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Hail had never been beaten before and he was still unsure about how this truly made him feel. He had personally put in the work on his car and that had always proven to be more than enough to win. He slid to a stop beside the impressive driver who had proven better than him and was not prepared for what happened next. The window of the gleaming Chevelle rolled down slowly and he met familiar jewel blue eyes that he wanted to drown in...But wait, she was the one who had beaten him? He had been intrigued by this beauty so far from his typical type since the very instant he had caught sight of her. He wanted inside this mysterious beauty's mind from the moment he saw her fury from a distance. Most women curl into themselves when faced with trampily clad woman and a cheating ex. Her spine had straightened, fire alight in her gorgeous eyes and she had told him to go drown himself. He had been entirely enraptured from that moment and had decided he had to know her. That was why he had pretended to be her boyfriend: the chance to know her. He had wrongly assumed she would throw herself at him after saving her, but instead she had challenged him. He hadn't realized just how thoroughly she had challenged him either, until his shocked gaze locked in on her at the finish line. She was the most enigmatic woman he had ever met and he knew he needed to get to know her. If there was ever a woman worth pursuing, surely it was this one who would forever keep him on his toes. Frost met his gaze steadily, prepared for the anger and frustration that had always kept her from rolling her window down, but she was surprised. After a moment of shock, his eyes darkened with obvious lust and an attractive smile curved his sensual lips.For the first time ever at a race, she stepped out of her car and approached her competition. She was rewarded by the shocked whispers of the crowd that their favorite racer was a woman, but she spared them no thought. She reached his car, his eyes glued to her face and leaned her elbows on the door of his car. "Sorry for the disappointment of not getting my car, but maybe I can make it up to you somehow." She wasn't usually this forward, but his reaction her winning had succeeded in getting her full attention. She wanted to get to know this supposedly notorious playboy and see what he saw in her. She wasn't anything like the models men like him usually draped on their arm and she hadn't even bothered to put on make up before coming out. What did this sexy as hell man see in her? What he saw in her? Women threw themselves at him for his money, always dressing to impress and doing anything to please him. Those women bored him. This woman had openly challenged him and more over she had beaten him. She hadn't lost to simply assuage his male ego and he had never felt that before. He was rarely ever bested and never by a woman which made this one all the more special. "Maybe you can. What do you say to dinner with me?" She buried her shock, expecting him to go straight to asking her home and bent in to kiss his cheek. "I'd say that it sounds like a date if that's what you're asking, handsome. Name the time and place." A low growl rumbled in his chest at her acceptance and he reigned it in at her curious expression. "How about right here, right now? Follow me to the restaurant. I know a joint that will allow your dog," he rumbled, shocked by Ragnar's unusual silence at the prospect of yet another woman. That mongrel usually had loads to say about his parade of women. Her cheeks flushed an even deeper shade of red as she pulled back and flashed a smile. "I see you need an excuse to be in front after spending so much time behind me." He felt desire course through his veins at the unintentional s****l innuendo and tightened his grip on the steering wheel to fight the need to drag her into his lap. "I am more than happy to get the chance to be in front of you if it's anywhere near as lovely as the rear end." She felt all the blood in her body heat at his words and wanted so badly to jump his bones right there. She stood up from his window, immediately feeling the loss of his heat and tossed her keys in the air before catching them. "How about you take me to dinner and then maybe I'll give you the chance to inspect under the hood a little more closely?" Even Ragnar lifted his head and growled in approval at the thought of getting closer to her and that had his attention. "Get your wolf and follow me. I'll pay since I lost." Frost smiled seductively before turning to sashay back into the crowd and go in search of her friends and Kodiac. She found them with little trouble and they both threw their arms around her in celebration as Kodiac threw his head back and howled. "So I got asked out on a date by my handsome rescuer," she said nochalantly even while giddy on the inside. Both of their eyes widened in surprise before they embraced her again and Tori suddenly pulled away. "You are not going on a date with that hunk wearing that. I have another top in my Jeep and you're gonna put it on and like it, missy." She hauled Frost over to her Jeep, her ass high in the air as she bent into the backseat in search of said shirt. She came back up after a few moments of rummaging and threw a silvery scrap of material at her best friend. "He won't know what hit him when you show up in that." Frost looked down at the "shirt" skeptically, but decided to give it a chance and tucked it in her pocket. "I'll put this on in the safety of my car so that I don't give everyone here a free strip tease," she only kind of joked. "He told me I could bring Kodiac. You guys don't mind if I bail early to go with right?" Steph looked at her as though she was dense and gave her a gentle shove in the shoulder. "Are you kidding me, icy? You better go follow that delicious man and stop doubting yourself. You're stunning. Now take our boy and go get your man, chicka." She threw her arms around her two best friends once more and bolted back to her car with Kodiac hot on her heels. She jumped behind the wheel of her car, motioning that she was ready to follow and he pulled off. Now that he had seen for himself what she was capable of, he didn't hold back as he sped towards his restaurant. He flipped through the gears of his car effortlessly and she remained hot on his bumper, proving her fearlessness. In a matter of ten minutes he screeched to a halt in front of the beach front restaurant he owned and waited for her to exit her vehicle. Frost quickly yanked her shirt and bra off as she pulled the brake and cut the engine. She unfolded the questionable piece of cloth and would have backed out if Tori hadn't backed her into a corner. She pulled the fabric over her head and her eyes nearly fell out at how revealing the top was, but she had made her bed. She took a steadying breath and stepped out of her car before she could have a chance to second guess herself. Hail's jaw could have hit the pavement when she slid out. Holy f**k!! That was not the shirt that she was wearing earlier. The silver material fell to just above her belly button and the spaghetti straps showed off the Maori tattoos that swirled on both of her shoulders. The top plunged daringly low and showed a tempting view of her medium sized breasts. The retreating rays of sunlight danced gloriously across her red brown sun kissed flesh and he wanted to devour her where she stood. A soft growl rumbled in his chest as he gazed at her and he wanted to hide her away from the wandering gaze of other men. Kodiac jumped out of the car behind her, approaching Hail with a wagging tail and licked his hand. Frost nearly choked on her own shock at the sight. "Kodiac never goes up to anyone that he hasn't met and been around in our home. Even then he's usually pretty standoffish with everyone except for my two friends." Hail glanced up from scratching the beast's head and gave her a toothy grin. "I guess he can just sense the wild animal in me too. Trust your friend, I assure you he's a good judge of character." He held his hand out without further comment and she glady took it, following him to the fancy restaurant's deck. He didn't wait to be seated, simply led her to the table in the corner and pulled out a seat for her, overlooking the sun setting over the water. "I hope this is worth missing out on girl's night for." She head the teasing undertone and leaned forward, so her lips were only a few inches apart. "I'm still deciding," she whispered conspiratorially and pulled away. "Tell me about yourself and we'll see where I stand." "What would you like to know?" He was truly interested in her answer because everyone was always hung up on his money. He was curious to see what she wanted to know about him. She c****d her head to the side and studied him intently, letting her own instincts judge him. "I want to know what makes you tick. Anyone can have money, but there needs to be something more. What are your hobbies? What do you do for fun? What brings you joy?" The enigma of this woman just kept intensifying the more time that he spent in her presence and he wanted to tell her everything. "I enjoy cars, like you, but I also enjoy motorcycles as well as being out in nature. There's nothing better than finding a deserted stretch of land that nature has begun to reclaim. I like to see the wild in things.... that's what drew me to you in the first place. You're so unlike any other woman that I've ever met. You didn't see money when you looked at me, you saw challenge. You wanted inside my head, not my wallet." Frost shrugged as though that was nothing and stretching in the waning sunlight. "I've got my own money, don't need yours. I just don't want to waste my time with someone that thinks women have certain things they can do and others are best left for the men. You really caught my interest when you didn't get mad over being beaten by a girl. Most men are furious or try to say that the chick cheated somehow." He flashed a million dollar smile and leaned back in his seat to look her over with heated amber eyes. "I'm more than capable of accepting my defeat, especially if it comes from a gorgeous woman. You're not like anyone else that I've ever met and that intrigues me beyond words, lovely." She internally snorted. Of course you're not like anyone else, Cleopatra's voice slipped through her mind sensually. Her cat usually remained quiet during her encounters and she quirked a brow at the strangeness of the situation. Cleopatra didn't deign her "play toys" as worthy of even her most miniscule interest and shut her out in their contact. What was different about this one? "Right back at ya... So other than driving what do you do?" "Oh, I have my fingers in a little bit of everything. I own a building company, a couple of oil rigs, this restaurant, numerous things." A sudden burst of laughter fell from her lips and she shook her head, confusing him. "This restaurant doesn't really allow dogs, does it? I thought the server looked shocked when she saw Kodiac." A mischievous grin pulled his lips up and he leaned closer, his voice barely above a whisper. "They allow me in here and I assure you that I'm more of a dog than him ." She leaned forward, balancing her chin on her steepled fingers as her eyes glittered dangerously. "Lucky for me that I have a bit of a soft spot when it comes to dogs. I've always found them to be much better company than people, much more loyal as well." Hail leaned back as the server returned with their beers and appetizer, holding his tongue for the moment. Once she was gone, his gaze fell back on the bombshell seated across from him and sparks shot their way up his arms. This woman was absolutely one of a kind and he wanted her in his bed. He controlled himself through out their meal and she shocked him once more at the end. She gave him her address, tossing "race you there" over her should and bolted from the patio. He stood to follow, not allowing a chance at this woman to slip between his fingers and his car squealed tires to catch that ass. The enchanting creature in the muscle car sped through the traffic, weaving through it expertly and he stayed hot on her ass. There was absolutely no way that Chevelle was escaping his sight so long as there was air in his lungs. He whipped around a corner, his rear end kicking out at the speed and then forced it back in line behind her, his luxury engine purring loudly. He pushed through the cars behind her and came to a halt in the driveway of her quaint little house across from the beach. He stepped out of his black sports car behind her and waited for her to turn Kodiac loose in her back yard. As soon as the wolf was securely within the fence, he couldn't keep his hands off of her and dragged her to him roughly. He closed the distance between their lips as electricity left sparks along his arms and back her towards her door.Her hands fumbled on the lock, pushing for entrance without breaking their passionate kiss and they tumbled into her living room. She pushed him towards her bedroom as her lips continued exploring and kicked the door shut behind herself. She was panting as she tore away from him and he growled at the loss of contact. She simply smiled, pulling the shirt over her head and dropping it to the floor. His eyes greedily took in her exposed skin, noting the tribal that fell from her shoulder, curled down her ribs to curve beneath her perky breasts. He was having a hard time resisting the urge to trace his lips along those seductive swirls and he gave into the need. His large hands wrapped around her waist to place her in the center of her bed and he followed her down. His lips traced a path along the tattoo that had tangled him in it's spell and she lost herself to his passion. A strangled moan tore from her lips as his tongue traced the swirl that curved over the bottom of her breast and fire coursed through her blood. No one's touch had ever made her feel like this and she wanted so much more of it. She arched her back into his touch and pulled his hair until his teeth clamped around her hardened n****e. A loud moan wrenched from her chest and she dragged her nails over his shirt. "Hail, lose the clothes right now," she wanted with need. He rose to do as she demanded and her own hands fell to her pants, dragging them down over her curvaceous hips. He drank in the sight of her naked body as he continued to strip, eyes caressing ever inch of this goddess's perfectly toned body. The tribal was her only tattoo and it once more drew his attention. After ridding himself of the burden of his clothes, he kissed his way up her until his lips once more found the delectable curve of her breast and he bit down lightly to see her reaction. His teeth clamped down on her flesh and she caught fire beneath him. She dug her nails firmly into his back, legs wrapped around his waist and she pulled his unwilling head from her breast. "Please?" The word was barely audible but he knew what she wanted and plunged into her tight warmth. As soon as he was settled firmly between her thighs, Cleopatra purred within her mind. "Mate," the word poured from her lips as Cleopatra forced her way forward and Frost froze in shock. That b***h would've known he was their mate the second she laid eyes on him. Hail was only seconds behind in his realization. As soon as his mind settled from the bliss of being inside her, Ragnar growled in the back of his mind in victory. Mark mate. The words coursed through him as he realized his sneaky wolf had tricked him. Frost's defiance had instantly caught his attention and Ragnar had known precisely who she was. His wolf had hidden that she was his mate until he had decided to bed her for himself. He had made sure that he would not turn from her as he always said and now that he was inside of her, he never wanted to let go. Frost had avoided her own kind for her entire life because the idea of being mated terrified her. She had seen what the loss of a mate did to her father and she refused to become the lifeless shell that he'd turned into. Cleopatra had been fighting her on this decision since she was old enough to find her mate and had all but given up hope. She had sensed Frost's interest in their mate and wisely kept her mouth shut so the two could get to know one another. Go on. Mark him. I know that you like mate or we wouldn't be here right now. She let out a sound of pure frustration and rocked her hips against his to regain his attention. She might not want a mate, but she could have him this one time and then go back to living for the race. "Don't stop, Hail. Please, don't stop." Her frenzied words snapped him out of his own thoughts and he shoved his doubts aside at the desperation in her voice. He crashed his lips into her's greedily, sinking his teeth into the lower one and thrust into her once more. The needy sound that burst from her, forced him to release her lip and slam into her once more. When he was rewarded with another erotic purr, he dropped his head to her breast and bit down on her n****e. She threw her head back and cried out at his actions, her core tightening around him as she reached her bliss. He didn't stop there, needing to hear more of the sexy sounds pouring from his mate's lips and tossed her leg over his shoulder. The new position allowed him better access as he tweaked her n****e once more and thrust into her with all his strength. Her nails dug into his flesh, leaving scratches in their wake and his name tore from her lips as another orgasm ripped through her body. He pushed her through into another before following her in his own release and collapsing over her. "That was fantastic, little mate," he conceded to Ragnar being right about a mate being a good thing. Her eyes flashed from their pale blue to a much deeper cobalt and back again. "I, Frost Winters, hereby reject-" A snarl tore from him at her words and his eyes flashed to molten gold as he stared down at her. "Don't!" he growled. With a surge of strength he was unprepared for, she shoved him off of herself and launched to her feet. Her own anger made her seem so much larger as she faced off with her mate buck naked. She knew that he would never give her the chance to say the words now so she did the only thing that she could. " Get the f**k out of my house right this instant, Hail. You might not accept my rejection, but this is still private property. Get out."
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