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I turned at the corner and walked back to my room, entering it to find that Tatum had returned. "Where have you been?" He asked, walking closer to me. He suddenly noticed that I had on the necklace I had taken off before he left the room. "I went to see Ambrose," I said. "You didn't give him back the necklace?" And he asked. I shook my head. I didn't feel like explaining what had happened while I was alone with Ambrose. It was awkward and embarrassing enough without me having to tell anyone else about it. "I think I'll rather keep it. I'll think of it as an apology from him," I stated. Tatum didn't understand what that was about or what prompted me to change my mind about the necklace, however, if I decided to keep it, then he was fine with it. "I put the gifts in the pile with the re

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