Decisions, decisions

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"As if you were making the decisions here." My grandmother rolled her eyes at my father. "I have already arranged admission to my beloved alma mater." she smiled at me. "Our flight is in two weeks." she continued "Sonjia, you know what she needs. FRANCISCO, I am sure you can cover any expenses, no?" 'She's already won'  I thought to myself, wondering why grandmother was being so mean. 'I guess they don't call her a witch for nothing'  I inwardly chuckled. Grandmother immediately whipped her head around and gave me 'the look' and I decided to keep my thoughts to myself and for later, when she wasn't around. Clarissa Emanuella Swiftstone, my grandmother and my hero, was a beautiful woman with bright blue eyes just like my mother. Her hair was snow white, soft and pulled neatly back into a small bun at the nape of her neck. Every time she visits, her face always looks forever young. Something tells me grandmother uses a little of her own magic to stay looking so youthful. I had to wonder just how powerful she really is. We only saw her around holidays and special occasions, mainly because she and my father obviously do not get along. So, I don't really know much about her. But, I am loving learning all I can about her. Grandmother always looked elegant. Tonight her sheer, flowing, pink jacket covered her black vee neck t-shirt and matching capris. If it weren't for her hair, she could pass as any one of my mom's friends...or mine! Grandmother always told me, secretly of course, that I would be a great leader someday. She said I would do 'great things'. I always believe her because she is so sincere and so insistent and, I'm not sure, but I have heard she has the gift of prophecy. She wasn't over the top physically but in her powerful presence, you could not help but know there was a lot more than meets the eye. Her signature red lipstick accentuated her beautiful smile and really complimented her eyes that turned red when she got mad. Of course, it did not surprise me that grandmother had already planned and resolved any issues surrounding my formal education. She was really good at things like that. But, I felt like everyone else was getting a say-so in my future but me. However, my grandmother was not to be crossed. Look how father even finally gave in to her!! 'But do I really even want to go? I am really enjoying my training with the pack trainers.  I like my friends here and I  only have two more years before I turn 18 and finally shift into my wolf IF I ever shift.' I anguished inside my head.   No one is sure because I am a hybrid.  No, I am not the first child born to a witch and sired by a werewolf. However, each hybrid's shifting age is different.  Either way, I was quickly approaching the age range where I would, or could, shift. I needed to be prepared. Why do I have to change schools??  Is it absolutely necessary? I mean mumbling a few chants and flinging around a wand can in no way be too terribly difficult. Can't I just do this online?? Whyyyy do i have to leave my school??? Did I really want to do it....wait.....where am I going? Not one person has told me exactly where they are sending me!! I must have had my mouth hanging open and a look of disbelief because my grandmother abruptly tapped the bottom of my chin with the back of her fingers and snipped "Close your mouth Sophia. You shouldn't be surprised. NONE of you should." Ow! "Since you were born everyone in this room has known you would be different " she continued. "You are going to be the first female Alpha of the de la Oro pack!" she stood beside me, putting one arm around my shoulders and the other fisted hand on her hip. Her gaze was tilted upward and her eyes were focused far, far away as if dreaming of my coronation day...or something bigger? I don't know. Grandmother could be weird sometimes. "Do you know how powerful you will be as an Alpha who also has magical abilities?" my mother finally spoke. Her silence now broken, I could finally feel the courage enough to speak "But, I like it here, Grandmother. Can't you teach me? Can I take an online class? All my friends are here at the pack school. Please?! There has to be a way?". My father's eyes showed a faint glimmer of hope that was quickly extinguished by a loud "NO!!!!" from my grandmother and his look was quickly replaced with anger when three lightbulbs blew out in his office from her powerful outburst. I swear I saw his wolf's eyes just for a split second and his wolf, Esteban, did not look happy. My mother, normally very timid and demure, quickly stepped between them. She looked straight at me with fire in her eyes and hissed "Enough!! Your grandmother worked very hard to get you into this school and you are going! This is part of your training to lead this pack. It would be irresponsible of you to possess power you don't know how to control. How would you feel if you injured someone? Someone you love? This is no longer up for discussion. Sit down and remain silent." The first thing I did was closed my mouth. Didn't need to get smacked again by my grandmother. 'Those bony old fingers hurt!' Grandmother immediately tightened her squeeze around my shoulders making sure that I knew that SHE knew what I thought were my private thoughts... were not so private after all.. Maybe going away wasn't such a bad thing after all if she can read my mind. I mean.. what's the worst that can happen? "So. Two weeks. Where am I going?"
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