Ch. 10

2007 Words

She led us into a large room and motioned for us to sit, “The doctor should be in soon.” She closed the door quietly behind her. “I can wait outside if you prefer.” Dane offered. God, this man was amazing, “No, I would like you to stay…please.” He smiled as he walked to stand next to me and gave me a light kiss on my forehead. The door opened, and a middle-aged man walked into the room, bowing his head like I saw Ash and the young girl do. “I’m Dr. Ethan Winters.” He stuck his hand out as he introduced himself. “Holly Ellison, nice to meet you, " I shook his hand,” I remembered how the doctor back home seemed to look down on me with disgust when I found out I was pregnant and wondered if this doctor would do the same. “So, Luna Adria has filled me in the best she could.” he smiled as he

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