Day before (part two)

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I was unpleasantly surprised when I came downstairs. Sienna was standing in my kitchen looking at me like she wanted to kill me. She is my brother’s and Alpha’s best friend. She is 25, just like my brother and Alpha, and she has been hanging out with them since childhood. Now, she is clinging on to them like they are a lifeboat. She was devastated when she found out that neither my brother nor Alpha were her mates. That didn’t stop her from trying to become Luna. She is always around Alpha, proving herself and trying to convince him to take her as his chosen mate. Werewolves can do that. If their mate dies or they don’t find their true mate, they can take a chosen one. It is frowned upon, especially in our pack, because we take mates very seriously. Most packs do, actually. But some have a milder attitude toward chosen mates. Sienna was tall, blonde, and perfect. Her make up was always on point. Her hair was always combed and styled to perfection. But she destroyed all that with the way she behaved. She was bitchy, mean, and disrespectful. She hated me and treated me like I was trash. But only when we were alone. When we were around my brother or Alpha, she was a totally different person. She was nice to me, and she once told my brother that I was like a little sister to her. Yuck. I tried telling my brother about her, but he didn’t believe me. He told me I was jealous of her and how much time they spent together. “Sienna.” I said coldly and grabbed a mug from a cupboard. “Good morning, ugly.” she said and smirked. “It must be good to sleep as long as you do.” “Maybe you should try it to.” I said as I poured coffee into my mug. “You need as much beauty sleep as you can get.” I turned towards her with a smirk on my face. She was pissed. “You little bitch.” she said through her teeth. “I will become Luna soon and I will exile you so soon you will not be able to blink.” She always did this. She threatened to exile me when she would become a Luna. I knew she would actually do it, and I could only hope she didn’t become a Luna. I wanted to say something back, but I heard the front door open. My brother and our Alpha walked into our kitchen. Sienna quickly put on the biggest fake smile on her face. I rolled my eyes. How didn’t anybody see how fake she was? “Good morning, little one.” my brother said and kissed my forehead. That was his favorite nickname for me. I was small, smaller than any wolf my age, and he liked to point that out. Especially because he was huge. 6’4, and had muscles all over his body, just like Alpha. We looked a lot alike. We both had brown hair and bright blue eyes. He was more tanned than me, though. I inherited my mom’s pale complexion. I wa out in the sun all the time, but I couldn’t seem to get tanned. “Good morning, Andrew. Good morning, Logan.” I said and smiled. I get to call Alpha by his first name only in the privacy of our homes. On other occasions, I must refer to him as Alpha. Or Alpha Logan. Sienna didn’t like that. She gave me an ‘I will kill you’ look over their shoulders. “Good morning, Emma.” Logan said as he sat at our kitchen table. “What are your plans today, Em?” Andrew asked as he poured coffee for himself and Logan. “Nothing much.” I responded. “I have a training session in an hour and then I will just hang out with Amy and Jacob.” “Tomorrow is your first shift. Are you excited?” Logan asked me and took his coffee mug from my brother. “Yes.” I said and smiled brightly. “I can’t wait to meet my wolf.” “Maybe you will find your mate, Emma.” Sienna said coldly. “And maybe we will lose you to him tomorrow.” She gave a fake sad look to my brother. Goddess, they were so blind if they didn’t see through her act. “Don’t worry, Sienna.” my brother said. “She will always be our little sister. No mate will take that away from us.” I wanted to scream and throw up. She was not my sister! She was a fake b***h who couldn’t wait to get rid of me! But I couldn’t say anything, so I just gave him a fake smile. “After your shift, you can start working at a pack house.” Logan said. “You went to high school to work at the pack office, right?” “I did.” I said and smiled. “I can’t wait to start working.” “Good.” Logan said and smiled. He was handsome, even more when he smiled. And that was rare. He was usually very serious and focused only on his job as an Alpha. He always did what’s best for his pack. That was why he was so successful. He was as tall and as muscular as my brother. Maybe even more. The alpha and beta of the pack were always the strongest wolves. And it always showed. You could always see who alpha and beta were. He had dark blonde hair and green eyes. His jaw and his nose were chiseled perfectly, and his lips looked soft. He was hot. No wonder Sienna was all over him. She drooled after my brother as well but being Beta’s mate wasn’t good enough for her. Although, if my brother took her as his chosen mate, she would accept that as well. She was only after the title and power. Too bad they couldn’t see that. A doorbell interrupted my thoughts. Jacob was here.
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