The Prophecy

1540 Words
Long ago, s*x was the most natural thing in the world. s*x, nudity, the passion of being with someone you care for was so overwhelming that it didn't matter who saw. Or who was apart of it. The greeks worshipped each other bodies like art and wine and s*x was the natural response. But as times shifted and mortals began to feel more like Adam and Eve after they ate the apple, it became a stale time. More conservative. As times again changed to a tinder and grind era, s*x became more frequent, more vigorous and less taboo with multiple partners. But there was still something missing. The hooking up between people became meaningless, they were just scratching an itch and then being done. Frustrated with the mortals lack for wanting more, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite coupled with the God of s*x and s****l Activity. Eros. Both Gods, went through a heady s****l ritual that took span of three days. The first night Aphrodite soaked in rose water and ate fruit, while Eros watched as she was bathed. THe second night, they lay side by side, naked in a room filled with a smoke that caused them to have s****l dreams in a unconscious state. The final night Eros walked to a bungalow on the side of the ocean. The salty wind, whipped his blonde hair around his shoulders as he approached her. Aphrodite waved off one of her followers after giving the young woman a sweet kiss. Eros accepted the wine she offered, before giving her a kiss of his own. Sipping the wine, Eros smiled looking over the beautiful Goddess. Her blonde hair fell around her like golden strands, her pale skin flushed from the wine and excitement. Her white sheer dress complimented her figure and presented her assets like a feast. Throwing his empty goblet down, Eros stalked to her. Kissing Aphrodite hard on the mouth, he felt her tremble against him. Feeling her soft hands in his pants, he groaned feeling her wrap her warm hand around his d**k. "Fuck." Aphrodite moaned as Eros pulled and tugged on her n*****s teasing her until she was whimpering with need. Turning her around with a growl, Eros ripped the flimsy dress from her delectable body and walked around her. Aphrodite stood proudly, naked for his eyes, and he smiled at her wolfishly as he unbuttoned his pants and kicked them off. Aphrodite unashamed looked Eros over in lust, and as he reached for her, she did the same. Both their hot bodies radiated power, it was a beautiful thing when two gods could get together. Match their strength and lust for each other in every way instead of holding back. Eros groaned and cursed when Aphrodite got to her knees. She took his c**k in her mouth and he held his hands in her hair. But she didn't need instruction, Aphrodite f****d Eros with her mouth until he was throwing his head back and cumming in her throat. He panted looking into her eyes as a sexy smirk adorned her lips. Licking his essence off her lips, Aphrodite smiled when he picked her up and laid her in the soft feather bed. Pushing her thighs apart, Eros smelt her tantalizing scent as he licked her weeping cunt. Licking her quivering little bud, he flicked his tongue over it as he pumped two fingers inside of her. Aphrodite's legs shook as she cried out, but Eros didn't stop. He continued to make a meal of her until Aphrodite saw stars and as she squirted on his tongue, he groaned lapping up every drop of her delicious nectar. Standing Eros leaned over and as they kissed tasting each other, their passions boiled over. Eros flipped Aphrodite over until her stomach pulled her hips back, and as he positioned himself at her opening, he pushed into her without warning. Screaming as his large length hit her in places, Aphrodite screamed into the bed. Eros tossed his head back feeling his c**k being gripped in her tight p***y. Pulling out seeing her juices coating his c**k Eros groaned, "Damn this sweet p***y is leaking all on this dick." Pounding back into Aphrodite, Eros picked up a dangerous speed as he squeezed her ass cheeks in both hands. "Oh yes! Ugh! I'm about to-." Eros pulled out and smacked her cunt as she cried out. Aphrodite's c*m slid down her legs and as the sweet scent filled his senses, Eros thrusted back into her grunting, "f**k, you're so damn tight!" Aphrodite whimpered feeling her walls clamping down on him in hunger, "Please Eros! I'm so wet!" Eros kissed her back and groaned out, "Damn this little p***y is good." Picking Aphrodite up, Eros laid down and let her climb on top of him. Aphrodite sunk down on his c**k feeling him hitting her g-spot with on point accuracy. "Oh wow!" She whispered feeling him so deep. Eros' hips jerked up and Aphrodite began to ride him feeling her waton nature take over. Feeling Eros' hands tighten on her hips, Aphrodite moaned like crazy as he repeatedly smacked her ass. "f**k I'm cumming." Aphrodite continued to bounce until she felt his warm seed land in her belly and tossed her head back moaning. Eros groaned feeling her p***y shiver as it milked him of his seed. Aphrodite rose off his c**k and Eros smiled and rubbed her clit. Seeing thick globes of his c*m running down her thighs, he pushed her down into the bed and got back behind her. "I want to put some in your ass now." Aphrodite moaned feeling the need scorching through her veins, "Please, do it! Please! I need-." Aphrodite couldn't finish her sentence as Eros poured some of the oil beside the bed on her ass. Smacking both her ass cheeks and watching the oil slid in between her crack, he took some of their mixed c*m running down her thigh, and rubbed it on the head of his c**k. Sliding his d**k inside of her ass slowly, Eros rubbed the goddess clit as she arched back for more. When Eros was balls deep in her ass, Aphrodite couldn't fathom the pleasure running through her. He began thrusting in and out of her ass, as he played with her clit. Aphrodite moaned and panted under him like a b***h in heat, until she could feel her build up approaching. "Oh s**t, I think...I think...ugh!" Eros made a noise between a growl and a grunt as he began pumping ropes of his c*m into her asshole. Aphrodite squirted in response and he held her to him as both panted and tried to catch their breath. Eros pulled out of her, and watched as his c*m started to drip from her asshole. "Damn that's pretty." Aphrodite moaned when he kissed her spine, and then smacked her ass. Aphrodite rolled over onto her back and when she saw one of her followers watching them she sat up. Smiling she waved the young beautiful female over. Her gorgeous red hair hung down to her hips and she stood in nothing but a sheer satin skirt and flimsy wrap draped over her shoulders. Eros smiled at the beautiful red headed woman, she had pert breast, a nice ass, and full plump lips. She smiled back at him sweetly and when she offered them a goblet of cold wine both took hearty sips. As she was drinking from the goblet, Eros kissed her breast as Aphrodite got her skirt off. Kissing her, Aphrodite moaned when the delicious mortal laid her down and began to worship her. Kissing her n*****s into hard peeks, she went lower and buried her face in her sweet cunt. Aphrodite road the girls soft tongue as Eros got behind the girl and began f*****g her. She moaned and groaned as he used her p***y for his pleasure and as she stroked and licked, the goddess below her fell into her orgasm. Aphrodite panted and when she came to her senses, she looked at the pretty redhead and pulled her up so she could sit on her face. Eros grinned as the red head rode Aphrodite's tongue, and as he pushed his c**k into Aphrodite she moaned around the woman's clit. Watching his d**k go in and out of her, he looked into the mortals eyes and watched her fall apart on Aphrodite's tongue. They lay side by side as Eros pushed Aphrodite's legs apart and began hitting her g-spot repeatedly. Aphrodite was kissed and her n*****s toyed with by the mortal as she came yet again, squirting her juices on Eros. Grunting, Eros pulled out and shot his c*m all over her pretty little p***y until he was spent. As the god, goddess, and mortal lay side by side covered in each other's c*m, the fates were awaken. The three old ladies were jeered awake with their premonition, they looked to the ceiling unnaturally as lighting struck over head. The four will rise as one. The prophecy must be complete. Their domain is love, their domain is s*x, born of the Goddess Aphrodite and God Eros. The four will rise as one , their fate is sealed.
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