Chapter 1: First encounter!

1073 Words
Officer John and his partners were in a police car not far from a market as they looked out for the boys that has been disturbing the peace of the market. They'd gotten an information from an unanimous person and so they decided to stick around the area in case they showed up truly. "We've been here for like two hours now, are you sure that they will show up?" Luke one of the police officers asked impatiently. "Just shut up and be patient" officer Carl cautioned. "Always looking for what to say at any given time" officer Shania laughed. "I have a date today, guys and I have some work to do in the office before I can go" Luke whined. John hissed before getting out of the drivers seat. "You're dead today" Shania smirked. "Because you can never be quiet for once in your life" Carl teased. Before Luke could say anything, he was swiftly yanked out from the backseat that the door was now open by John. "Just go back to the office and stop disturbing my ears" John barked angrily. You can't blame him for getting angry. Ever since they left the office, Luke has refused to close his mouth as he blabbed about all sorts things. While John was known as a competent officer that's aspiring into someone great; if only his sister could allow him to chase his dreams, Luke was totally the opposite that knows nothing but to talk a lot. That's why this two was always on each other's neck. "What the hell are you doing?" Luke asked while Shana and Carl continued to laugh at him. "And why are you two laughing? Is it that funny?" Luke rolled his eyes. "We warned you" Carl and Shania chorused. However, just as John was about to open the door to the drivers seat, he heard a commotion from the market. "You two should also get down, they're here" John informed Shania and Carl which made them to stop laughing immediately and hurriedly got down from the car. The four rushed towards the market. Even before getting the information from the unknown person, they've been keeping an eye on the market knowing that those bad boys could appear at anytime. "F**k, guys let's go. The cops are around" One of the boys alerted others and while some of them was able to get away, the rest couldn't. They surrounded the rest of the boys that couldn't get away on time. John caught one of the guys named Greg. He could still recognize his face from the last time that they tried to apprehend the boys, Greg narrowly escaped that day from them. Greg felt a great fear engulf his heart because the last time he escaped from this very officer that was holding him, he was so happy that he promised himself never to follow his friends to go terrorize the market again. But he didn't expect his friends to be so cruel as to drag him along with them with their tricky bet. And this time, it seems that this could actually be the end for him since there is no way for him to escape right now. There was already too much headache from his father and if he gets to hear about this too, he would definitely be even more angry with him. Greg gritted his teeth as regretted the fact that he wasn't able to keep the promise he'd made to himself. John looked Greg in the eyes and saw the pleading in his eyes but he'd to do his work and he handcuffed Greg's hands but Greg kept resisting which made him to hold him down on the ground. "If you regret your actions so much, why did you have to do it?" He thought. On the process of so much struggling, John mistakenly touched Greg's hair and gasped unknowingly. Greg has a long golden hair that made both boys and girls to feel attracted to him, some even wondered if he was a boy or girl as his features also resembled that of a girl. John was stunned for a moment as he found himself wanting to touch the soft hair once more and so he did. What is wrong with me? And why does it feel so good to touch his hair? He wondered. There was something about the hair and he couldn't stop himself. When Greg looked up at him, he felt the whole world stop for a while as he felt his whole being drowning in his cute blue eyes and he could feel his heartbeat pounding hard. What is wrong with me? John remained froze with his left hand on Greg's hair while he stared deeply into his eyes with mixed feelings that he couldn't decipher at all. Greg also stared back at him but he couldn't just get it; what made this person to stare at him like that?and the worst part was that his heart was acting weird because of this person.  However, he'd to do something when he felt the suspicious and burning gazes from people towards them and so he shook his body slightly. John felt his movement and regained his lost self. He gave Greg a sign with his eyes to run. Being someone that's smart, Greg got the sign from him and ran immediately without a second thought. John started running after him while the other officers brought the guys that they caught back to the police car. When they ran to a remote alley, Greg suddenly stopped running and turned around to face officer John. John also stopped and watched Greg's movements. "You allowed me to run away but why are you still chasing after me?" Greg asked. "I-I want to unlock this" John replied while pointing at Greg's handcuffed hands. "Oh" Greg nodded his head before stretching out his hands to John, so he could unlock the cuffs. "The next time I see you causing trouble in the market, I might really lock you up" John said while unlocking the cuffs. "Thank you" Greg replied before running away almost immediately even before John could get a chance to ask for his name. John just stared blankly at the disappearing back of Greg. He sighed before walking back to where the police car was parked as they drove back to the police station with the three boys that they caught.
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