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Having Her prologue D A I S Y There was dried blood under my fingernails. My hands, desperate to get away from the man in front of me, tried clutching the knob of my house's door and step inside away from him until he jerked me to look at him. And the moment I did, my hands dropped by my side and I stopped moving. My uneven breathing seemed to calm as I relaxed under his touch. I lost myself in his eyes for that minute, and looking into those dark green eyes felt like staring into an abyss of darkness. Only this time, I wasn't afraid of the darkness. Or of him. "Caleb," My voice was just as shaky as my breath. "Ssh." He murmured, his face not changing an expression, remaining as unreadable as ever. "It's okay. You're safe." "Why- Why are you doing this for me?" He lightly scoffed under his breath. "Because you might love him, but you know this as well as I do that his sweet talks and charming smile can't protect you. Not in the way I can." I gulp. I knew I should tell him the truth, but for some reason, I shield the truth. The truth that I broke up with his brother.  Partly because I wouldn't be able to answer his questions. And mostly because I wouldn't be able to refuse his assumptions either. My breath was still shaky and I could feel my heart thumping under my chest rapidly. I look away, afraid he'd look into my eyes and find answers in them that I was not ready to give myself. And even as I did that, I could see his eyes flicker from my plain, boring black eyes to my lips, which made me immediately look back at him. Even though I couldn't read his expressions, I could still read his eyes. And they held a lot of things. Passion. Anger. Desire. But not love. Not a bit of it. And when he bends down for his lips to just brush mine, I shut my eyes instinctively. I let his lips brush over mine lightly, his nose brushing mine after years making me feel like my skin was on fire. I felt the butterflies over my uneven breath and let him tease me lightly until I tip-toed to hold his face and reach his height. And then, holding me close, he kissed me. He kissed me senselessly. His lips were rough and warm against mine and he kissed me reminding me of the first time he had ever done that. And I remembered what I'd told him then. I'd told him that I always fell for the wrong ones. And he'd asked in return who he was, and I'd truthfully answered that he was the wrongest of them all. But that's the thing about such sins, isn't it? The right always feels bland and boring. But the wrong.. oh, how sweet it feels to fall in love with the wrong ones. You know there are no strings. No obligations. No moralities. The right one will always do the right thing. But the wrong one? They'd let the world burn into ashes just for one last goodbye kiss. And Caleb Miller? He was the wrongest of all the sins I've ever tasted. Breathless, I pulled away. "This- This is wrong." I don't explain why. I just let him assume it was because I was still with his brother, and not because I was too afraid that falling in love with him again would destroy the only whole pieces left in me. "It's right, sweetheart." He promises holding my face in his hands before a smug smile breaks out on his lips and he lets his hand retrace, taking a step behind me even though his eyes still looked into mine. "Maybe just not today." * * * * *18+ | use of mature language and scenes. *Daily updates from 15th December. *Any feedbackeviews/comments are highly appreciated. Please refrain from writing hate in the comments. If you read ahead, thank you for choosing to be a part of this journey!
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