Chapter 1

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Soraya POV “Mommy, mommy look! There’s a city.” Kai jumped up and down his seat as he looked out the window of the plane. “Yes honey that’s the city where grandma and grandpa are from, it’s called Phoenix.” I looked at my son’s excited expression as he smiled at me. Cute dimples dented both sides of his cheeks, his amber eyes, which were masked by long lashes glowing with happiness. His head, a crown of full golden brown curls that also came just above his eyes. He turned to look out the window again as he started to count. He looked nothing like me, he was an exact replica of his father. This made me very nervous because the man didn’t even know that he had a son and here I was coming back to the one place I swore to myself I would never return to. I had no choice though, my father had fallen ill and my mom was not coping by herself. I had had to tender in my resignation at the law firm I had worked at for the past four years and come home to assist her. My stomach churned as we got closer and closer. “Do you think we can spot grandma’s house from here?” He asked in his sweet innocent voice. At five years old, he was quite inquisitive and very smart for his age. “Probably not honey, grandma’s house is not big enough to see from all the way up here.” I ruffled his mop of curls. “I think we need to sit back in our seats and put our seatbelts back on, we will be landing soon.” I informed him. A few moments later we were in a cab driving to my parents place. Mom and dad had been so pleased when I told them that I would be returning back home, they shared with me that it would be nice to be able to see their grandson daily instead of always traveling up to see us in New York once or twice a year, the last time I was home was a few months after my twenty fourth birthday. The cab driver parked by the drive way and helped us get our bags to the door, Kai rang the door bell and giggled as he waited in anticipation for the door to be opened. My mom opened the door and he jumped into her arms and squealed, “grandma.” Her arms went around his little body as she returned his hug. “Oh my beautiful boy, you’re here.” She said as she looked at him so affectionately. “Where’s grandpa?” He asked. “He’s in the den sweetie, just down that way you can go and surprise him.” Kai took of running. My mom turned to me and held out her arms, I willingly went to her for a hug. “He is quite an energy ball isn’t he.” She chuckled. “You have no idea momma, I have to always be thinking up ways to keep him entertained.” I laughed. “Oh mom it’s good to be home.” “Is this all you brought back with you? I thought you would be coming to stay honey.” She said as she pulled away and glanced at our bags. “Oh yes, we are mom but we can’t take that all onto the plane with us, a truck will be delivering the rest of the things to a storage unit close by and I will go and sort it out and get what Kai and I will need.” We put the suitcases and bags in the hallway then walked in the direction of Kai’s giggles. My dad was sitting on a one seater lounger with Kai on his lap. “For real grandpa? Did it really chug like that?” “I’m telling you champ and the water went spraying everywhere all over the garage.” My dad was explaining something to him and Kai just kept giggling. “Dad are you telling Kai about the time I mistakenly turned on the hose pipe in the garage trying to wash your car?” I smiled. “I will never forget that day.” He laughed out loud. “Well don’t go giving him any ideas because mommy got spanked and sent to her room.” I said to Kai knowing very well he would try and experiment this new found information. “Oh man!” He sighed looking disappointed. We all chuckled at his reaction. “Hello daddy,” I went over to my dad and hugged him. “How are you feeling?” “Hello my angel, good to have you back home.” He smiled. “Oh you don’t have to worry much about me, I’m up and walking around.” “Definitely good to be back.” I sat on the two seater with my mom and we sat down to catch up. I found it really emotional that my dad would never complain about being sick. A few months ago he had been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer, he had gone for surgery to remove as much of the tumour and now he was under going chemotherapy and radiation. All my life my parents had been my rock and I was glad to be home to support and help them like they had done when I fell pregnant and told them I did not know who the father of my child was. My father had known that it was not true but had not pushed me at all for more information even when I opted to move away to New York. They had helped me to get a new place there and supported me financially until Kai was old enough for me to go to work. I was a daddy’s girl through and through and would always want to make sure that he was okay. A few moments later my mom and I went to get the table set for dinner. After dinner, Kai and I said our good nights and then I got him ready for bed. “So buddy today you will be sharing a room with mommy but when the truck arrives with our furniture we will get your bed setup in mommy’s old nursery.” I said to him as I tucked him in. He nodded his head but he had a frown on his face like he wanted to say or ask something. “What is it sweetheart?” I asked. “Mommy, is this where my dad is from as well?” His question caught me off guard. I didn’t know what to say. “Uhmm, I guess so.” I said slowly. “Does that mean I finally get to meet him? Reggie’s dad travels for work but he comes home after a while. How come mine never does?” He looked so sullen as he asked me this. It broke my heart, I wondered how long he had been thinking about this. “Well sweetheart how about we talk about this tomorrow okay?” I needed to buy myself time to think about what I would say to him. I had toyed with the idea of telling Kai that his father had passed away but I could never get myself to do it so I would just tell him that his father worked in a state far away and he couldn’t get time to travel but he loved him so very much. I had even went as far as buying gifts for him and pretending they were from his father and when he asked if we could call him to say thank you I would always say he didn’t have a phone where he worked so he only sent letters. “Okay.” He sighed, the frown between his brows disappeared as his eyes fluttered and he yawned. I kissed his forehead, switched of the side lamp then walked into the guest bathroom to shower. I couldn’t dodge that bullet any longer so I would have to somehow gather up the courage to tell Xander about Kai and hope with all my might that he would want to be involved in his son’s life. I wondered what he would say… I turned off the shower and started to get ready for bed. It was early but I was just as tired as Kai from the moving and the flight. I looked at my reflection in the full body bathroom mirror, back in my early twenties I had waist length honey blonde hair but just before Kai was born I had decided to chop it off, now my honey blonde wavy hair came just over my shoulders, framing my oval face. My almond shaped eyes were sapphire blue and I had full plump lips. I had always wondered what it was about me that Xander had found so unappealing right after he had acted like he found me so attractive. I was not tall, leggy, skinny and exotic I guess, which was his usual type. I was 5”4 when I wasn’t wearing any heels, I had a fair complexion with a pink petal undertone. I had a small bust, small waist but like my mother who was half Brazilian we had curvy figures, I just had not taken her beautiful dark features. I had my dad’s English ancestry skin tone, eyes and hair colour. I had always loved that about myself, a lot of women would complement me and tell me that I had a barbie doll figure and a lot of men found me attractive. I was just too shy to ever acknowledge their attention and the fact that I had faced rejection from a man I had really liked did not help my confidence at all. I sighed and got in to bed next to Kai and my mind drifted to the first time I met Xander.
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