is a time I used to like girls like you. Magazines worshipped girls like you. You were fit to be models because of your starved bodies. And now that I think about it, it's ridiculous… But then I grew into a man. A man wants a little meat to hold at night you know… And because of that, you do not deserve my manhood tonight. You ask coyly, "What else do you want me to do?" "Call me, Master." "What else, Master?" "Lie flat on the bed," I demand. You do just as your master has asked. I like obedience. If it was a good day today, I would have spared you… Lying flat on the bed, you watch in excitement as I tie your hands and legs with the shackles hanging on the ends of the bed. You stay still, bound to the bed, looking up at me seductively. I take off my leather jacket and toss it on the couch. I take out a camera from the drawer and set it on the table. "What the f**k are you doing!" "Recording your last moments…" Your eyes dilate in shock and fear. "WHAT!!!" I put Duct tape on your mouth. The sound of your voice is really starting to piss me off. It's annoying. Your whole body is shaking, trying to free yourself. As if that's even possible… I take a can of gasoline and pour it all over your body. Tears are brimming in your eyes and I can see the shape of your heart beating on your chest. You are shaking tremendously in fear, panic-stricken. Poor thing… Now that your body is soaked in gasoline, I take off the Duct tape from your mouth and ask you, "Any last words?" Your voice is weak, shaky and trembling. "Why are you doing this to me?" "The devil will answer that for you in hell." "You are the devil!" I am worse than the devil… Your body is completely soaked in gasoline. I light up the matchstick and watch as your skin goes up in flames. Your ear-splitting scream is rhythm to my ears. I sit back on the couch, cross my legs and light up a cigar. I blow rings of smoke into the air and pour myself some tequila into the glass. I raise the glass up to you for a toast and grin happily as I watch you burn. "Happy birthday, baby…" *****
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