Chapter 2 - Jamie

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Jamie reminded himself to moan loudly as Alpha Hunter kept thrusting into him from behind, thinking about how things could have been much worse. Ever since the Alpha had started calling him to his room, the others had stopped bothering him so much and he was mostly just doing his chores in peace, with the exception of the nights when the Alpha was feeling especially frustrated and needed an outlet. Alpha Hunter wasn’t the worst bed partner he had had, even though he could get aggressive sometimes and usually finished much quicker when that happened, but he was clearly trying to ignore the fact that he was having s*x with a man, not a woman. There weren’t that many unmated she-wolves in the Ironclaw pack — most of them had found their mates and left, few had turned rogue and the new ones that joined usually did so because they found their other halves in the pack. And while there weren’t many rules apart from the one where everybody had to follow the chain of command, there was an unspoken rule that mated werewolves were off-limits, especially the females. There was nothing said about unmated males though, and when you were an omega, the best you could do was at least try to make it enjoyable for yourself, too. One thing Alpha Hunter had over the other pack warriors was stamina for days and unless he grew bored, he could really make the night last. Jamie gasped as a strong hand grabbed onto his hair, jerking his head back. A wave of pain rushed through his scalp and he hissed in surprise as he felt the alpha’s hot breath tickle the back of his neck. “Getting distracted, are we?” Alpha Hunter whispered in his ear before his grip on Jamie’s hair tightened. “Am I boring you, huh? Let’s do something about that then.” He pushed Jamie’s head down on the bed, catching his wrists so high up his back that even the slightest movement brought pain and unbearable tension in his shoulders. The Alpha forced Jamie’s legs even further apart, then the bed shook, suggesting he got up to his feet. A second later, a wave of pain rushed through Jamie’s body as Alpha Hunter entered him again, hard and angry, and kept slamming into him mercilessly. Jamie whimpered as his eyes filled with tears, biting into the pillow. At least with the way the Alpha was going now, it wouldn’t be long before… Alpha Hunter finished a minute later, letting out a loud moan. Jamie held his breath, still feeling the other man pulsating inside of him until the pressure on his arms disappeared and the Alpha stepped off the bed. Jamie let his hands fall to his sides, trying to push himself up to his knees, but he crashed back down, his body still convulsing from the waves of discomfort and exhaustion — and a faint sense of pleasure even though he didn’t get to finish this time. It was his fault, if he hadn’t grown distracted like that, they would have continued longer and he would have reached his release even if that wasn’t on Alpha Hunter’s agenda. Jamie turned his head to the side so he could breathe, watching as the Alpha strode stark naked to the cupboard by the opposite wall, opening one of the heavily ornamented wooden doors and taking out a bottle of whiskey. He poured himself a glass and gulped it down in a single breath, then poured himself another and put the bottle back in its place. Jamie closed his eyes, focusing on getting his body to move. He couldn’t wait to get back to the Omega dorms and clean himself up before crashing into his bed. Part of the pack, including Alpha Hunter, was leaving tomorrow for some meeting. That meant less work to do and automatic approval for a day off, so he was going to enjoy it to the fullest. Even if that meant lying in bed all day nursing his bruised back. The smell of cigarette smoke assaulted his nose, and he opened his eyes, finally getting to his knees. He crawled to the edge of the bed silently, glancing toward Alpha Hunter only to realize he had taken a seat on one of the couches by the bed, holding a lit cigarette in one hand and his glass in the other. Their eyes met for a second and Jamie quickly looked away, tiptoeing to where he left his clothes in a pile on the floor. “Hey, Jamie. Come here,” Alpha Hunter called suddenly and Jamie froze. He put his clothes back down and turned, crossing the room and kneeling in front of him. He hadn’t looked angry when Jamie peeked at him, nor did he sound frustrated, but he was known to smile when killing people, so the meeker Jamie looked, the better his chances of leaving quickly and in one piece. Especially after annoying him just minutes earlier. Jamie waited as the cigarette smoke danced around them, trying his best to suppress the urge to cough. Alpha Hunter finally moved, grabbing Jamie’s face by the cheeks and forcing him to look up. Jamie did, locking his eyes on the other man’s chin. After a few seconds, the grip loosened and Alpha Hunter ran his fingers over Jamie’s cheek, up to his brows, and then through his ruffled hair. It wasn’t a gentle or affectionate touch, Jamie could tell that much, but he still had no idea what had suddenly gotten into him. Alpha Hunter, even with his hot, muscular body and straight, attractive face, wasn’t romantic or sweet. He wasn’t gentle or considerate. He wasn't even nice to the people he liked. He was always the one to initiate physical contact, and he never allowed any kissing or the like — not that Jamie was particularly eager to taste that cigarette breath. And not so surprisingly, he almost always took him from the back — probably made it easier to imagine Jamie was actually someone else. “Do you know why I keep you around, Jamie?” Alpha Hunter asked, letting out a cloud of smoke between them. Jamie shook his head, even though he knew very well. “You know how to behave,” Jamie said nothing, sensing Alpha Hunter picking on a string of his hair, pulling it slightly. “And because you feel like a freaking girl, of course. The soft skin, the thin frame, and even those small hands. If your hair was longer and I wasn’t looking at your flat chest — I could probably easily imagine I am with a woman. But you know that already, don’t you? You know how to use that body of yours to get what you want.” “I don’t want anything, Alpha. You have given me everything I need already,” Jamie replied, trying to keep his voice quiet and respectful. Alpha Hunter scoffed, pulling his hand away and leaning back in the sofa. Jamie continued to stare down, hoping he wouldn’t be asked for another round or told to suck him off. He was tired already, and he just wanted to shower and sleep. “So what if I bring more females in and stop paying attention to you, stop giving you everything you need, huh? Then what will you do? Go back to searching for another ‘benefactor’?” he asked, and Jamie held back a sigh. What was with the pointless conversation? It’s not like he really cared what an omega thought. For him, omegas were even less than humans, with Jamie standing half a step above the rest for being a little less useless and not unwilling like many others. “The pack comes first, and the Alpha is the heart of the pack. Whatever you decide is what is best for all of us, so I have no reason to be jealous,” Jamie replied in a small voice, bowing his head even lower. “Please don’t waste your precious time worrying about a useless omega.” Alpha Hunter chuckled quietly before puffing out a big cloud of smoke. Jamie tried not to breathe it in, but the smoke lingered and he ended up doubling with a cough. Once he calmed down, he resumed his previous position, waiting for the Alpha’s reaction. He said nothing, though. He just kept staring and puffing out more smoke — not directly into Jamie this time. Alpha Hunter finished his drink and left the empty glass on the table, leaning his hands on his knees. Jamie tensed, bracing himself for whatever was to come. A second later, Alpha Hunter got up, moving past him without doing or saying anything. Jamie glanced sideways but dared not turn to fully look, waiting for something to happen. The sound of running water came from the bathroom, then the steps returned. “What are you doing? Get out,” the Alpha’s voice commanded and Jamie stumbled to his feet, cursing his tired legs. He rushed to where his clothes were and gathered them in his hands, then headed towards the door. “Oh, and Jamie,” the Alpha called just as he was opening the door. Jamie stopped and looked over his shoulder, glancing carefully up at him. “We’re leaving for the north tomorrow morning at four am sharp. Clean yourself up and get your stuff. I’m taking you with me. I may need that ass of yours and that amusing bullshit that comes out of your mouth if I am to go on without killing anyone. Who knows how accommodating those stupid northerners will be?” “Yes, Alpha,” Jamie replied, lowering his head more to hide his disappointment than to show respect. Alpha Hunter waved him away and Jamie stepped into the corridor, closing the door and leaning on it. His back hurt like hell and his behind was a dripping mess but what was worse, now he was going to be forced into a cramped car with the Alpha and his men for over nine hours just to be used as a bed warmer on the other part of the continent. It wasn’t like there weren’t any women there — or even men — why was the Alpha telling him to go? And why literally a few hours before it was time to leave? That f*****g bastard, he... The sound of hushed voices reached him and he hurried to put at least his pants on. He pulled them up and was just buckling them when two omegas appeared around the corner, giving him distant, fearful gazes as they moved past him without a word. He had long grown used to those looks — nobody even tried to get close to him anymore. Some because of what had happened with his sister and others because of his willingness to prostitute himself just so he would get an easier time or a perk to keep him going. The truth was, he was just trying to survive, and this was the only thing he had to lean on. He wasn’t strong or quick, his wolf hadn’t stirred in years, and he was not particularly good with any specific thing. But he could make them feel good and forget about their loneliness — this way nobody bothered him too much out of fear that there wouldn’t be someone to meet those needs, even if it was just for a few minutes. Jamie sighed, putting his shirt on and slipping on his shoes before walking away. Gone was the promise of sleep and a long, pleasant rest. He wasn’t even sure which pack they were going to visit, but no matter which one it was, there was nothing good waiting for him there. There never was. Not for an omega.
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