Chapter One- A New Life

916 Words
I wake up to the smell of bacon cooking and the sound of Olivia singing in the kitchen. A smile spreads across my face and I get out of bed, pulling on my boxers before walking into the kitchen and wrapping my arms around Olivia, kissing her on the forehead. "Good morning," I say sweetly, reaching around her to grab a piece of bacon off of the plate. She laughs and turns around to kiss me on the lips. "Good morning. Have you checked on our pet this morning?" she asks me. I shove the bacon in my mouth and shake my head. "No, but I will right now." I finish chewing and then head to our playroom. We had to make do with what we had for space, using the smaller bedroom in the house as our playroom and storing some of our equipment in the walk in closet in our master bedroom. The playroom was enough, though. When I open the door, our pet is in the same position that we left him: forgiveness position. I smile when I see that he obeyed his orders so well. "You may stand, pet," I say, and he does so. "Have you learned your lesson?" He nods. "Yes, Master. Thank you." I smile again. "Good boy. You may join us for breakfast." Robin smiles and stands up, thanking me again before heading into the kitchen. He sits at his spot at our table and I join him as Olivia brings the food over. She sets everything down and then joins us at the table. "Has our pet learned his lesson?" she asks Robin. I nod as Robin answers her, "Yes, Mistress. Thank you." She smiles and then passes him some breakfast. "That's what I like to hear." After we are finished with breakfast, I wash the dishes as Olivia teases Robin, running her fingers up his legs and watching his reaction. He is fun to toy with. My senior year of high school, I never would have pictured myself in this position: openly bisexual, master to a male slave, submissive to a mistress, though usually with equal say in everything... Everything changed, and even though I went through hell to get here, I wouldn't change anything. "Baby," Olivia says softly to me from across the room, "Why don't you leave the rest of the dishes for right now? I want to have some fun before work." I set the plates down in the sink and grin. "That sounds amazing." "Playroom, pet," she tells Robin softly. He obeys without question. Olivia then looks at me. "I want you to take over today," she whispers with a seductive smile. I smile as well. "Okay," I say, and I pull her into the playroom. "Kneel," I say to the both of them, and they do so. I look at them and a feeling of pure bliss washes over me. I approach Robin and pull my boxers down. "Suck," I command, and he does so brilliantly. Olivia watches as Robin sucks me off, running his tongue up and down my c**k until I am about to release. I pull out and c*m on his chest. "Leave it there," I say breathlessly. "Yes, Master," he responds. I then look to Olivia. "Tie him to the bed," I instruct. They both get up and move to the bed. I watch as she lies him down and ties his wrists to the headboard and then forces his legs apart, securing them tightly. "Good," I muse before going to the chest to grab some things. I bring them to the bed side and set them down. I hand Olivia a pair of n****e clamps. "Put these on him," I tell her, then I move to his crotch. I stroke his member, making him moan. "Don't c*m unless you have my permission," I remind him. He nods, gasping as the n****e clamps are put on him. "Yes, Master," he says. When he is fully hard, he starts to whimper. "Please, Master?" At that, I stop stroking and slip a c**k ring on him. "Not yet, pet," I tell him. I look at Olivia, "Have him pleasure you with his mouth, and pull on those clamps until he makes you cum." She does as I say, stripping and then climbing on top of him. I move my hand down Robin's c*m covered chest, gathering some on my fingers to use as lube. I insert a finger into his hole, making him moan against Olivia. Slowly, I stretch him, and then I climb on top of the bed. I position myself at his hole and then thrust in. He makes a pained noise, but then the pain subsides and he moans in pleasure once again. "Remember," I tell him, "You have to make Mistress Olivia cum." It is not long after that that I see Olivia release, moaning loudly. "Good boy," I say. "Olivia, your turn. Suck him off until he cums." She nods and moves down, taking the c**k ring off of him and then wrapping her mouth around his c**k. He gasps and I see his fists clench. "Please, Master," he soon begs, "Please." "Together," I tell him. "One... two... three..." On three, we both release, and then I move away from him. "I will clean him up," I tell Olivia. "Go shower before work." She nods and kisses me before leaving to shower. I look at Robin and smile. "Such a good pet," I say.
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