Chapter 1-2

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Sophie arches her brows as her lips lift in a daring smirk. “Is that so?” Her mocking tone makes it clear she doesn’t believe it. “And let me guess? You volunteer in your spare time and donate to charity on top of it?” Her condescending attitude has me barking out a laugh. Sarcasm sounds sexy as hell coming from her. “Oh, sweet Sophie,” I muse, leaning closer and grabbing a strand of her dark hair. “Don’t confuse me with a saint. I’m a sinner.” “A sinner in sheep’s clothing?” She arches one brow, her teeth biting down on that lower lip I want to taste. I brush a finger over her cheek, then pluck her lip with my thumb. “Depends if we’re wearing any.” Sophie’s breath hitches, and I feel the heat from her body against mine. By the way her chest rapidly rises and falls, I know she feels the electricity buzzing between us too. It’s hot, threatening to catch fire if I don’t kiss her soon. I tilt her chin, bringing our faces closer, seeking permission to give us what we both want right now. When she leans in, I don’t hesitate to move my mouth to hers and kiss her sweetness. At first, I move slowly, but when she moans, my greed takes over, and I want her more than I need oxygen. My hand wraps around the nape of her neck, feeling the softness of her skin as I slant my mouth over hers and deepen the kiss. Sophie flattens her palms over my chest, then fists my shirt as she brings us closer. Then I remember we’re in public. I break away, pausing inches from her mouth as I glance around. People fill the barstools, loud music plays, and chatter surrounds us. While kissing Sophie, it was easy to ignore it all because it felt like we were the only two people in the room. “Do you wanna get out of here? Somewhere not so public?” I whisper loud enough for only her to hear. She licks her lips, then looks up at me from beneath her dark eyelashes. “My sister is expecting me to be here.” Oh s**t. I look around for the guys but still don’t see Brandon or Liam. If Sophie asked me to, I’d totally ditch them—Lord knows they’ve done it to me plenty of times—but I can tell she doesn’t want to do that to her sister. “Alright.” I nod, then stand. “Come with me then?” Holding out my hand, I wait as she looks at it for a few seconds before the corner of her lips tilt up and she takes it. “Okay.” Sophie grabs her clutch, and I lead her around the bar toward the staff bathrooms. I know this place like the back of my hand, and though I’ve never taken a woman there before, I’m happy to have Sophie as my first. The moment we step inside, I lock the door behind me and immediately pull her into my chest. Tangling my hands in her hair, I cover her mouth with mine and beg for more. “I have a confession,” she murmurs. “Confession is for sinners, sweet Sophie,” I tease, wrapping a hand around her waist, then sliding it down to her ass. “Are you a sinner?” The corner of her lips tilts up knowingly. “Aren’t we all?” Grinning, I nod. “I’ve never done this before,” she states shyly. I perk up a brow, then she continues. “I mean, with a stranger. Or in a bar bathroom.” My shoulders relax as I hear the nervousness in her voice. “D-do you have a condom?” I nearly choke on the thick air surrounding us. Her bold question takes me off guard, but my c**k hardens at her words. She wants this as badly as I do. “Yeah, I do.” I stare at her, unable to take my eyes off her beautiful face. “Then you better start kissing me, Sinner.” Sophie grabs my waist, closing the gap between us, and I cup her face, fusing our lips together in a heated battle of need. Moving my lips down her neck, I suck on her collarbone, then flatten my tongue and slide it up to her ear. “You taste delicious. So damn sweet, Sophie.” She moans as I take her earlobe between my teeth and bite. “I want to taste you every-f*****g-where.” I growl as she rubs her palm against my erection. “Mmm yes.” Sophie’s head falls back as I suck on the spot between her neck and shoulder. My hands find the hem of her shirt, and I feel her smooth skin beneath my fingers, craving more. I undo her shorts and feel her lace panties, and as soon as I slide my hand inside, she gasps. “Are you wet for me?” I drawl, tipping her chin so our lips meet. My finger rubs down her slit, and I feel her arousal coating it. “f**k, you are.” Sophie nods as I effortlessly sink inside her. She fists my shirt as a moan releases from her throat, her eyes rolling to the back of her head as I twist my finger and dive deeper. “You like that?” I ask, my voice hoarse. “Yes. Oh God, yes.” Her eyes flutter as she bites down on her lower lip. I have no doubt she’d be moaning much louder if we didn’t have to be cautious of a possible audience outside. Pulling back slightly, I slide two fingers inside, then thrust harder and faster, wanting to feel her tighten around them. Sophie’s breaths quicken, and I use my free hand to cup the nape of her neck and slant my mouth over hers, kissing through her rapid panting. I bring my thumb to her clit and rub circles around her throbbing bud, knowing she’s already so damn close. Within seconds, I feel her body shaking and tightening. I capture her long-drawn-out moan with my mouth, kissing the f**k out of her as she comes hard and fast. “Jesus Christ.” I remove my hand from her panties and wrap my lips around my fingers. “So goddamn sweet. Just as I knew you’d be. Sweet Sophie.” She looks at me with hooded eyes as she tries to catch her breath. Without another word, she undoes my jeans and pulls them down just enough to grab my c**k out of my boxers. The minute I feel her touch, I lose the ability to speak. Sophie wraps her hand around my shaft, giving it long and fast strokes as I groan against her lips. “f**k, that feels so good,” I tell her, encouraging more. “I want you.” Sophie responds with a strangled moan against my mouth. “Yes,” she says, her voice rough with desperation and desire. I lift her shirt, cupping her breast and wrapping a hand around her backside, pulling her body closer to mine. Like Sophie, I’ve never done this in a grungy bathroom in an almost public place, but I’m not letting her go. Wishing I could devour her and take my time to cherish her the way she deserves, I vow to do just that if I’m lucky enough to see her again after this. Before it’s too late, I reach for my wallet and grab a condom. She takes it from my fingers with a smile. “Let me.” Fuck yes. Lowering my boxers and jeans a bit more, she slides it over me, my c**k hard and so goddamn ready for her. “Oh, sweet Sophie,” I muse, slanting my mouth over hers before pulling back slightly. “I have a feeling you’re going to ruin me in more ways than one.” “All sinners have their kryptonite,” she taunts, then pulls off her shirt. “If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were the devil in red lace.” I admire her bra and the way it shows off her perfect breasts that I want to suck. “Guess you’ll just have to find out.” Sophie steps back, keeping her eyes locked on mine as she flashes me a flirty smirk. I watch as she peels her shorts off and admire everything about her. She’s so f*****g stunning. I can’t take not touching her for another second. Closing the gap between us, I walk us to the sink counter, then lift her body until she’s sitting on top of it. Taking her mouth with mine, I loop my finger into her panties and move them to the side as I align my c**k with her entrance. With my free hand, I stroke myself a couple of times before pushing inside her p***y. Sophie wraps her legs around my waist, pulling me closer. The moment I feel her tighten around me, I nearly lose it. No words are spoken as we claim each other’s mouths, our bodies joining together in the hottest way possible. I palm her breast before pulling down the cup and taking her hard n****e between my lips. She arches her back, whimpering as I squeeze her hip and drive into her harder and faster. “Mason.” She whispers my name, and it sounds like f*****g heaven coming from her lips. “You feel so f*****g good,” I tell her, bringing our foreheads together. Our breaths mingle as I drive us closer to the edge. “Christ, I wish I could stay here all goddamn night.” “Losing your stamina already, Sinner?” “I’m about to f**k that smirk right off your face.” Reaching under her, I cup her ass cheeks in my hands and buck my hips against her—harder, faster, deeper. She latches onto my biceps, her legs tightening around my waist as I claim her mouth and taste her moans. “Oh my God,” she breathes. We move together, the two of us finding a rhythm that has me seeing stars as I admire every smooth inch of her. Sweet Sophie. So f*****g gorgeous. I don’t know how the hell this even happened, but I’ve never wanted anything more in my life. One minute, I’m drinking alone, and the next, I’m being swept off my feet with her flirty comebacks and seductive eyes. “Jesus. You feel so damn good,” I tell her before pressing my lips to hers for a searing kiss. She arches her back, and then she’s falling, her body meeting mine at every thrust, every demand, every greedy movement. She exposes the length of her neck as her head falls back, and when her body shakes, I know she’s there. “Yes,” I encourage. As her p***y tightens, her arousal coats my c**k, and within seconds, I’m following suit. I come hard and long, grunting as she pulls our mouths together. Breathless, we push apart and stare at each other. Her lips are parted, swollen. Our foreheads press together, and neither of us speaks. The dinging of my cell breaks our gaze, and the realization that we need to get out of here before we’re caught hits me in full force. “My friends are probably here now. f*****g good timing.” I roll my eyes, cracking a smile. “Yeah, my sister is no doubt wondering where I am.” We pull apart, both of us dressing in awkward silence. Sophie checks herself in the mirror, finger combing her dark strands and dabbing a tissue over her face. s*x hair looks hot as hell on her, but I keep that thought to myself. As much as I want that to happen again, I’m not going to assume it will. “Do you want to go out first?” I ask. “I’ll follow in a few minutes to keep the bartender from getting suspicious.” “Uh, sure. Good idea. Doing the walk of shame in a public place is already going to be humiliating. I don’t need to be called out on it too.” She brushes her hands down her shirt before grabbing her clutch. She meets my gaze. “Sorry, that came out—” “No, it’s fine. I get it,” I reassure her, then unlock the door, peek down the hallway, and open it wider. “All clear.” Sophie purses her lips and drops her eyes, acting shy around me for the first time tonight. “Thanks.” I watch as she walks to the bar area, waiting to see if she glances back at me, but she never does. To know she’s never done this before gives me satisfaction. It’s affirmation she felt the same connection as I did. We couldn’t wait a minute longer to be alone, but now I’m wondering if it was all a front, and things between us have changed. I have mixed feelings about her abrupt change and hope she’s not going to tell me it was a huge mistake or something. Though that might be for the best considering I’m not looking for a relationship. After two minutes, I decide it’s time to leave the bathroom. Wondering if she’ll still be at the bar or if she took the opportunity to bail, I stop dead in my tracks when I see Brandon, Liam, Lennon, and Sophie standing together at a high top table. What the f**k? “Dude, about time!” Liam shouts, and they all turn and stare at me. “I was starting to think you bailed,” Brandon adds. Swallowing, I stalk toward them and force a smile. “You assholes were taking forever. I was here ages ago,” I tell them, hoping my words are steady. “Oh man, had I known you were so early, I would’ve told you to keep my sister company. She was early too,” Lennon says, snapping my attention to her. Then to Sophie sitting next to her. Sister. Oh my God. Sophie is Lennon’s sister, and I just f****d her in the bar bathroom. s**t, I still have the taste of her on my tongue. Feeling like a f*****g douchebag, I don’t know what else to do besides reach my hand toward her and introduce myself. “Hey, I’m Mason.” She sucks in her cheeks, eyes narrowing in on my hand that I’m sure she wants to f*****g bite off, but then she flashes a slow, weary smile. “Nice to meet you, Mason. I’m Sophie.” “Since she’s new in town and I’ve been spending so much time here, I figured it was time for y’all to meet,” Lennon explains giddily. I pinch the back of my neck, wishing I could rub out the knot that’s starting to form. This is so f*****g bad. “Sophie’s a professional violinist,” Liam states proudly, but I already knew that. “Isn’t that badass?” “Oh wow, really? That’s amazing,” I say, my throat going dry. “I’m gonna grab a beer. Be right back.” I excuse myself before any of them can say another word. I ask Dan to get me a beer and a shot of whiskey. Just as I’m feeling the burn down my throat, Liam comes to my side. “You f****d her, didn’t you?” he goads. “Shut up, asshole.” “Thatta boy.” Liam slaps a hand on my shoulder. “Don’t worry, I won’t tell. Especially not Brandon.” “There’s nothing to tell.” I take a sip of beer, hoping he can’t see through my lies. “Oh really? So you didn’t just f**k his girlfriend’s sister?” He flashes a s**t-eating grin, knowing damn well I did. “I didn’t know she was Lennon’s sister,” I spit out. “Stop talking about it before I junk punch you.” Liam scoffs, knowing he’s much larger than me. “Hey, I said your secret was safe with me. But that doesn’t mean she won’t tell Lennon.” Shit, he’s right. Brandon will kill me if he finds out. He loves Lennon so damn much that he’ll swing at anyone who threatens their relationship. Having s*x with Sophie in a bar bathroom would definitely merit his ass-kicking. Once she tells Lennon, I’ll be painted as an asshole, and my past doesn’t help my case either. Brandon will inevitably find out, and our days of hanging out will be over. Lennon would hate me for using her sister and never want me around. If Brandon’s forced to pick between Lennon or the guys, I know he’d choose her. I haven’t gotten to see him as much since they’ve been together. “So was she a fling of the past or more recent? Like...tonight?” He flashes a knowing smirk, one he’s perfected over the years. He’s such a d**k. “Are we gossiping about our s*x lives now?” I deflect. “It’s none of your damn business.” Liam raises his hand to get Dan’s attention and orders a couple of beers. “Well, if I guessed within thirty seconds, the rest of them will too.” Groaning, I roll my eyes as I take another sip. Once he grabs his beers, Liam pauses before walking away. “Time to put on your poker face, Holt.” Before I can respond, he heads back to the table, chuckling at my expense. I am so f****d.
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