| Chapter One |

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Wolff ran his hands through his thick blond hair. He sat on the edge of his sturdy king-size mattress taking deep steady breaths as he tried to calm his racing heart. His bear was restless. It had been this last week, more so than usual. Wolff needed to let the animal inside of him free again, the only problem was his shift would need to wait until his Clan finished their work Growling in frustration at the continual banging to his log cabin door Wolff stormed through the living area. He yanked the deep wooden door open, nearly taking it from the hinges. "What?" He growled, his bear stirring inside him. Zeke, his second stood before the door. The man simply laughed at his tone. "You really aren't a morning person are you? Every morning you greet me the same. I'm starting to get a little offended here." He mocked. Zeke entered the cabin without an invite. He cast an appraising glance over the room a smirk lying on his lips, Wolff growled in annoyance. The plush brown couch was tipped on its side completely ripped to shreds, the beige carpet had claw marks all over it. Wolff looked around himself seeing the wooden panelled walls had claw marks all over them as well. His bear had really done a number on the place last night. Just as well he didn't keep any other contents than the necessities here. "I thought the terrors were gone, you haven't had one in a long time. It's getting worse Alpha, they are...dangerous." Wolff heard the concern in Zeke's voice, he only ever used his title when he was worried. "I can handle it." He dismissed. "The others are worried about you as well, they are scared of what could happen to you, to us." He mentioned regretfully. "I said I'm fine." Wolff grated. Zeke immediately bowed his head in a defensive manner, his inner animal listening to his underlying fury. "Get the trucks ready." Zeke nodded obediently leaving him to it. Realising he was completely naked Wolff pulled on some clothes. Last night wasn't the first time his bear had shredded the clothes from his skin and it certainly wouldn't be the last. When he was dressed in his faded blue work jeans, plain white t-shirt and tan work boots he lifted his helmet and hi-vis vest. The work wasn't going to get done itself. The others were already waiting to leave in the three trucks they shared. He nodded to Fleur and Maxton at the front then Deon and Zeke in the truck behind. Wolff rolled his eyes as Zeke tapped his wrist motioning for him to hurry up. As he entered his truck he could feel the tension of his Clan consume him. An unstable Alpha was a dangerous one. They had nothing to fear, he would fight for them if needed until his dying breath. A small part of him though knew why they were worried. Something inside him feared what they did - that one day his terrors were going to be too much for him to come back from. They were his family now, he had to ensure that never happened. "Let's get going." His words were spoken quietly, even although the others were in their own trucks they had no trouble hearing the underlying order to his tone. The Clan arrived at the building site within three hours, they had thankfully made it out of the long muddy trail from their cabins to the main road without a glitch, that had to be one of the few days that had happened. The latest job was on the redevelopment of a huge, three story farm house, stables, outbuildings and the general maintenance of the fences around the fields for the new owner who had bought the land. The man was a bear like them so they had nothing to worry about with their territory or their secret. Wolff and his crew were the best construction company in the area, they were only too happy to accept the job. It wasn't about the money, they had everything they needed at their homes. It was to keep their bear busy - if they didn't their bear could overpower their humanity locking them in their animal forever. Stepping from the truck Wolff sighed. "Right, we all know what we are here to do, the earlier we get everything done the sooner we can leave. Let's go." Everyone scampered quickly, they all went about setting up the equipment and materials, he sighed letting his shoulders drop. It was barely seven in the morning, the air was icy cold not that he could feel it. The bear inside his skin kept him continuously hot although he was warmer than he had ever been. A strange tingling filled his stomach as his legs jerked beneath his weight. Gripping the truck Wolff tried to steady himself as his bear fought to claim his skin. It felt like someone was trying to claw his insides out, the pain was overwhelming, excruciating. He didn't understand the sudden reaction, his bear was never this eager or violent unless his night terrors took place. "Boss." Fleur whispered her soothing voice trying not to startle him, he didn't even see her approach. What was wrong with him? Wolff ignored her questions following the bears directions his breathing picking up to harsh puffs. He stumbled through the thick morning fog until he stopped in front of the remains of an old brick outbuilding. Stepping into the empty shell his bear groaned in excitement. His clan were behind him staring at his tense posture. He knew his eyes had turned from their pale green and were now glowing a richer, deeper green. His face was probably starting to distort as his bear jumped in glee. Taking two rigid steps forward to the human woman in front of him a grumbling waved from his chest. He knew what the reaction was for although he deeply hoped he was wrong. He willed his bear to leave, to run yet no matter how many times he fought for the animal to turn it wouldn't listen. The woman was sleeping peacefully, her red hair scraped up into a bun showing her dirty skin. She was huddled in the corner, her tiny frame curled into a tight ball. He had never seen a sight so enticing, so vulnerably beautiful. Wolff's bear immediately went into protective mode and before he could stop his inner animal from coming further to the surface something happened. Something horrifying. "Mine." The word left his lips in a gruff, shocked whisper. Wolff stumbled over nothing but thin air. He had just made an Alphas claim, the strongest claim that existed in their species. A sliver of panic washed over him. He had just ruined his mates life.
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