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Kim Taehyung wished he could run his race car business without sponsors. An illogical thought considering how much cross marketing was done making each side dependent on the other. Besides, the cold, hard reality for him came down to his ability to generate revenue. Especially now that his body threatened to punk out on his plan to dominate the auto racing landscape. The business relationship, however, exacted a heavy debt. Sponsors wanted a tank on his flesh with their legal teams pushing meetings that elicited endorsements for their various products, crafting deals for bigger profit margins and pushing their cause for partnership in other business ventures. One day he awoke and his name was more than his identity. His fairly new iconic status had escalated on a steep incline and was on a viable brand. Sports pundits predicted that his income potential had only hit the tip of the iceberg. Being one of the top fifteen drivers in the National Car Racing Federation guaranteed him financial access. In the competitive inner sanctum of the industry, a few critical sportscaster shared their belief that he hadn't earned his stripes yet. That was real B.S. He'd earned every accolade by rolling up his sleeves and working hard, putting in the long hours running his business and being disciplined. No way could he apologize for his success. His rise to the esteemed top fifteen started as a driver struggling to get experience first in the local regional races and then on the bigger trucks and speed ways. He wasn't part of the family dynasty nor had he nurtured business contacts to give him a leg up on the inner workings. Rather it was through dogged determination that hid earned enough money to take the next step and served as president of his own small company. KIM'S ENTERPRISES. HE ALSO took on the double role as the key driver for his fleet. His dream hadn't changed since the first time he spent the day with his father at a car race. Nothing beat the roar off the engines the electrifying speed of the cars shooting out onto the track. each time he got behind the wheels he channeled that rush of adrenaline to fuel his senses as he strategies his path to the finish line. Some days he got to the finish line with a few bumps. Then there were those days when nothing fell into place and his car hurtled like a bumper car down the track. The last race shook and rattled his body like a rag doll between a rottweilers teeth. A reaggravated neck injury now had his board of directors and sponsors wringing their hands like nervous Nellie's. The investors put him to get a quick check up by one of their recommended specialty doctors. For Taehyung, the whole ordeal was a waste of his time He was willing to try anything to get out of the doctor's appointment. however since he couldn't the next strategy was to twist the female doctor around his fingers a flash of his smile was wave of tickets usually netted the result he wanted. And now he wanted a quick exam and an official release to race. "Mr Kim, the doctor will see you now!" Taehyung followed the nurse through the door that led him deeper into the doctor's liar. the walls of the medical suite where painted the warm creamy yellow of honey dew melon and decorated with frame abstract art but they did little to calm him. unlike the nerves that fairly popped as he prepare for the race. dinner boss spikes of dread slinking down his legs had nothing to do with precomputation jitters or the need for speed. Doctors, hospitals, threats of dire prognoses always seem to touch on his childhood fears. He didn't want to go down to that dark road. The Do Not Enter sign spoke to him. Overtime, he'd learn to heed the detective. The nurse escorted him to the examination room, chatting about the South Korean Winter they just endured. Folks around the city didn't usually grumble about winter entrance in December. However Taehyung knew at the end of the racing season, the weather would take a sharp turn to an unpredictable, summer fall mix. He submitted to the thermometer, weight scale and blood pressure cuff.Not that he had much o a choice once that he'd decided to come into the office. The nurse run through the preliminary checklist of his vitals. By now her conversation had turned to her thoughts regarding car racing. Her opinion that is was a dangerous sports recieved validation, she claimed, upon noticing a few of his old wounds. Where the heck was the doctor? He wanted out--fast. On cue, a light knock on the examination door preempted the nurse's lecture. "Mr.Kim, it's Dr. Park" Come in". Taehyung focused on the door. Now he was curious to see the owner of those husky voice colored with a sexy lilt. He didn't have long to wait. She entered, armed with a wide smile and an extended hand. She shooked his with a confident grasp and instantly he recognized someone use to being in control. Her gazed assessed him, as if collecting data to ponder for an eventual decision. Despite the smiling greeting, she wore her cool professionalism like an additional layer of clothing. Taehyung mentally pulled up short. The warm gooey voice hung in the air like false advertising. The doctor's no-nonsense demeanor didn't partner well with her warm sultry voice. Charming her might prove difficult. already turned her attention to the computer with his medical files. "Doc, look, i know that i have to come to you because the sponsors have that in my contract .But I'm fine. Look at my vitals. I'm a vision of good health" He grinned. "Good looks too", He raised his chin slightly. No woman could resist him.Some turned his way fast and held on tight. sam turned his way slowly taking a little more effort on his part but sooner or later he had them all eating out of his hand. she had that knack. the promise of a challenge is stirred his competitive spirit. why would this doctor be an exception, even if she really wasn't really his type? " I have your images from the latest MRI" Dr park said. And...?" he didn't like the fact that she hadn't responded to his light flirtation.Nor did he like her serious countenance as she pulled up his files and leaned towards the computer monitor. She pointed at data on the screen tracing the line of information.Her forehead wear a deep furrow. When she was done reading she stepped back from the monitor then turned to him."You're neck is heavily bruised"Her fingers trailed a path along the back of his neck from the base into the hairline. "That's all?" He twitched his shoulders away from her touch. "It wouldn't be such a big deal if it hadn't been accompanied by your second concussion. What your body needs to get over this hurdle is rest. You need to heal," "Uh-huh". Taehyung felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. He's busy life was knocking, waiting for his attention.But the steely-eyed gaze his doctor cast on him warned him that multitasking wouldn't be appreciated.Hi hand remained in his pocket, covering the phone. The doctor pulled out a form, and began writing "Do you have any questions?" "You said i needed to heal" he glanced at the form ."I don't think i need written instructions for that". This is going to you and the insurance company with my recommendation that you sit out racing for 2 weeks" Then we can we recheck and get you back in the saddle." I will also recommend that you have a limited number of physical therapy sessions.". "No way" Taehyung shot up from the examining table. He didn't care if he momentarily startled her. she was about to sideline him with a stroke of the pen. Didn't she realized what she was going to do with his career?. "Mr.Kim, relax" "Look stopped callinge that. You're about to wreck my life".Drop the formality please "I'm Taehyung" "Fine." the doctor's mouth tightened into a disapproving line.Her eyebrows arched over sharp, dark brown eyes. "Taehyung, I'm aware that you make a living from your driving. My goal is to make sure that you are able to continue driving safely and in good health. Right now your nursing some pretty serious injuries". "I feel fine" "The images don't lie". I enterpret them, give you my expert opinion and provide my recommendations". He'd pushed and she's pushed right back. Taehyung tried a different approach. "If the physical therapy works in a week, then I can get behind the wheel and perform my practice runs that following week" He stated his opinion, rather than asking for hers. I can't say how quickly you will heal" Nor am I are going to rush your recovery". "But if I'm clear then you can't blocked me? Taehyung want to be perfectly clear of the rules. "I wish you wouldn't take that attitude that I am restraining you. It's not my purpose or my goal." Taehyung shrugged.He didn't want to argue semantics. Only his release mattered. "So if you don't have any further questions, I'll have the nurse schedule your therapy sessions". Who's conducting the therapy?"He didn't care if he sounded grumpy.Her matter-of fact tone stirred his desire to argue with her. "It will be me" "Really?" What the Heck? Couldn't he get a break? "Isn't it below your pay grade to play with my neck?" He remembered how he'd barely been able to stand her touch a few moments ago. Not that the sensation had been unpleasant. Quite the opposite. Darn it, this was his doctor. "This is my practice. I'm perfectly able to work at any level. Allows me to stay on the top of my clients progress. In your case my close attention is mandatory she clicked her pen rapidly. "Do you have any objections?" her eyes blazed at him as if willing him to say something to offend her further. Taehyung had lots of objections, but he wasn't about to lay them on Dr. Park's feet. Petite as she might be, her iron will seemed to have a tall reach. Planned B hasn't been ironed yet. "Good.Here's your paperwork. it was nice meeting you my contact information is listed on the paperwork please call me if you experience any pain otherwise i will see you again for therapy." She offered her hand once again.He reluctantly shook it . "Thanks". Taehyung folded the paper and clenched it in his fist. He couldn't wait to get out of his office. Other meetings were on his schedule for the day.Top priority was to get on the phone to his manager of operations to set up a meeting with the most influential members of his board of directors. However, taking care of the pressing issue of the doctor's power over his ability to drive preventing him from thinking about anything else. Checking his phone, he saw that his manager had already taken care of things. Namjoon text informed him that a quick meeting with the board members was already scheduled. Taehyung had fifteen minutes to get to the office. That was all the time he needed to get across Seoul to Hoseok Pace's office. By the time he arrived, his foul mood had enough time to percolate to an angry boil. His mood could easily compared to a dark summer storm of crackling anger and thunderous frustration. He walked into the glass-and- chrome office building that headquartered Hoseok's aeronautical engineering business. Investing in Kim's Enterprises was a side venture, an outlet for Hoseok's enthusiasm for car racing. Their paths had cross at a charity golf game several years ago. An easy business partnership followed. "Here to see Hoseok". Taehyung had to pass three security checkpoints before he finally stood at Hoseok's secretary work area.She nodded, had him sign in again and then indicated that he should follow her to Hoseok's palatial office. "Taehyung,come on in." While Taehyung settled himself, Hoseok continued, "You look like you could kick someone's behind just for saying howdy do". "Pretty much. I suppose Namjoon gave you a heads-up?" Hoseok nodded. " What the heck is up with the new doctor?". Taehyung barged in with his irritation." She wants to sideline me for therapy, I'm supposed to be racing in for two weeks.But she doesn't seem to give a rat's__" "The check up was only for formality." " Not in her opinion. The woman would put Mary Poppins to shame- all wrapped up in rules and regulations with a crusader's spirit." He didn't mention the delicate features, graceful arm movements or the way she walked, as if she trained in ballet.And he certainly wouldn't mention the sexy, husky voice that could deliver bad news with a velvety touch. Not fair. Not normal. Not his type. Hoseok waves away his objections." She comes highly recommended". I'm not questioning her credentials or reputation. I have a problem with someone taking full control over what i can and can't do,' it's my damn body." "Sponsors may beg to differ on that point". Dressed in a custom made suit, Hoseok looked the role of savvy deal maker and shark like deal breaker. He flashed a toothy grin while twisting a thick diamond on his pinky finger. "Relax" We'll get around this. It wouldn't hurt for you to do the rehab anyways." Taehyung stewed over the nudge to play nice. He hadn't win a race since early in the season or placed high in the last four races. He's card had been clipped, pushed or smashed against the wall with increasing frequency. The rigors of the last skirmish had had longer effects on his body. He'd had to keep icepack on his shoulders and heat on his back. Now concussion had to be added to the list of the injuries. Still he wasn't happy about relinquishing his future, even for a little bit to a pushy doctor with a nervous habit with her pen. Park Jade shooked her head when Taehyung marched out of the examining room. It was either shake her head or shake her fist at the arrogant piece of work that had occupied her last hour. His departure seemed to sap the electric charge in the room. The weight of his mighty who actually caused a physical reaction that magnified in small spaces. Not many people flustered her, when she met with a patient, she came ready to use her knowledge, weather medical or life experience, to form a partnership towards their better health. In some cases, patients with an active lifestyle were in denial when faces with their new modified abilities. Their disbelief then took a sharp turn to frustration. Emotions tend to run high and at extremes. She became the enemy. Such daunting challenges motivated her with a stronger determination to help her patients adjust and moved forward. Kim Taehyung, however, made that challenge feel less like a speed bump and more of a boulder-sized problem. She clicked her pen furiously. He may be the king of the speedway, but she was the queen of her medical office. So he could put away the sexy grin, penetrating glare and off the chain s*x appeal. One thing she wanted to prove to his oversized male charisma was she wasn't buying into it. She wasn't going to swoon like an empty headed bimbo who served no other purpose than being someone's s*x kitten. She adjusted her doctor coat and click her pen several times before putting it in her pocket and heading to the her next patient. Nothing about her screamed and easy lay. She made sure that her image stayed at the professional level. Otherwise, respect would be hard to earn. there were always some patient who tried to crossed the line, though. Patients like the silver-tongued race car driver with the killer smile. Jade tended her patient, then continued working through the day. Her thoughts drifted to Kim Taehyung a few more times than she deemed appropriate. It wasn't the first time that she'd had a physically attractive male patient, she told herself. With Taehyung however, she couldn't quite put her fingers on the elusive quality that she found sexy and that had the power to turn her on. "Hey sis , rough day?" What's got you so deep in thought that you didn't hear me calling your name?" Jade looked up to see Jungkook, her younger brother, standing in the office doorway, twirling his car key on one finger. "Hey yourself. What are you doing here? Did I forget the meeting with you?' Jungkook shooked his head " I was in the area and wanted to stop in". "Oh no". Jade shooked her head. She pointedly moved her pocketbook off her desk and place it in the drawer. "Stopped being a meanie". I've got money," Jungkook whined. "For the moment". "Whatever, I have girlfriend issues" Jungkook scrunched his face. "I'm so not the person to help you" Jade rolled her eyes at her brothers problem. Though she and Jungkook were opposites in build and personality, emotionally they were close as if they were twins, and they had the uncanny ability to communicate nonverbally. Although Jungkook was one year younger, he was taller with a thicker frame, unlike Jade, she had an extremely outgoing personality. Jungkook verve from the lighter side of life and his off colored sense if humor had magnetic powers that drew many girls. "Why can't you help me? You gave good advice. You think about stuff and think and rethink. Plus you don't get all emotional. My girlfriend gets crazy and wound up. Next thing you know, they'd way to go kick my boyfriend butts. "Base in the kind of craziness you got into, a butt kicking might not be and idea." Jade wondered when his brother would mature and calm down. "Oh stop. Jungkook slid into the chair in front of Jade's desk and planted his feet unto its edge. One have-you lost your darn right mind glare from Jade and she promtly lowered her feet in the floor. "You don't have any appointments this afternoon. I checked so you have to listen to me" ' Jungkook I do have other things that I do besides meet with patients. I run a business with other doctors,Plus I'm working on finishing up the new rehabilitation unit next door,in case you don't remember." Her brother picked up her new nail clipper his head lowered with full pouty lips in place. Any second tears would well and, with a quick blink, Jungkook would have a steady streamed flowing down his cheeks- An academy award winny performance. Although the theatrics didn't away her, Jade didn't want an emotional scene in her office. "Jungkook we can do this later- like this evening"?" Come on over I'll fix dinner" Jade could never say no to her brother. "Cool. Youre the best." His brother's head pooped up, a wide toothy grin now in place. He leaned over and kissed Jade's cheeks and left. Leaving a trail of heavy perfume in her wake.
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