CHAPTER 2 The Dungeon, The Rejection

1050 Words
  Anaiah's POV   I cough, making my ribs hurt. My wolf is trying to help me heal quickly, but since we don't shift as much as the others, my healing is not as good as other wolves.   I get up to my feet with so much difficulty, but she kicks my legs and I fall back down, she puts her heel over my neck, and I close my eyes, waiting for the worst.   "What I have to do is press a little harder and I can take you out of your misery," She says in that annoying tone of hers. My heart is beating so fast and my wolf is growling menacingly even though she can't fight back in this situation, she has a strong fighting spirit and most times has given in to me, but I know when to quit and she doesn't. I don't want to die.   My wolf, Chalo, resurfaces, and, using her strength, I kick Eunice in the legs so that she is on the ground. Those weak stupid b***h minions of hers scream, scared, but no one tries to stop me. Anger courses through me, I feel the adrenaline pumping through me and I hover over her, punching her face repeatedly. Soon, the men that were training surrounded us. Others were cheering while others are telling her to beat me, but I know, Eunice, she only barks and has had no bite since we were young.   A tingling sensation rushes down my skin as I feel myself being lifted off Eunice's body by huge strong hands but my wolf is not done with her yet, so I kick and scream.   "Let me f*****g go!" I scream at whoever is carrying me away from there. I jump off the shoulder of the man who carries me and am ready to punch him in the face, but I'm taken back to see it is Amos, the Alpha's son. He looks so sexy in his basketball shorts, his hair is disheveled, and goddamn it, his chest is as hot as f**k. I can see his muscular body and I swallow thickly. Seeing that I'm staring, he smirks at me and I blush involuntarily, looking away from him.   "Causing trouble, Omega?" He says in an angry voice.   "She came at me first!" I retort.   "You'll be punished for what you did. Do you know who she is?" He growls, pushing me against the tree. I wince at the pain in my back. He wraps his hand around my neck and chokes me   "She's your f*****g Luna," he grits.   I try to hit him but he doesn't let go, it's like hitting a wall, my oxygen starts to cut and until all energy has let me, he finally lets me go and I fall to the ground, inhaling as much air as I can.   He crouches down next to me and looks at me with a softness I've never seen before while I glare at him. His eyes turn a shade darker and I know he is linking with someone. When he's done, he clears his throat and orders.   "You will be locked in the dungeon for the coming days," I widen my eyes in horror.   "But she started it!" I croak, I've been in the dungeons a few times and It's not a place I like to be, it's dark and scary, and the guards there are the most immoral while they beat the offenders. They sexually assault women they like. It has happened to me a few times, but I wasn't r***d.   He stands up to leave but turns to look at me, "Before I forget, I Amos Rivers, reject you, Anaiah Ross, as my mate and future Luna."   I was in shock and his words kept repeating in my head. I didn't say anything or even react. Amos was my mate, he's twenty-four years old, so he knew all along that we were mated but watched them beat and abuse me.   Amos is standing over me with no emotions on his face, no remorse whatsoever.   "Guards!"   A few guards ran to us, bowing before the Alphas. Behind them, Eunice is there too, her eyes are red and her perfect blonde hair is disheveled, her plastic face with cuts and she has a cut on her lips. She comes to stand next to the Alpha and whispers something in his ears and after a long thought, he nods his acceptance.   "Lock her up, whip her every day until I say no more," Her voice is smooth as she orders but my eyes are fixed on my mate, a sting on my cheek brings me back to the present and I touch my cheeks. Suddenly, tears fall and I don't have the chance to wipe them. Strong, huge hands grab my arms and drag me a few feet away from the two couples. Once in the dark dungeon, I'm thrown to the ground like a sac of potatoes and they exit the room, then, I feel it, my chest begins to constrict and a fire within me begins to burn terribly. I let out a sob and, for the first time in forever, I cried. I cry for the horrible life I've lived since I was thirteen years old, I cry for my parents, their abandonment, their hate and, lastly, I cry for Amos, my mate. I thought when I found my mate, he would love and protect me as a mate should, but today, he's taken away all my will to fight, my wolf withdraws to the dark part of my mind and I howl, feeling more alone than ever.   Days passed by fast and every day, the guards came to wipe me with very painful lashes, my back had cuts and tears of flesh on it. I bet I looked disgusting. I am only allowed one meal a day; bread and water. I haven't felt Chalo since our mate rejected us.   She is depressed and sad just like me. I get up from the cold floor and clutch my chest as I say the words.   "I, Anaiah Ross, accept your rejection, Amos Rivers," I don't feel the bond breaking on my side however, Amos will feel the bond tear between us and will experience pain like no other.
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