Chapter 2 - Hunted

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April This had gone from bad to worse. I had always been so careful. I had never been caught by a pack in the 4 years I had lived as a rogue and I wasn't about to start now. I had had a close call once, but they hadn't seen me. This patrol had and I was hardly inconspicuous with my blood-red hair, even if it was braided out of the way. Damnit, I risked everything just for the chance of catching some food and now I may pay the price. If they caught me, how long would it take Alpha Nicholas or Hunter to find me? Or maybe this pack would hand me over to them directly...this was all the motivation I needed to keep running. I ran along the border, I'd heard howls coming from the direction I had wanted to head. So if I ran along the pack border I may be able to double back at some point. I can't leave that bag behind, it contained the only picture I had of my parents, the one my mother placed in my bag before we ran. That one possession was worth more to me than anything and was certainly worth possible capture. I had an advantage on my side in being able to suppress my scent, this would leave them highly confused on my direction. Unfortunately I was leaving the odd boot print in the forest dirt underfoot, but unless I could pull levitation out of my ass, there wasn't much I could do about it. As I continued to run the sounds of howls grew distant, I must have been running for a good hour. Hopefully, I'd lost them. I slowed my pace a little and started to sniff out the border scent markers. If they'd given up their pursuit, I could double back and go get my bag. Scenting out the markers, I started on a fast jog in their direction. Something about the silence around me felt unnatural. Then it came. I heard a faint click and whistling noise approach me. I had but a split second to react as I dropped to the ground in a forward roll, not losing momentum - just like I had been taught - as I made to run at my full speed once again. I had seen the shiny cylinder, a dart, they were trying to take me down alive at least. Another shot came to my left, so I spun to my right, narrowly avoiding it. The shooter was determined and a good shot, I'd give them that. Two shots fired this time, one after the other. I dodged the first one but the second got me right in the leg. Fuck that hurt. The wolfsbane exploded through my veins, burning like fire within me. I felt my connection with August sever as it took effect. The tranquilliser was slowing my speed too but I shook it off and forced myself to keep going. I had never successfully completed wolfsbane training, so I had little resistance to it. I had tried but with living in the wilds, liquid wolfsbane was a little hard to procure and the little I had managed to scavenge wasn't enough to complete my training. And I could hardly use the plant that we derived the toxin from, as Wolf's bane flowers weren't native. I couldn't exactly sail over to Europe for it. A fifth shot sent me to the ground. I felt like I wanted to tear my skin off with the burning sensation. I couldn't fight the tranquilliser anymore coursing through my body. I heard a voice above me "I finally got her!" the man shouted out. I couldn't make out the figure in front of me, everything seemed to blur into a mass of moving colour and shapes. "Never seen a rogue need 2 darts to take down" another voice spoke. "Technically, I fired 5, only 2 hit" replied the first voice. "And you're supposed to be Mr. One Shot?" Were these two seriously bantering right now? Fucking males. My eyes were watering with the strength of the wolfsbane still in my system. I placed my arm in front of me and pulled forward. I repeated the action with my other arm. I might be able to actually crawl away with these two focused on their self congratulations instead of their job. "Your rogue is very slowly getting away, master hunter." I heard footsteps approach me, I turned to see the shape of the man that had chased me. "Please...don't…" I whispered out. I felt him hit me with another dart. My vision started to give out as I heard him speak again. "Nothing personal, but we got to take you in." Everything went black. ---------- I awoke slowly. My head was pounding. My mouth and throat felt like a desert. My body ached from the lingering effects of wolfsbane. I might not have had much resistance to it but my Alpha metabolism had already started burning it from my system. I had no clue how long I'd been out. I had only been hit with a massive dose of wolfsbane once, when I was incarcerated in Nicholas's pack and had attempted to escape. I think it had only taken a few hours to start leaving my system, so my best estimate was only 3 or 4 hours had passed right now. I tried to open my eyes, but they hurt so much. The lighting in the room I was in was quite soft and judging by the natural light drifting in from the barred window, it was either late afternoon or early evening. After a few blinks, my eyes cleared and eased. I took a good look around the room. It was a cell, most likely in this pack's prison and looked to be no bigger than 12ft X 12ft. It was actually quite clean and bright, the walls, floor and ceiling were white and had a sheen to them. Most likely so when the occupant had gone the entire room could be easily hosed down, judging how there was a drain in the far corner that the floor slightly dipped towards. There was a small steel toilet and sink in the corner near the drain and the bed I was on, too, was a steel frame bolted to the floor with a thin mattress on top. I had to admit, it was pretty comfy. But I had lived in the wilds for four years sleeping on the ground, so anything would feel comfortable to me. I could feel the cell was lined with silver, the air had that tell tale tingling and oppressive feel. I had no doubt that the silver colour of the cell door was silver metal coating it, along with the bars on the thin slit window near the ceiling. The door looked solid and had a small viewing port at the top, currently closed and the light that was softly bathing the room came from a small circular insert above it. A mild despair came over me. I was captured. How would I get out of this? Would my lifetime pursuers be here soon? Would this pack kill me? Rogues weren't usually welcome, most had been banished from their pack because they had committed serious crimes or had run to escape justice for their crimes. So when most rogues were caught, a report would go out on werewolf forums in case they were wanted in another pack. I felt a tear slip down my cheek at the prospect I may be delivered back into the hands of monsters. Who would believe me, a rogue, that I was innocent? I wouldn't just be sent on my way. No, a pity party right now will do me no favours. I wiped my cheek, and set my determination into action. I had escaped once and could escape again. The door opened and closed swiftly, a large man, looking around 6'4 stood before me and judging by his size and build he had to be a Beta. I stood up quickly, backing myself against the wall in an effort to put as much distance between us as possible. "Hey it's ok, no-one here's gonna hurt you. That's not how we operate" he spoke softly with his hands raised in placation. "You woke up pretty quick, I was expecting you to be out at least a couple of days, not a couple of hours" I was confused by his kind face and soft tone with me...I was not expecting this. My wolf was suspicious too, but that was her go-to mood 'stay vigilant...something has me feeling on edge.' The man's voice was familiar, I'm sure he was the one that chased me down and knocked me out. He was quite handsome, as most wolf males were. He had pale chestnut hair, in messy waves and dark blue eyes. He had a short beard that was almost heavy stubble. There wasn't a single ounce of malicious intent emanating from him, was this normal? I didn't have much experience with packs. "What's your name?" He asked gently. No way in hell was I answering that. I simply looked down to the side, choosing to remain silent. I couldn't lie to save my life, so silence was my only option. "Okaaaay, how about where you're from? Why are you rogue?" Again, no way was I giving that information out. I may as well give them directions to the Monkshood Moon pack and slap on a bow for Alpha Nicholas and Hunter myself! So I continued in my silent protest, staring down at the ground next to him. "You really aren't going to tell me anything? Well, I'm Jude, Jude Sherwood, you know, like Robin Hood?" he tried to laugh and lighten the mood but I wasn't biting "...anyway, I'm the Beta here and…" Whatever he was going to say was interrupted by the door flying open. I was hit with the most wonderful smell I had ever experienced, a spicy citrus scent. 'MATE! MATE!' my wolf squealed in my head instantly elated. He was the most beautiful man I had ever seen. His hair and eyes were such deep brown they were almost black, a contrast between his creamy skin. His features were sharp and masculine, with a hint of stubble across his wonderfully strong jaw. There was no mistaking he was the Alpha from his height, of what looked to be around 6'7, to his immense muscular build and his powerful aura that commanded attention. Those beautiful eyes of his were fixated on me, but his expression made his feelings quite clear...I repulsed him. His eyebrows scrunched together and a deep frown formed on his lips, August howled in pain at the silent rejection she could feel from his wolf. He hadn't said anything when he turned to leave and I stupidly leapt forward to take his arm, to beg him to wait, to let me explain everything. I hadn't even registered I had moved, I had never felt this overwhelming desperation for someone in my life. The mate bond made us act in ways we never thought possible. At my hand landing on his arm, his entire body halted and tensed. He ripped free of my grasp and stepped menacingly forward, causing me to back up in fear. His size seemed to dwarf me in this small cell. "Don't ever f*****g touch me" he bit out through clenched teeth, his eyes pitch black. I felt my lip tremble "please...just…" my voice died in my throat as his hand connected with my neck lifting me clear from the floor, slamming me back into the wall so hard I saw stars. "9 years I've been able to find my fated mate and when she appears it's a f*****g rogue! The moon goddess really has a sick sense of humour" he shouted as his hand squeezed my throat. My hands tried to prise myself free, desperate for air. His Beta pulled at his arm violently to release his grip, but it was like a vice. "Ethan! Let go! You're killing her!" Jude shouted out. His words registered instantly with the enraged Alpha as he dropped me like I had burnt him. I fell to the ground wheezing, taking large gulps of air as tears filled my eyes from the effort of breathing. I looked up to the Alpha still towering above me and felt confused by his expression. His eyes were wide and back to their deep brown. His head seemed to shake as though he was in denial at what had just happened, like he was just now waking from a trance with his breathing shallow and rapid. He slowly backed up and exited without a word. Jude remained frozen in place for a second, before reacting, kneeling down beside me holding my head up between his hands. "f**k, are you ok? Of course you're not, sorry that's a stupid you need a doctor or anything? Are you injured?" I just shook my head, still trembling from the adrenaline. "I'm fine" I croaked out. I wasn't fine, I was pretty bloody far from fine. He frowned, seemingly disbelieving my strained whisper. "I need to go deal with something...I won't be long" he stood up and quickly left, shutting the cell door closed behind him. My wolf was curled up on herself, wanting to block out the rest of the world. That sounded just what I wanted right now too. I pulled the thin blanket from the bed over me and fell to the side. Cocooned in my own solitude, my tears slipped silently. I was officially alone.
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