Chapter 1

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-Unknown P.O.V.-  “Hey, have you looked over those files yet?”  I snapped my head up from my desk as I was just looking over the file. “Yeah, I am looking over it now.”  I watch as my best friend walks over and sits down in front of my desk with the file in his hand. “What do you think so far?”  I lean back in my chair as I place my elbows on the arms of my chair and clasp my hands together. “I am not sure. I am not certain of what the Elders were thinking when they assigned us this pack.”  “I get it. I personally think that we need to leave them alone, but you know how the Elders are.” My best friend, Ace, rolls his eyes at the end of his sentence.  I scoff. “Better not catch the Elders rolling your eyes like that.”  Ace just rolls his eyes again. “You and I are older then all of them so they can kiss my a** when it comes to that. Now, what do you think about the pack?”  I unclasp my hands as I lean forward to look over the file again. “I find the pack interesting.”  “Elaborate.” Ace urges me to explain. He is always wanting to know what I am thinking as my way of thinking is not like others.  “I find them interesting as they have members that other packs would not allow to enter. I see they have about 3,000 members and among those members they have vampires, witches, warlocks, half-breeds, werewolves, and Lycans. It is odd to see a pack with this many different kinds of beings in it. To be honest, I am ready to meet Alpha Axel as he has already earned my respect by how he runs his pack.”  Ace opens up his file and looks over something before lifting his head up to look at me. “It says here that Alpha Axel is a demon wolf, and his mate is an elemental wolf. That is rare within itself.”  I nod in agreement. “Yes it is. I have a feeling that Axel is not a normal Demon wolf as he is probably one with his demon wolf which is rare.” I look over the file again and raise an eyebrow from what I just read. “Hmm, typically your demon side pushes you out of the way, but from what I am reading I see that he is one with his demon side. That is extremely rare but it explains how he runs his pack.”  “It also explains why he is mates with an elemental wolf and from what I just read, he is 100& and not 50%.” Ace adds.  “I must say that I am ready to meet both of them, but I am not sure that I will be able to do what the Elders want us to do.” I add.  Ace looks at me with a confused look on his face. “What do you mean?”  I sigh before looking up and meeting his eyes. “The Elders want us to check out this pack, but what they really want is for us to convince the Lycans to return with us. The Elders are selfish when it comes to our kind and they want to lock all of us in a box as we are seen superior to werewolves.”  Ace scoffs. “Trust me, I know and I will not be convincing anyone. I am tired of the council trying to control us while telling us what to do. We are older then all of them by 100 years and they think that we are their b*tch boys and I am tired of it.”  I nod agreeing. “I agree with you. I am tired of it all. I just want to find my mate.”  “You and me both because once I find her, I am leaving all of this behind for a simple life.” Ace says with determination in his voice.  “I will too. I just hope that my mate will have the values that I have.” I say with a sad tone.  Ace leans forward in the chair and stares at me causing me to meet his gaze. “Just because you had to deal with that sh*tty human mate does not mean that all mates are like that. Understand?”  “I know. Trust me, I know. My human mate was a lesson and I do not regret rejecting him either. He was unworthy and did not appreciate what being a mate was about.”  Ace leans back in his chair while he sighs. “That is how it is nowadays, no one really knows how to be a mate or what it truly means to be a mate with someone. It is sad. What happened to all of that?” Ace asks in a sad voice.  I sigh. “It was ruined by all of those guys who treated their mates like sh*t but somehow they also got the girl. Or however you say it. I know rejecting a mate can be harsh or be damaging but f**k, why would you want to be with someone who spits on the mate bond?”  “Your guess is as good as mine.” Ace then stands up and starts to walk out to my office door. He opens it and turns back around to look at me. “Be ready within a week because that is when we are heading out to Alpha Axel’s and Forrest’s pack.”  I nod and watch as Ace walks out of my office while closing the door behind him. I lean back in my chair and close my eyes for a second while thinking about my future mate. I just hope that he is strong and understands what it means to be a true mate with someone. My life is missing something that only a mate can fill. I am tired of living this life without my other half and I can see that it is starting to show through my work which is not good.
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