2 The Way It Is

1551 Words
Sabrina POV “I suggest you contact your lawyer because I will be contacting one.” He starts to pace. “It was just s*x, it didn’t mean anything Sabrina.” “Really Greg, well in that case, all is forgiven” I say sarcastically. I start to put clothes, mostly scrubs, into my bag. He comes over, wrapping his arms around me. “Please, I’m begging you for another chance.” “I made a mistake, I love you.” “Did you love me all the times you were with her.” A million thoughts run through my mind. He has always been good to me and a good father to Gabby. “Let me go Greg now or I won’t even have a conversation with you.” He steps back and I see a sliver of hope in his eyes. “Make no mistake, I said nothing about forgiveness.” “I trusted you and you just pissed all over that trust.” “How many women and how often?” “Before you answer, know if I find out you lie about anything our conversation will be over.” “Just the girl on the phone I swear.” “Megan her name is Megan, I’m sure you have screamed it enough to remember.” “Sabrina don’t do that, please.” “Don’t what be forced to think about my husband f**king a woman named Megan.” He stays silent. “Now answer my f**king question Greg how often and how long.” I can see he doesn’t want to answer me. “Your silence is answer enough to know that it wasn’t just once.” "I hope she was worth throwing our life away for." I finish packing my things and head for the bedroom door. He steps in front of me. “Move Greg right now.” “I’m going to give you sometime after everything I did but we are going to work this out.” "You are my wife and I am your husband." “I love you and our daughter needs both parents.” I laugh “I guess you should have worried about me and your daughter when you f**ked someone else.” “Don’t you ever say you love me again because that’s a lie too.” I head down downstairs and grab my keys off the table. I jump in my car and once I’m alone I break down. I wouldn’t give him any more than he has already taken from me. I bang my fists on the steering wheel, screaming every filthy word I can think of. I turn the car on and drive to Tracey’s house. Archer POV “So, Willow how is everything going at the hospital?” “Really well, I’ve learned so much.” “I’m sad to be leaving but excited to study under the pack doctor.” “I told you from the beginning you did not need to study human medicine to be a doctor at the pack hospital but you insisted.” “I know Archer and I’m still glad that I did it, so just let it go.” “Fine, what do you have two weeks left before you start working with Margaret.” She gives me the side eye because I call the pack doctor by her first name. “Just because you’re the Alpha doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use her title a**hat.” “As you well know it’s a sign of respect and she has earned it.” I love how spirited my sister is. I growl “do you know how much trouble someone would be in for calling me such a name.” “It’s a good thing I’m your little sister I guess.” “I have to finish some work on a couple of my cases so why don’t you go start dinner with mom and dad.” “You suck sending me to the lion’s den alone.” She stands heading for the door. “You know mom is going to ride my a** about not having my mate yet.” I laugh “better you than me.” Once she leaves, I start working on a law suit for one of my biggest clients. A knock sounds on the door and Levi, my Beta, walks in with a huge grin on his face. “What the hell are you grinning about?” “Archer, I think we should go to the bar tonight, maybe you’ll find your mate.” “You’re never going to find her sitting in this office or at work in the city.” “Levi get the hell out of my office I have a lot of work to do and I don’t have time for your nonsense tonight”. “That’s your problem you never make time for anything but work.” “Work here at the pack or your lawyer work.” I laugh “I love you Levi but if you don’t get the hell out of my office I’m going to shift into Brutus and chase you down.” Brutus laughs in my head. “Fine don’t blame me if you die a mate-less virgin.” I growl and he runs out of my office. I have no problem saving myself for my mate, unlike him. I will find her when the goddess sees fit. A few minutes later a knock sounds on the door again. “Levi, I am going to kick you’re a** if you don’t go away.” The door swings open and my mother walks in. “I’m so sorry mom I thought you were Levi.” She laughs “I figured as much.” “So, to what do I owe this private visit mother.” She laughs “isn’t a mother allowed to visit her only son.” “I know you mom you are here with an agenda.” “I was just wondering if you had given any more thought to taking a chosen mate.” “You are twenty-five years old Archer and you should have a Luna by your side by now.” “Mother we have talked about this a thousand time I will never take a chosen mate.” “The goddess has picked someone for me and I plan on making her mine.” “Archer your father and I are worried that you are doing to much between work and the pack.” “You need someone who can help support you.” “Mom, I love that you and dad worry about me, but honestly, I am fine.” “I have Levi’s help with the pack and I love my job.” I get up and go around my desk pulling my mom into hug. “I know you and dad worry about me but honestly I am fine.” “Your sister told us the same thing but our job as parents is to worry about you two.” “Mom she is only twenty-four years old she will find him.” “Let’s go join dad and Willow for dinner.” We walk in and I can tell by my sister’s face she has had enough. We both sit down and my father turns toward me. “Archer, it took you long enough to join us.” “Sorry dad, I needed to finish a few things.” “I’m here now so let’s just enjoy dinner.” “Did your mother talk to you about our concerns Archer?” “Dad, I love you but I’m going to tell you the same thing I told mom, I will never take a chosen mate.” My father stands slamming his hands down on the table. “Archer this is ridiculous you need a Luna end of discussion.” “Had I known you wouldn’t be reasonable I would never have given you, my title.” My mother stands “Thomas that is enough.” “Enough is when your son gets his head out of his a** and starts acting like an Alpha.” I have had enough, I stand growling. “Father, you will not disrespect me or my future Luna by acting like this in my pack house.” “You can leave if you want to keep acting this way in my home.” “I gave you this home but that’s fine just ride my pack into the ground because you need to have your fated mate.” “You’re acting like a petulant child that wants a specific candy.” He turns around and leaves followed by my mother. She turns back before she walks out, “I’m sorry, Archer, I will speak to him.” “It’s ok mother, I’m used to him now.” I hate the hurt I see on my mother’s face at my words, but it's true. My father has been this way all my life. If its not his way it's not the right way. Willow comes around the table and hugs me. "Don't you ever listen to him, you wait for her Archer." "I have no intentions of listening to him."
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